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September 13, 2022 28 Min

Social Commerce Trends, For Your Business Growth

Businesses can sell their products direct to customers via social media platforms. Using social commerce, brands empowered themselves by providing a powerful tool for customers to buy wanted products without going to another website.

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Businesses can sell their products directly to customers beyond boundaries via social media platforms. Using social commerce, brands empowered themselves by providing an easy yet powerful tool for their customers to buy desired products without getting transferred to another link. Social Commerce Trend is now a core business strategy that every retailer keeps in mind. You might have many questions related to Social commerce in 2024 trends. So, we have sorted it out by providing the top social commerce trends to look at this year and beyond. Let’s explore;

Did you know 41% of customers say they shop daily or weekly using smartphones, while the percentage was just 12% 5 years ago?

Isn’t it a dramatic shift in the way we shop, especially in the last few years? 

Yes. As smartphone shopping is at a historic high, social commerce is witnessing a significant boom. The COVID-19 pandemic came up with massive destruction to both lives and livelihood, but it taught a great many things to people, like maintaining social distancing and staying away from crowded places; this, in turn, helped people adopt digital platforms to do away with their daily everyday needs. 

For example;

  • They get their daily groceries delivered at home 
  • They buy desired products without stepping out of home 

Social Commerce is one of the parts of these digital platforms where people do not need to download any shopping app, and instead, they can buy things while exploring Facebook or other social media channels. With effective social commerce market strategies, businesses can make the most out of tracking the trends. 

So, we have introduced some of the top social commerce 2024 trends that are predicted to be appealing, especially for startups and entrepreneurs who want to keep their business thriving without investing serious bucks behind building dedicated eCommerce applications for their business.

What Led Social Commerce Become Hot Top in Business Arena?

As people are growing tech-savvy, they look for things that provide ease, comfortable and convenient services. Social media has all that, leading social commerce to mushroom, resulting in a paradigm shift across the industries. People using the social commerce platform could buy their preferred stuff after getting trusted feedback from other customers. from the comfort of their homes; they experienced it as a safer way of shopping that saves them precious time, money, and unnecessary effort. 

What is Social Commerce?

A Social Commerce is the process of purchasing and selling products and services using social media platforms. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others are not just great sources of branding, but they can be the best medium to sell products by creating effective Social commerce marketing strategies. Social commerce also involves the sales of products and services promoted on social media linked to a stand-alone eCommerce website. 

Examples Of Social Commerce Platforms 

These are some of the popular Social Commerce platforms-

  • Facebook Shops
  • Instagram Shops 
  • Pinterest Shopping 
  • YouTube Shopping 
  • Snapchat Filters & Screenshop 

Why Social Commerce?

When it comes to the importance of Social Commerce, it’s endless. The location is an essential element of Social Commerce as it leverages the pluses of social proof. Furthermore, it has the benefits of influencer marketing where you can approach influencers to promote your products across social channels. 

Let’s have a look at some more pluses of Social Commerce!

  • Social Commerce is a fast-growing trend
  • Provides precise audience targeting 
  • Strengthens engagement between buyers and brands
  • Helps to enhance sales 
  • Facilitates a frictionless shopping experience

Social Commerce vs eCommerce: What Is The Difference?

When it comes to separating the two online commerce, social commerce, and eCommerce, there is no considerable difference, and both are similar up to a large extent. You can think of social commerce as a part of eCommerce. But there is a slight difference- eCommerce happens using a website on your online store; on the other hand, Social Commerce takes place on social media. 

You can sometimes expand the meaning of Social Commerce to include all the sales performed using social media. As a widened definition, sales made through social media ads will come under Social Commerce. If the link of your online store is given in the ad and a customer follows that, it too will come under Social Commerce.

Final Thoughts 

In early 2020, the global economy came across a tumultuous situation, but things changed soon. In 2021, brands started recognizing the rapidly growing popularity of social commerce and took all possible steps to level in with their eCommerce store. However, Social Commerce is still new to the market and a bit difficult for people who aren’t adapted to online shopping; these trends will certainly help you optimize your Social Commerce Marketing Strategies in 2024.

Get More Sales with Social Commerce Strategies12

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