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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), is considered a widely-used open-source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to building user-oriented, dynamic, and interactive websites that can be embedded into HTML PHP is popular because of its usability and convenient functionalities that have numerous advantages such as, It’s open-source and free, easy to use and learn, it’s versatile, and so on. Because of this, there are many PHP development companies. let’s compare the best of them.

However several new technologies are popping up every year, PHP is still considered the most popular and preferred technology amongst website development companies in India. This is the reason for the rapid enhancement in the number of Best PHP development companies in India as well as all around the world.

PHP is a server-side language that has been in existence for more than 25 years. With the emergence of every programming language or tool, there is a discussion over the utility of PHP. However, it slipped down the ranking of the most popular programming language from 2017 to 2020, yet being used by around 80% of websites.

As of now, we have become aware of the existence, performance, and utility of PHP, it’s time to come to the point where we are going to discuss the

Top 10 PHP Development Companies in India.

Let’s have a look!

1. World Web Technology

World Web Technology

World Web Technology is an award-winning Enterprise Web, Mobile App, Software &
Product Development Company, offering a wide range of development services for all industry verticals. The company primarily provides website development services around WordPress and WooCommerce, though its expertise in providing comprehensive web and mobile app development services based on trending technologies is earning the company a good name in the tech arena.

With decades of experience, he has made a name as one of the Top PHP Developers in India as well as in the tech arena. It provides various services to startups, SMEs as well as enterprises to design, develop and upgrade their website to serve their purposes. The company serves a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Social Networking, and Logistics, Healthcare, eLearning, eCommerce, and so on.

Details :
founded: 2011 employees: 50-100
hourly rates: $15 clutch rating: 4.9

2. Sparx IT Solution

Sparx IT Solution

Sparx IT Solution- is a leading web/mobile app development company serving clients worldwide with result-oriented IT solutions. It Assists startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to upgrade their business process from ideation to execution. Company offers end-to-end Website Development, Mobile App Development Services for all sectors.

It possesses a wide array of PHP Development services like PHP Website Development, PHP eCommerce Development, PHP Based Social Networking Websites, and many more are that the skilled engineers and developers of Sparx IT Solutions have expertise in and can fulfill the entire requirements of businesses.

Details :
founded: 2007 employees: 200-250
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.8

3. Zealous Systems

Zealous Systems

Zealous Systems- Is a trusted website and mobile app development company that provides end-to-end web development services by combining the latest web technologies with robust projects management tools. The dedicated developers are efficient and contribute their optimal efforts to build dynamic, high-performance, and database-driven websites by using agile methodologies. They are able to build websites and applications for startups, SMEs, and enterprises by leveraging several PHP frameworks and databases. It serves the purposes of various industries including Real Estate & Property, Social Networking, Education & eLearning, and so on.

Details :
founded: 2008 employees: 50-100
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.6

4. PeerBits


PeerBits- A well-known website and mobile app development company situated in Ahmedabad, Gujrat is a global service provider for all IT solutions. With a group of devoted and skilled engineers and a well-established infrastructure, it’s the first preference of clients worldwide including India for Various IT necessities. For anyone who is looking for a PHP Development Company in India, PeerBits can be a perfect suit as it makes sure to deliver services with a systemized approach as per the client’s satisfaction.

It offers rapid responsive and adaptable PHP development services with full functionalities according to various business requirements. Several Services Such as Custom PHP Development, PHP Based CMS Development, eCommerce Development, and many more that they have great expertise in and this is why they can provide customer-oriented services.

Details :
founded: 2011 employees: 50-100
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.8

5. Net Solutions

Net Solutions

Net Solutions- is a web development company serving its clients with state-of-the-art services for more than 18 years. Whether it’s web development, mobile app development, Custom Software Development, or any other IT necessities, Net Solutions is the name of the game in the tech arena. When it comes to PHP Development Services, it possesses great expertise and best suit for clients across the globe. A wide range of businesses including Business Services, Arts & Entertainment, Education and Finance, and many more are leveraging the power of well-developed software development solutions with Net Solutions.

Details :
founded: 2000 employees: 250-300
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.8

6. FinOit


FinOit- is a reputed website, mobile app development company situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, serving the purposes of its clients around the world with top-notch software development solutions. Having a team of skilled developers and engineers it’s one of the Top 10 PHP Development Companies in India, provides services to a wide array of industries including Business Services, transportation, Retail & Utilities, and so on. For various services such as mobile app development, web development, IoT, or others, FinOit is a one-stop destination where clients can have all client-oriented IT solutions at competitive rates with maximum convenience.

Details :
founded: 2010 employees: 50-100
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.8

7. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions- its website & mobile development company situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, offers client-centric web/mobile development solutions to clients worldwide and globally. Having a great experience of working, the company has worked with hundreds of startups, SMEs, and enterprises, to empower them with digital intelligence and expertise.

The experts here have expertise in PHP development services and can build powerful websites including Custom Applications, Dynamic Website, CMS Development, PHP-based eCommerce, API Integration, and so on. With great client satisfaction and retention rate, Konstant Infosolutions is the best option for clients across the globe.

Details :
founded: 2003 employees: 50-249
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.8

8. Ezeelive Technologies

Ezeelive Technologies

Ezeelive Technologies- is another top-notch website and mobile app development company situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra providing all IT solutions to clients all around the world. The company has a massive group of vetted techs with great expertise in PHP web development services as well as numerous others. Ezeelive is a hub of excellent programmers that know how to deliver secure, robust, agile, and well-performing web applications. Services like PHP development services, Custom PHP development ( Mobile/App), and many others are what they have expertise in.

Details :
founded: 2008 employees: 25
hourly rates: $50 – $99 Google rating: 4.6

9. Claritus


Claritus- is one of the Top 10 PHP Development Companies in India, facilitating wide-ranging IT solutions to clients as per their business requirements. The company situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, possesses expertise in the web as well as mobile development services and is capable enough of providing full-fledged software development solutions depending on various business requirements.

A wide pool of services like Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, Digital Team on Demand, eCommerce Development, Salesforce Integration, and many more are expertly offered to clients all around the world to help them nurture their organizations.

Details :
founded: 2008 employees: 50-100
hourly rates: $25 clutch rating: 4.8

10. Indianic Infotech

Indianic Infotech

IndiaNIC InfoTech- is the name of the game in the tech arena that provides full-fledged PHP Development services to clients as per their requirements. The experts here are devoted to offering convenient PHP development solutions with no hassles. Having great expertise in the profession, the experts can deal with complexities with convenience and can offer satisfactory IT solutions that suit clients the most. Various industries like FMCG, Banking & Media, and Retail, are leveraging the user-centric services offered by IndiaNIC InfoTech.

Details :
founded: 1997 employees: 250-300
hourly rates: <$25 clutch rating: 4.6

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However these all are Top PHP Developers in India, you can choose whatever is the best option for you. The requirements can differ depending on the demand and types of business, if you require PHP Development solutions, you can choose one of them as they are the top PHP developers in India serving their clients for years.