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Laravel PHP framework is set of PHP files that facilitate programming with PHP. It abstracts complex functionalities by providing easy to implement functions and methods to do the work for you. It provides MVC pattern implementation, which separates code logics from HTML. It is built using best practices recommended by most experienced developers keeping security in mind. It is a very stable framework.

Laravel is an intermediate system, which intercepts requests and processes them. It also manages the logic and the styling of our web application. It enhances the security of our web applications as it stands in the front and we can implement any security rules from the front level.

Laravel is in itself also very secure and checks the user trying to access the website or web application behind it on all the standards applicable.

Below are few reasons to believe for Laravel’s prominence for your preview:

1. Simple to build authentication and authorization systems

Laravel helps make the authentication part of web application very simple as everything is built in, you only need to download and implement without worrying about the compatibility. It is very easy to even organize the authorization logic and control the access provided to the users.

2. Prior integration with mail services

Laravel provides simple API for the popular library SwiftMailer. Not only the APIs but it also provides drivers like SOTO, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparPost, Amazon SES, etc. which enables the applications to start sending emails through a local or cloud-based server quickly.

3. Faster web application due to integration with tools

Laravel also supports popular cache backend like Memcached and Redis, and it’s even possible to configure multiple cache configurations with Laravel.

4. Laravel is secure

Laravel helps to secure the web application. It protects them against the most serious security risks like SQL injection, cross site request forgery and crosses site scripting. Laravel in itself is also very secure. It does this by becoming an intermediate function which checks and authorizes everything on the front end with enabled securities before it gives access to actual application and information.

5. Integrated library for configuration error handling

With Laravel, you can access the massive error and exception handling library, the Monolog logging library which is already configured for any new Laravel based project. Monolog logging library provides support for a variety of powerful log handlers.

6. Automated the testing work

Support for testing with PHPUnit is already included in Laravel framework and a phpunit.Xml file is already setup for the application. It provides easy ways for simulating the very basic behavior of users, for example, making requests to the application and examining the output is enabled, like, clicking links, filling out forms, etc.

7. Automatic routing configuration

All Laravel routes are defined in the PHP files like app/HTTP/routes, which automatically loads with the onset of the framework. Laravel provides a very simple and expressive method of defining the routes.

Laravel PHP Framework Features and Benefits

Laravel has various benefits over other web development framework. Some of the
Laravel PHP framework benefits are:

  • Laravel is an MVC framework hence separation of business logic code, and presentation code is already done.
  • The Laravel have a queue service that provides a unified Application Programming Interface for terribly many alternative queue backend.
  • The command scheduler in Laravel permits a fluent and communicative way to outline a command schedule inside Laravel.

Below are few Laravel PHP framework features:

  • Elegant Syntax – Laravel took best features from various frameworks and blended them into one. The syntax for Laravel is easy to remember and very intuitive.
  • Big Community – Laravel have an awesome and active community. This community is largely dedicated to improve Laravel framework and help people who are associated with Laravel development. They have their website –, and it’s all organized.
  • Composer – You need to just surf and download without worrying about compatibility and packaging. Their packages can be accessed at – It helps you to build many difficult API with just a click of a button without adding any complexities.
  • Blade Template Engine – It provides a clean syntax overview, and you have shortcuts to build HTML instructions. This template is flexible enough to build any layout. You can build very swift and smooth website designs with this feature of Laravel framework. It is a boon to website developers by cutting down all the hard work.
  • ORM – With ORM (Eloquent), Laravel provides a beautiful active reporting implementation. You can configure various modules with ease.
  • Artisan – It’s a very powerful tool for any developer. You can write one line in comment line and let artisan do the magic. It’s a helper tool provided us by Laravel. It provides you with a number of commands which can help you in building your web application. To view the whole list of Artisan commands you can use list command.

There are various laravel development services companies these days that are providing Laravel based development. While going to these Laravel PHP framework development company to get your website or web app developed, you can go through these top ten websites which are built on Laravel framework. Some of these websites also present the best tips and tricks to develop Laravel based websites and applications.

You can view how smooth and well-integrated these websites are for easy navigation of its users. Also, this gives you the idea of how versatile it can be to get your website developed over Laravel framework.

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  • MyRank
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  • WorldWalking
  • Cachet
  • Mack Hankins
  • Laravello
  • Orchestra Platform
  • Fusion Invoice

The motive of this article is to introduce you to Laravel and start the discussion about its pros and cons. In case you have any queries or want to share your experience with Laravel framework, please jot down your story in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you and answer your queries.