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Are you planning to launch your e-commerce or any other website in 2024? If yes, then just have a look at below predictions about web design trends. Looking at the evolution that has taken place since last few years, we have worked upon and predicted some of the web design trends of 2024. Many new platforms and technologies are introduced every day.

This results in a dramatic change in web designing trends. It is possible to customize webpage to a great extent. Therefore, many web designing companies in India are providing custom web design service to their clients. These companies hire dedicated web designers who have good knowledge of latest technologies in trend.

This is an era of digital marketing. Everyone has to have the website to promote his/her business or products. The overall look feel of the site plays a great role in attracting viewers and also helps in SEO to a great extent. Therefore, a great design is equally important for a site to be popular.

As Per Our Predictions, Below Are Some Web Design Trends For 2024.

1. Semi Flat Theme

Semi Flat Theme

Microsoft has launched tiled user interface from Windows 8 onwards. This was the beginning of the flat theme. Since then the flat design is trending. 2016 was an era of flat/semi-flat design. As there were some loopholes in flat design, web designers have modified it to a semi-flat design.

In semi-flat design, they tried to add dimensions to a flat design by adding depth and shadows to it. Also, semi-flat design overcomes usability issues that were there in the flat design. So we can predict that semi-flat design will be in for 2024.

2. Customized Illustrations

Customized Illustrations

The web page has two components: text and visuals. Visuals can be images or videos. Visuals in image format are also termed as illustrations. There is a requirement from client to include some images on website pages. The web designer can easily find related images on the web and implement it on clients’ websites. But, since recent past, we are observing that designers create customized illustrations to add a new and creative visual feel to the web page.

They use various effects to make images more artistic and catchy. This adds to the great look and feel of websites and differentiates it from other websites.

3. Unique and Creative Grid Design

Unique and Creative Grid Design

Use of grids on the webpage is not a new thing. Till now designers used to work on the normal grid and that has become so monotonous now. In many of the sites designed recently, we can see the use of unique grids. These grids are not the traditional ones. Web designers design these grids. They give a feel of various rectangular frames laid over and partially covering each other.

These rectangular frames are fields of the grid. You may insert text or image in these frames to give a designer and unique look to your site. If the image is to be inserted in frame, there is a lot of image processing done to fit the image in frames dimensions. The text or image could be just for illustration or can be made clickable, just as hyperlinks. 2024 will be an era of many such innovative designer grids.

4. Use of Cinemagraphs

Use of Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs, as the name suggests, it is an image (graph) with the video component (cinema) in it. It can be said that it has a great resemblance with GIF files. They give a very realistic visual effect without consuming bandwidth of a video streaming. And, they are obviously much more than merely a still shot. For example, if you paste an image of a person standing on a beach.

You will do so to add a calming effect to the page. Now, compare it with a cinematography which has the same image, but it shows the moving waves in the river, displayed in that image. It will work for sure grab the viewer’s attention and gives him/her a great visual treat. Cinemagraphs are trending right now, and 2024 will see more of them.

5. Widespread Use of Parallax

Widespread Use of Parallax

As we discussed earlier, in semi-flat design, designers are working to add a sense of depth to the otherwise flat design. Parallax is the effect that helps them to do so. This effect is being used very commonly nowadays. This effect is applied to the background image of webpage. Once this effect is applied, then background moves at a different speed as compared to remaining content on the page. This gives an illusive effect to the page and a sort of 3D feel.

6. Use of Lazy Loading Technology

Lazy Loading Technology

This technology is used in websites; on which content is frequently uploaded, such as, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networking sites. By using this technology, we may display the content of the page, before the entire page is loaded. This technology will be highly used in 2024.

7. Displaying Centered or Split Content

Displaying Centered or Split Content

This approach can be considered as an enhancement of creative grid design method. Using this approach, you may display the main content in the center of the webpage (Text or Image). All the relevant text then surrounds it on the page. This helps to display more content in an attractive layout. However, if you come across still more content, you may split the page vertically and display the content.

This approach splits the page into two wide sections. These sections may show different behavior without being affected by each others’ behavior. These approaches will be very much used in 2024.

8. Use of Hidden Menus

Hidden Menus

The trend of hidden menu started in 2016 and is still being used very effectively. This feature helps to save the space on webpage and still containing a menu with all the options. In this approach, we display a heading of the menu ( the title of the menu, such as, “Categories,” “More Options,” etc.) at the top or bottom of the page or on sides of it.

As the user clicks on the titles or moves mouse over the title, the menu expands and displays further options. Such approach is widely used in e-commerce website as in that case; we need to display a large amount of information on a single page.

9. Aim Towards an Original Design

Original Design

Nowadays, the internet is so very easily accessible, and most of the people spend a great time in browsing websites. An average internet user almost visits more than a 100 sites a day. He is exposed to almost all sorts of designs and creative inputs that a designer can think of implementing. So, all this is very common for him.

Such a user will be only attracted towards something unique and original (out of the box). So, along with working on effectiveness and responsiveness of website, one should lay a great focus towards the originality of design too.

10. Use of Animation

Use of Animation

The animation has evolved in a great way, since last few years. And, internet users are expecting to see the glimpse of it on various portals. Nowadays, everyone is using similar themes and color schemes. In such scenario, there is no another way to get noticed, than to incorporate a certain level of animation in web pages. For example:

  • Page load animation: Animation inserted during the time taken by page to load.
  • Illuminated or highlighted text: When the user moves the mouse over a particular text, its font or style should be changed to highlight that.

There are many such animation effects that can be implemented to make the site attractive. This also helps in engaging users. This approach will be widely used in 2024.

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It is very important to keep track of latest trends in web designing. It helps web designers to incorporate and implement latest technologies or approaches while designing websites. This in turn, results in a large number of viewers and ultimately a good feedback from the client. The client is also satisfied and happy as he is getting a good traffic on his site. It is a great saying that one must always think of future while designing something in the present. And, the same applies to website designing.

There are various trends that should be followed in 2024 to make the website successful and trending. Few of them are using animation, inserting cinemagraphs, using unique grid designs, etc. These trends keep on changing as the technology is improving at the very fast rate these days. There are various platforms and technologies available in the market, which gives a great opportunity to web designer to explore their creative skills and design something unique and original.