How WorldWebTechnology’s Development team at Paramusical help achieve their goals?


Paramusical provides the user to download the audio as per the genres based on the selection and with their subscription functionality. Users need to buy the subscription plans and can download the music with the subscription plan .

Key Features

  • Integration of Easy Digital Downloads into the website
  • Implementation of subscription plan for each user for specific tap plan
  • Implementation of credits and allow user to purchase based on credits
  • Creation of Playlist and in online musical platform
  • Allowing user to select and search the music based on filters.


Amazon Web Services
S3 Integration

Plugin Development

Easy Digital Downloads



  • Allow user to Play and test music on the website without downloading

  • Provide subscription functionality for the customers to come and take subscription online

  • Allow user to download the music based on the credits of the subscription

  • Add Advanced search based on Genres and music category


We analysed the requirement and technical incapability of client ideas.

We asked the client to provide us the music sample he wanted to sell.

Provided the client with a solution for subscription using easy digital downloads.

Implemented the functionality in the website as per the requirement

Each music is stored on a different server using the Amazon S3 platform .

Also give ideas to generate more clients and business through social media marketing and Search engine optimization.



Implement the musical website in such a way that users can play and listen to music at choice.


We implemented Jquery musical player on the website with the help of which user can play selected music

Provide subscription plans to visiting customers


We developed a custom plugin that built the functionality to provide subscription plans to allow customers to buy them.

Decrease the loading time of website besides of heavy music and images


With our expert methods in WordPress speed optimization we were able to make the load time of the site in less than 3 seconds.


Simplified Customizable Playlist Options

Custom Admin Panel for Hassle-Free Order Management

Powerful Music Filtering

Enhanced User Experience