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If you know WordPress, developing your website on your own is a good move. You cannot build a website with faint knowledge. There is a lot of effort required to build a website. From design to development, all the aspects are checked. You need to be an expert in CSS, PHP, and WordPress. You can also Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer if you are not an expert. It can be through a WordPress Website Development Company in India or even a freelancer.

Some of the key points that can assist you in finding the right WordPress developer or development company are listed below:

1. Create a Basic Outline

You need to question yourself with some right questions if you are looking to Hire WordPress Developer and try to figure out what do you need. If you don’t even know what you want from them, there is no point in finding a good WordPress developer. Hence, you need to think this through and outline what exactly are your need. Some of the things that need to be included are:

  1. The goal of your website.
  2. Are you looking for a SaaS platform or an online store?
  3. The kind of features you need for your website.
  4. What would be better, a custom theme, or a pre-built theme?

Just a general outline of what you desire will be enough there is no need for you to plan the full layout of your site. The better your result will be, the more specific the outline is. You can communicate these needs and ideas with your developer and let them know what exactly you are looking for.

Hacks To Hire The Best WordPress Developer

2. Try to Search for them in the Right Places

Once you have outlined what you want, you can start your search of finding a WordPress developer. However, you may not want to head directly to job listing sites or freelancing platforms. You need to look for WordPress developers on niche job boards and online communities to find them. There will be a more qualified pool of candidates to choose from the niche job board. Some great places to start are WP Hired, WordPress, Smashing Jobs, and GitHub.

Consider posting the job description instead of searching for profiles on WordPress developer job sits so that the candidates can contact you directly.

3. Enquire through References

When you move to another place, you generally contact your family, friends, or the people living around you about it. Similarly, you can ask for references from your friends, trusted developers, and experts whom the WordPress developers have worked with.

Engage yourself with WordCamps or local meetups that would allow you to widen your research regarding a good WordPress developer. But the best way to hire the best developer is by connecting with a WordPress Development Company. The best way to hire the right WordPress development company India offering Custom WordPress Development Services is LinkedIn or you can search out them online as well.

4. Choose WordPress-specific Experiences

Company/candidate experience is one of the most important to look for when you’re hiring developers for your website. Hence, take a look at your employee’s portfolios to have an idea of their experience. Pay close attention to their WordPress-specific experience as well. A mainstream developer might not be acquainted with basic WordPress languages such as PHP or other WordPress skills. Only hire those who know WordPress inside out.

Check also for any testimonials, reviews, or references that the company or candidate has so that a basic idea can be understood from their past experiences. Try to get in touch with their past clients as well to see if they are up to the mark or not.

5. Question them thoroughly

To determine the level of their WordPress knowledge, you should also ask the right questions to your candidates apart from looking at the portfolios. You may not know what the right answers or questions are if you are not familiar with WordPress. Some WordPress creators can use page-builder plugins while others can create customizable themes such as CSS, HTML, PHP, and many more. Any of the above languages will do, but the candidate must have the right amount of skill set.

A bit of research must be conducted as well to communicate with the WordPress developer that you’re interviewing. Always check up on your team for someone else who may have a decent knowledge of WordPress and may come up with a good idea. They can also be helpful in conducting questions and answers you can ask your developer.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, it can be difficult to hire the perfect WordPress developer for your website. However, the above tips and tricks can benefit you a lot n your research to find a good WordPress developer. Check down a list of the top searches of your survey and interview with all of them to find out which one is best suited for the job. Try not to make a rushed decision and Hire wordpress developers india that can make your website shine through the rankings.


It is always beneficial to contact a development company for this task! It is because they have a dedicated in-house team of experts than freelancers as their commitment is on stake.

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