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August 29, 2017 10 Min

The Concept of Quality Assurance and Its Impact on Businesses Today!

World Web Technology is an Experienced Quality Assurance Testing Company in India and USA shares the blog on The Concept of Quality Assurance and Its Impact on Businesses Today!

Category : Quality Assurance Testing


The quality control is a process that is associated with the measures that are required to control and verify the service or product quality that you offer to your customers. The main objective of quality control is to ensure that the products or services match client requirements.

This is an appropriate way of preventing defects or mistakes in manufactured products. It helps avoid problems when it comes to delivering final products to customers. Quality Assurance is very important for business as it is considered as part of quality management.

Why is Quality Assurance Important?

This is very important as it ensures that the final product will be of highest quality. A business needs to offer high-quality products or services as creating high quality is essential. Customers always look for quality products, and they demand quality.

If you offer quality, you will keep attracting your customers for purchasing your products only. Quality assurance is also very important for lots of reasons including name recognition, liability concerns, branding and beat competitors.

Software QA testing is very powerful as it is required to point out bugs and defects that were made during development processes. The software is a useful tool that helps people to do their job, but if it does not work well, it would be a frustrating experience for users.

This is concerned with building product with specified requirements and maintains the quality level. This is an essential concept in getting the expected software quality. It keeps the track on software development life cycle.

Quality assurance is not about to find bugs and point out what is not working. But it ensures that a product and feature do what they do. It includes the negative and positive test. A reliable and Experienced Quality Assurance Testing Company find bugs and look at the product through the eyes of customers.

Quality Assurance Advantages

  • It ensures that product is bug-free means it is not faulty
  • These services are to offer better product that matches customer’s expectations
  • It offers better client satisfaction
  • It stops customer complaints about product
  • It helps improve the software or product quality
  • It also improves the process of creating a software
  • It helps maintain product quality as per business requirements and specifications
  • It is essential for defect prevention
  • It is associated with defect prevention techniques
  • This is the best technique to test the project for bug removal and failure observation

Importance of Quality Assurance

A company business can achieve its objective by providing high-quality products or services. High quality is very important for the success of the business. Quality is a hallmark of a company service or product. This is not just a basic requirement, but it also adds value. This is associated with the processes a company follows to produce any product. A company should also use the efficient processes to improve the quality of its products or services.

Quality assurance in developing any product is associated with a systematic approach that helps check whether the product being developed is matching client expectation or special requirements. Nowadays companies have a separate quality assurance department.

Software QA Testing Services

Quality assurance is systematic and planned activity sets that ensure that software meets the procedures, standards, and requirements. Software development cycle includes so many phases such as designing, developing, testing, maintaining and support. Quality assurance includes the process that ensures the procedures and standards are followed and established throughout the SDLC.

Software development life cycle (SDLC) includes some mutually supportive activities including:

  • Quality assurance: It ensures that all the SDLC processes result in a product or software match all the basic requirements and standards.
  • Engineering: This process is associated with the activities that write code, analyses basic requirements, designing, development, and structured database.
  • Management: It includes plan, control and direct entire software development process.

Software development process is associated with lots of complexities and risks (programmatic and technical). The main objective of quality assurance is to reduce these programmatic and technical risks. It assures quality in final product and workflow. If you have no quality assurance team, there may be the risk of defected product.

Software quality is a very important aspect of SDLC. It starts from the first stage of software development process. It is also defined as a well systematic and planned approach to evaluating software quality. It ensures that final product complies with standards and meets specific requirements. This process encompasses lots of processes including requirement gathering, analysis and definition, design, coding, software testing, standard compliance, release control and much more.

Software quality is further quantified into some groups including software structural quality and software functional quality. Software functional quality is associated with the processes that are performed to show how perfectly software matches to requirements and design based on basic needs of the business. Similarly, software structural quality shows how well the software matches the non-functional needs like security, accessibility, and usability. This is done to define the degree of product’s accuracy and correctness.

Hire Quality Assurance Engineer

You should hire quality assurance engineer to get a bug free product. Quality assurance is an analysis tool that is helpful in understanding the risk rate that your company can face if it uses its product, software or app. An experienced team of QA can understand these kinds of risks associated with any product. A good team uses better approaches to make your product bug free.

There are lots of ways to put QA into action. You can take the help of 3rd party or hire a reliable QA service provider to test your product before its release.

Quality assurance is an essential process that every company should use. It helps make your product free from faults and customer friendly. Hope you find this guide helpful. Make comments, if you have any query regarding quality assurance.

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