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WordPress has revolutionized the digital marketing world in the last decade—It powers more than 40% of websites worldwide. The reason for its popularity is its customization options, huge community support, simplicity, lower setup & maintenance costs, etc. Let’s Deep Dive into the cost of building a WordPress website.

WordPress offers over 50,000 plugins and over 4,100 GPL-licensed themes. No wonder most people want a WordPress website for their business. Now, a WordPress website is free, but every organization has particular goals. Depending on the goals and objectives, business owners need to have a website that will enable them to meet their requirements.

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WordPress developers can help businesses by developing functional, aesthetic, and productive websites. What is the cost of building a WordPress website? We will try to explain the same in this blog. Let us get straight into it.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

The cost of developing a WordPress website differs from company to company, and every business’s design and development requirements are unique. In general, the average cost of developing a WordPress website is between $1000 to $75,000. The cost of maintaining a WordPress website ranges between $75 and $15,000.

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Let us give you a quick summary of the costs associated with WordPress development and maintenance.

1. Domain name

The cost varies between $0.95 and $12. You may be billed monthly or yearly.

2. Web-hosting

The cost varies between $24 and $10,000. You may be billed monthly or yearly.

3. Extra file storage

Typically, the approximate cost is around $650. The frequency may be one-time, continually, or based on the requirement.

4. WordPress themes

The cost is around $200 per theme, one-time.

5. WordPress plugins

The cost can be up to $1,000. The frequency can be one-time, ongoing, or depending on the plugin.

6. Security

This service is optional, and the cost varies between $50 to $500. The frequency can be one-time, ongoing, or program-based.

7. Website maintenance

The in-house team costs around $25 per month. Freelancers charge between $50-$100 per hour, while agencies provide WordPress services at $119-$449 per hour.

8. Website design

The in-house team expenses hover around $300 (one-time) while freelancing services are available between $500-$5000 (one-time). Agency costs can be between $3,000 and $100,000.

9. WordPress subscription

The cost for a premium subscription is $8, business – $25, Ecommerce – $45, Enterprise – $1700. For all these packages, you may be billed yearly or monthly.

WordPress Development Services Depending on Business Type

Let’s take a look at the average cost of WordPress website development services, depending on the business type.

1. Small business

The average cost of developing a website for a small business is between $75 – $2500 (one-time charge), and the average ongoing cost is $300-$700.

2. Ecommerce

The average one-time website development cost for an Ecommerce company varies from $5000 to $50,000. Ongoing costs are around $1,000 – $3,000 yearly.

3. Mid-sized business

The one-time cost is between $7,500 – $35,000 a year. The average ongoing cost is around $2,000 – $5,000 per year.

4. Enterprise business

The one-time cost ranges between $10,000 and $115,000, and the ongoing costs are between $5,000 – $15,000 per year.

Understand that two companies won’t incur the exact WordPress costs. The costs vary, and they depend on many factors like the ones below :

  1. Number of website pages
  2. Total number of website plugins
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Website features like eCommerce integration
  5. Design style
  6. Design frequency
  7. Redesign frequency
  8. Hiring methods – in-house, outsourcing, or hiring through an agency

The above factors are just a few, and there are many more. Your business is unique, and therefore opting for a cookie-cutter web development/design approach would be a colossal blunder.

Where to Get Your WordPress Website Developed?

So, we have discussed the prime factors that impact WordPress website development costs. However, there are some other factors that can significantly affect WordPress website development costs. For example;

  1. Who builds your website?
  2. Where does it get developed?
  3. How much time does it take to make a WordPress website development?

Who Builds Your Website?

When it comes to WordPress website creation, you have two options;

  1. Hire freelancers to build a WordPress website
  2. Hiring dedicated WordPress developers

Hire freelancers to build WordPress websites:

No doubt, hiring freelancers for WordPress website development is an upfront, cost-effective option, but you might have to compromise with a lot of things.

For example;

  1. You may have to forget the deadline
  2. The project may be compromised in terms of quality
  3. There may be a gap in communication

Upfront cost savings may incur double if you don’t have quality developers. So, think before hiring freelance WordPress developers.

Hiring dedicated WordPress developers:

Hiring dedicated developers for WordPress website development may be costly upfront, but you can get guaranteed work and appropriately maintain the deadline. You can even hire dedicated developers at cost by hiring freelancers. You just need to do a little research and find an IT firm offering WordPress development services.

Where does it get developed?

This is the most significant factor that saves you a lot over the cost of a WordPress website. The price may widely differ, depending on where your website gets developed. For example, if you are from the USA and want your website developed in the region by hiring local WordPress developers, you may have to spend around $150 to $250/hr.

However, if you outsource your project to other countries like India, you can significantly cut costs over development. For example, you may have to spend around $20 to $50/hr. So, why pay $250/hr to someone local when you can get the same thing done at a quarter of the cost or even less?

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How much time does it take to build a WordPress website development?

Yes, it depends on the project complexities, such as;

  1. The website niche
  2. Themes you want to integrate
  3. Templates you want to have on your WordPress website
  4. And, last but not the least, the experience and expertise of developers

An average WordPress website takes a few weeks to a month or two. All it matters is how perfect, punctual, and dedicated your development partner is (if you have hired a WordPress development company).

Final Thoughts

As seen above, building a website is no child’s play. A lot of thought, strategy, effort, and money goes into it. You need to analyze your business objectives and have a plan of action to know what website is best for you. We are sure this article can be your WordPress Website Cost Estimator, and you will be able to get the perfect idea about WordPress website development.

WordPress is an excellent choice for building a business website. WordPress websites offer hundreds of options, plugins at an affordable rate, not to mention their SEO friendliness. On the downside, WordPress is a little complicated, and experienced professionals are required to develop a website.

Of course, using the installation guide, you can build a WordPress website, but not everything is mentioned in the guide. There are some things you need to figure out on your own or hire WordPress developers/agencies. (for hosting, themes, plugins, etc.)

Nowhere in the market will you get a WordPress Website Estimate calculator that will tell you how much you need to shell out for your website? For detailed information, consult an expert.

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