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Flexible Business Models

Constantly changing business environment is increasing the complexities of various business processes. The topmost thrust areas in the business relationship are adhering to a flexible business model. Traditional business models are no more applicable to the present working environment.

An engagement model should cater well to the needs of both the client and the development company. We recommend only the right business model to the client. The client can choose from the below-mentioned engagement models or a mix of these:


For businesses that have well-defined goals and project schedules, fixed price engagement model is the best bet. Under this business model, a fixed price is negotiated between the client and the development company. The fixed cost of the project is linked with predetermined deliverables.

  • If you don’t have requirement specifications, then we have a qualified business analyst team to prepare it for them.
  • Our business Analyst prepares a detailed Business Requirement Document (BRD). This document includes technical specifications, wireframe, and business flow of the project.
  • Based on finalized BDR, a timeframe and cost estimate are sent to the client.
  • The client forwards the requirement definition to back to us.
  • World Web provides post-delivery services during and after release, as wanted by the client.
  • The development, quality assurance, and all other project activities are managed effectively, transparently communicated and delivered with high quality.
  • On achievement of the final step of the development, testing, user training is carried out at the customer site if required.
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Models Images


When it is difficult to specify the scope, specification and implementation for the development of a project, time and material engagement model is the most attractive option. Under this business model, all the activities are monitored on an hourly basis. And the client is charged according to the predefined hourly rate.

  • The Client pays in advance for the hour slots, and these can be of their choice.
  • Discussion about requirements and specifications is not a high priority as all this can be decided at any level of project development.
  • The client can make use of the purchased hours on the agreed project up to a certain time duration.
  • The client forwards the requirement definition to back to us.
  • The client is updated with a fair hour log, quick turnaround.
  • This model is value for money.


With this model, you can access a pool of multi-disciplinary and professional resources that are organized and managed by the World Web. These resources are employed in such a way that they meet the business objectives of our clients. This business model is usually used for the projects of long-term partnerships with a significant amount of work.

  • Access a wide range of qualified designers and experts developers
  • Customized IT infrastructure to meet your business needs
  • Instant start-up of the project with minimum discussion time
  • Instant updates for every step of development and design
  • Transparent working and reporting on the progress of the project
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