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March 24, 2020 12 min

8 Hacks to Improve the Loading Speed of your WordPress Website

Do you want to speed up your WordPress Site? World Web Technology share information on 8 Hacks to Improve the Loading Speed of your WordPress Website.

Category : WordPress


Fast loading website is the first thing any visitor would see on your business website. Every website owner wants to improve WordPress website speed. But is it easy to have a WordPress website that loads quickly? Why it is necessary and how to create a WordPress website that loads fast?

There is no magic wand or web plugin that can increase the web loading speed dramatically. The answer is WordPress Customization. But you need to know the right technique and hacks to increase the loading speed of the WordPress website. Before this, let’s understand why you should have a fast-loading website

How a Fast WordPress website impacts your Business?

The very first impact that it has is it influences your SEO ranking as bots love fast-loading pages. It uses plenty of ranking metrics to determine in which place to display any specific page given its organic search rankings. Slow loading speed also leads to a higher bounce rate which is not good for any website.

Also, fast-loading pages impact conversion rates. If your website pages load faster you will have more visitors thus more sales.

Reasons for Slow loading the Website

The most prominent reason could be non-optimized images. You must optimize the images before loading it on the website by resizing, putting alt text for bots to read using software like Adobe Photoshop or any other tool to resize the images.

Apart from this server response time is also the culprit. Make sure your WordPress hosting servers send information fast. The server should be fast where you have hosted your website which should ideally have at least 99.9% uptime.

Also, the right WordPress theme can play the role of pulling down the loading speed of your website. Avoid using a poorly coded third-party theme, instead create a customized theme as per your business needs. For this, you may hire a professionally manages WordPress Development firm India.

Caching is also a reason for a slow-loading site. If all of your website pages have cache files they will load fast as soon as any user requests to visit a specific page the server will just display it without reading it all again.

Ways to Expedite the Loading of your WordPress Website

1. Opt for the right Hosting Server

Do not save money by hiring cheap hosting services. Select a dedicated and reputed web hosting service provider to keep your website up at almost all times.

2. Deploy a Lightweight WP Theme

A heavy WordPress theme will have plenty of factors and elements that will add on to the page size leading to slow loading. Better to keep your WP theme light with minimal elements thus putting the least pressure on web servers.

3. Trim and Optimize Image Size

Put alt text and cut down image sizes as raw and larger images without any alt text can bloat the website leading it slow loading time.

4. Implement Advanced Caching Techniques

Integrating plug-ins with advanced caching techniques like Varnish leads to the faster loading speed of your business website.

5. Clutter-free WordPress Database

You must remove unwanted data/information from your database to keep it light which will eventually expedite the loading time of your website.

6. Reduce External Scripts

External scripts can also add weight to your web pages hence keep it to a minimum to maintain the fast loading time of your website.

7. Use CDN Services

Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks) which improves loading time by distributing content by offering the exact content that the visitor search using nearby CDN server.

8. Use GZIP Compression

You should also compress all the files on your local system to save disk space thus keeping it lightweight for improved performance.


The biggest benefit of reducing a website’s loading time is that it’ll offer a world-class browsing experience to your visitors. By improving wordpress website speed it will not only improve SEO ranking of your website but will also increase your business, visitors and ROI. To get a fast loading WordPress business website better to hire dedicated WordPress Development Services Provider for the best results.

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