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To define PHP framework in simplest manners is a library that has its contribution in making the life of a developer much easier by either hiding some of the many complexities of HTTP protocol or by making additions in the useful functions.

Why Prefer Using PHP Framework?

PHP framework development process becomes much easier and simpler for the developer. Some important reasons to prefer these frameworks are as follows:

  • Making development of speed is promising
  • Providing well organized and reusable coding
  • Rendering high level of security
  • Supporting web development course of actions

The Top 10 Rated PHP Frameworks Of 2021 Areas Mentioned Below:

1. Laravel

Laravel Development

Despite the fact that this framework was being launched in the year 2011, it is being ranked as one of the top 10 frameworks as per the most contemporary survey online. It’s the most amazing features includes making rapid PHP web application framework more promising. Also, it comprises of a local development environment which is called HOMESTEAD.

2. Symfony

Symfony Development

One of the major components that are being used in making of Symfony includes Drupal content management system, which makes it amongst the top 10 rated frameworks. Also, the other components of Symfony are completely reusable in creating forms, configuration of objects, routing and much more. Lastly, the main website of this framework comprises of a showcase section where the user can have a look at their projects.

3. CodeIgniter

Codeigniter Development

It is a light-weighted and the best frameworks for PHP. It contains the simplest installation process, which requires only a minute’s configuration; hence, it saves a lot of time of the developer. The framework provides the user with the freedom of choosing their personal name conventions. As this amazing framework works on almost all hosting platforms, it becomes the ideal choice for most developers. It also allows third-party plug-ins for many complicated functions.

4. Yii

yii Development

The Yii is rated amongst the best PHP web frameworks not only because it is faster than other frameworks but also it makes use of the lazy loading technique. Also, as it is object-oriented and based on DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding technique it renders the developer with the quite logical code base. Lastly, adding a feather to the features of this framework, it comprises of most powerful class code generator named Gii which provides a web-based interface to the users that allow them to interact and generate the code that is needed by the user.

5. Phalcon

Phalcon Development

Being released in 2012, it made its place in top 10 rated frameworks. If the developer has less knowledge of C language, then this framework is quite beneficial to them as the functionality is quite largely exposed as PHP classes, which can be used by any applications. As its architectures optimized at low levels, it helps in reducing overhead typical of MVC based apps. The most amazing features of this framework include universal auto loader, asset management, high-level security, translation, caching and many others. For the developers who start as a fresher, they can start with this framework.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP Development

Undoubtedly, CakePHP is one of the oldest frameworks for PHP, but it still manages to maintain its place in the best PHP frameworks 2021. The latest version of this framework is an enhanced session management, which includes much-improved modularity by making use of several decoupled components. Also, it comprises of the ability to create a number of stand-alone libraries. It renders a high level of security as it comprises of input validation, SQL injection prevention, and many other inbuilt security features.

7. Zend Framework

Zend Framework Development

It is considered to be the most robust and stable PHP frameworks, which comprises of a lot of configuration process to be done during installation. Zend has partners like Google, Adobe, IBM and Microsoft. The latest update in the framework consists of features like cryptographic coding rules, easy to use drag and drop editor tool, instant online debugging and many others. It was created by using the Agile technology which facilitates in delivering high-quality apps and that is one major reason that it is only recommended for the complex projects.

8. Slim

Slim Development

Among various PHP development companies, Slim is the most-renowned. It provides the developer with everything that he or she might need. Undoubtedly they are micro frameworks but still they are considered to be the most excellent ones for smaller apps. The creator of Slim was much inspired by the Ruby microframework which was called Sintara.

It comprises of amazing features like URL routing, client side caching, session as well as cookie encryption and lastly it also supports flash messages. The user guide that is being rendered to the users by the owner is written in quite a simple language which can be understood by some fresher developer also.

9. Fuel PHP

Fuelphp Development

It is considered to be amongst the most stable fully stacked PHP frameworks, which not only supports the basic MVC pattern but also supports HMVC pattern at the architectural level. It comprises of an optional class, which is called the Presenter between the controller and the view layers to hold the logic, which is needed to generate Views. Not only is this platform is unwavering but also modular and extendable which adds to its high level of security and also many sophisticated features.

10. PHPixie

PHPixie Development
This is one of the frameworks that started in the year 2012 with a goal of creating a high level of a framework for the websites that supports read-only. Also, this framework supports HMVC design pattern, and it’s quite amazing to know that this framework comprises of components which can be used quite excellently without using the framework itself.

The official website of PHP platforms contains a tutorial video for all the fresher developers. Among the amazing features its main features include caching, input validation, authentication and authorization capabilities.


The PHP frameworks are designed to help the developer build complex websites with much ease. We hope that the above-provided information was beneficial to you. Please do like, share and comment your reviews in the comment box below.

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