How WorldWebTechnology’s Development team at Leanmap help achieve their goals?


Leanmap enables manufacturers and service providers to achieve exceptional results with Lean. We help those clients to improve their competitive position with rapid performance boosts that result in lower cost base and more efficient processes, and a stronger market position in the long-term.

Key Features

  • Boost performance levels by solving operational constraints, rationalizing processes
  • PDCA problem solving process
  • Criteria for process completion and case closure
  • Practical application examples and learning cases
  • Optimizing the value stream, enterprise scope
  • Systemic root cause elimination




Plugin Development



  • Implement Eye catchy website which includes online payment

  • Integrate quiz system through which customer’s requirement can be audited

  • Provide a platform where user can come and buy products

  • Implementation of Radar graph based on the audit of the replies in the quiz


We analysed the requirement and technical incapability of client ideas.

We collect some content from the client to feed in the website.

Provide the best solution with solving current solution problems and issues.

Also we created a huge website platform so that people can know about the actual Business process of clients.

Each menu option and its appropriate category and content was highlighted and presented well by our technical team.

Also give ideas to generate more clients and business through facilities like quotation, online provide, Bonus, Referral benefits.



A unique audit functionality with radar graph representation was needed, where User can login and choose the company for audit and answer the questions for the process. After it’s finished, the system generates audit results and a radar graph as per user selection.


A plug-in called Quiz And Survey Master plugin was used for audit questions and a custom plugin was developed to add audit features, SVGgraph tool was used to create radar graph representation.

Load heavy loaded site under 3 seconds


We have implemented WordPress optimization methodology that helped us to load the site in optimum time

Customize the pre made template as per client requirements


We implemented this functionality with creating a child theme and integrating clients design ideas into the website


Enhanced User Experience

Increase in Business Reach & Brand Visibility

Tailored Website to Match Clients Needs

User-Friendly Product Customization Options