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In the digital world, CMS makes a lot of things easy, like content creation, smart modification and content management. You don’t need a web developer or any type of expert to manage your site. In CMS, there are two options: one is ready-made CMS, and the second option is custom CMS Development.

Are you confused about the selection of CMS? What CMS you need to use, custom CMS or ready-made CMS? We will tell you top reasons why you should choose custom CMS.

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System (CMS) is a set of tools, software and applications. Content Management System (CMS) allows users to modify and manage content according to their business requirements remotely. You do not need any web developer or expertise to use CMS. You can easily modify, manage and update your site with CMS.

There are two types of CMS:

  1. Ready-Made Content Management System
  2. Custom Content Management System

Ready-Made CMS:

Ready-Made Content Management System, like the name suggests, these CMS are ready to use. Good examples are open-source Word Press, Joomla, Shopify and thousands of others. Ready-Made CMS is free and effective.

Custom CMS:

Custom Content Management System is the CMS that is built according to your requirements. They are not open-source, and all custom CMS is built according to company’s requirements, so they are not the same.

Custom CMS is not free, but it’s much more effective than ready-made CMS and a lot easier to use. I would recommend you custom CMS if you want to be successful. Plus, the most successful businesses are using custom CMS, and in the eye of experts, using custom CMS is a plus point.

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Top 5 Reason Why Should You Choose Custom CMS For Your Business

Here are some top reasons why you need to choose custom CMS Development Services to make your business successful:


Ready-Made Content Management (CMS) is built with website builders like WordPress or Joomla. It is effective and provides you lot of functions. But it does not fully meet your business’s requirements and it has some limits.

Custom Content Management System is specially made according to your business’s requirements. Plus, it is much more effective than Ready-Made CMS.

Custom Content Management System has no limits and you can create custom set of functions. If you are thinking of making your own Custom CMS, you need to consider hiring a company that can develop CMS solutions according to your requirements.

Loading Speed:

One of the disadvantages of using Ready-Made CMS is loading speed. Ready-made CMS has a lot of functions that sometimes you don’t need. Those functions slow down your website’s loading speed. That isn’t good for user experience.

Using Custom Content Management System, you can solve this problem because custom CMS has only the functions that you need. Better loading speed increases user experience and a ranking factor in Google.


WordPress is open-source that means anyone can access its code that is good for educational purpose. On the other hand, hackers take advantages of its vulnerabilities and attack WordPress sites.

Custom Content Management System is not open-source, which means no one can access its code, and it difficult to hack. WordPress is easier to hack than Custom CMS. Only the developer who builds custom CMS knows its vulnerabilities, so It is very difficult to hack it.


Millions of people use Word Press, Wix and other ready-made CMS. So, there is nothing unique in your website that can attract users to your website from your competitor’s website. You can customize your website, but it is not enough to make your website unique from your competitors.

Custom Content Management System is specially built according to your business’s requirements, so it is unique. Website unique code is also a ranking factor of Google.


In ready-made CMS you only get a small FAQ Forum and a slow conversation. That will never help you if you have any issues. In this case you need to hire a web expert again and again.

On the other hand, Custom Content Management System has technical support from a company that has made your custom CMS. The company will provide you technical support after your custom CMS is built. It is better to get a warranty from the company.

Custom VS Ready-Made CMS

I think we explained enough to help you choose between Custom CMS and Ready-Made CMS. But we are going to make a comparison that will help you decide.

Custom VS Ready-Made CMS

Final Conclusion:

In my opinion, Custom Content Management System is the best option for those who want to make their businesses successful. If you do not want to make your business successful, then you can go for Ready Made CMS. I hope the article was helpful!

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