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January 12, 2019 9 Min

9 Tips to improve your E-commerce Store Ranking on Search Engine

World Web Technology is leading SEO Company located in India and USA Share 9 Tips to improve your E-commerce Store Ranking on Search Engine.

Category : E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, SEO


Establishing a new online shopping website is not enough to run a business successfully in this world of competitive global landscape. Carving a niche amongst already well-placed companies are a big challenge in itself. Today Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of any online or digital marketing strategy of an e-commerce store ranking improvement. It requires a lot of initiatives that include an initial market analysis, optimization of website and SEO etc.

Let’s find out the list of those phases following which you can increase your website ranking on search engines.

Conduct Comprehensive Key Phrase Research

Keyword research is the foremost and most important stage for SEO. Based on the company feedback, Google Trends, Google Auto-complete, including AdWords Keyword Planner you can develop a roster of key phrases and keywords which are commonly entered by users to find your website.

You should also conduct a competitor evaluation to understand the keywords being focused on by competitors through Google and via advertisements.

On-Site Optimization

This is the second step which helps optimize the content of your online store which can be easily accessible and crawled by the search engine bots. This is done focusing on data Infrastructure (URLs, heading, tags, sitemaps, products, content indentation, optimization of category sections and many more techniques)

You can manage and optimize your website by making your CMS SEO friendly. This will improve the loading speed of your website, size of web pages, page titles, meta-titles, headings, alt tags, URLs, image & product narrations, and other many information for focused key phrases.

Improve Website Loading Time

The fast loading time of the website is very important for the success of your e-commerce store ranking. Everyone in this fast-moving world does not want to wait long for the opening of your website. You may lose many potential prospects due to this. Fast loading time also reduces the bounce rate of your website along with offering improved user experience. This is especially critical when you have multiple pages. To achieve this goal, you should reduce the size of different website elements using various development mechanisms to get data, and using faster servers.

Remove Duplicate Content

If you have any duplicate content on multiple pages as some of the products being sold might be similar most of the time. Often more URLs are created instantly for the same page whenever a buyer enters a review. Just to avoid such duplicate texts you can use robots.txt. This will block those links and areas that generate duplicate content from the search engine bots. You may use the canonical tag to index web pages and no-follow instructions to those links that contain duplicate content.

Create Different Sources of Traffic

Generating multiple sources of traffic is also necessary. Focusing on more keywords via the business website and getting a decent e-commerce store ranking is not always feasible. This can be done through the company’s blog, social media optimization, guest posts, social bookmarking, etc.

Link all these outside sources to the on-site landing pages for improved conversion. For improving the sale of your business store, develop as many sources of traffic as possible. You may hire an internet marketing company from India that is well aware of the SEO tricks and nuances to achieve your objective by just working on the business website.

Improve Domain Authority

To gain domain authority, your content should be of high-end, informative, and interactive to share amongst the target audience. You may create videos, slideshows, info graphics and many other types of content to promote as many resources on top search results as possible for focused keywords. Optimize your content for keywords which affects your online website’s ranking. This will also avoid brand cannibalization. Create content targeting target audience and publishing platform in mind. Circulate and share these content on social media, comments and discussion forum sections. All the external hyperlinks generated from these resources are the link building process that increases your domain authority.

Optimize Social Media Platforms

Yes, you should also optimize your Social Media resources which come under the ambit of on-site optimization. Target multiple related keywords of your store through the company’s social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc. Use competitive keywords in the profile description, posts, image titles, descriptions, multiple board descriptions and pins that you create on Pinterest. Use hashtags to improve content visibility for search engines and your visitors both.

Optimize Conversion Channel

You must also test the website for user-friendliness and great users’ experience. Identify the pain point and drawbacks in the conversion funnel and rectify it all to reduce the bounce rate. You should take steps to increase the average visit duration of the website which in return will improve sales for your online store.

Regular Maintenance and Monitoring

Now it’s time to constantly monitor the performance of your website through Google Analytics and many other tools specially created for this purpose. Keep an eye on your target key phrases, landing pages, external traffic sources, etc. to track variations and points of improvement! You should also keep an eye on the overall traffic of your website and individual pages, per visit span, bounce rate and exit ration and evaluate it all for better and improved optimization strategy.


If you are spending sleepless nights analyzing why my online store’s ranking is not increasing on Google, this piece of information can help you get the answer. Hope you would have by now, understood how you can develop permanent sources of traffic by making small changes on your website and initiating some magical yet proven SEO tricks and tips. It’s time to hire an established Online internet marketing company India to optimize and maintain your e-store for improved conversion.

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