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Due to the global pandemic that we all are reeling under, many businesses and companies are deciding to Digitizing their functioning in businesses. Companies and employees are taking this crisis seriously and are doing all they can to stay in the business ecosystem.

Due to the virus’ impact on human lives, it has encouraged industries affected in COVID-19 to change their way of functioning and dealing with their staff. Due to this, many social and financial challenges have raised within companies with a quest to find out how to manage both their business and employees’ health.

During the pandemic, everyone has to take certain necessary steps and remain in lockdown and live a quarantine life for a long time. Hence, it has become a challenge for all those who are coming up with multiple digital ideas and methods to boost their businesses.

Here is the COVID-19 Guidance for Employees and Businesses

Remote Working for Employee

The attitude adjustment does not only go with the employees but also with their customers. Those vendors that heavily rely on real-time interaction are being avoided as a business policy. There will be a sparking increase in digital channels to try out new ways to get their products and services. Other complementary human services will be implemented alongside the digital channels.

There are many companies and industries out there that have already initiated digitization and created multiple digital channels. Face-to-face channels will now be the complementary ones while the digital channels will take the command and become first-level access points. The face-to-face method of delivering goods to the customer will also change and a remote servicing of goods will begin as well.

Guidelines for Digitizing Businesses Strategy

In these VUCA times (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) two implementation strategies can revolutionize digitalization and innovation:

Leadership and Decision Making

There are many decisions on business cases and benchmark crucial discussions that the company makes. But during these times where you need to perfect, fast, fickle and harsh decisions need to be made.

Any digitization strategy requires a high potential for opportunities and quick-witted decisions as well. These strategies can make innovation stand tall and firm.

Agile Business and Fast Delivery

The trick to increasing a company’s digitalization is to make the protocol of functions less important and least customer-centric. The departments should go digitized within the company. Businesses need to create a cross-functional customer-oriented network of agile-teams offering 360-degree support to the entire journey of customers.

There needs to be a clear yet imminent, fast yet selective network of people that can help the company to make agile and quick deliveries thus expediting digitalization.

This network should streamline and implement customer-based innovative changes quickly to enhance customer-value and their engagement.

Hence this network of agility and strength can boost up the digitalization of the company and mark a new beginning in the company’s sales and finance that is much needed in these frantic times of the Covid-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 pandemic will trigger the importance of digitization and agility thus speeding up for several organizations to remain competitive and to keep interacting with their customers.

Today, initially, it’s a question of survival! First, they need to come out of this survival acid test through experiments with newer concepts and tools and new business behaviors for sustainable business. Then they need to abide by the rules of social distancing, distant working, and changing buying behaviors to make it all part of our lives.

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