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With the changing and everyday evolving technology, e-commerce has gotten its own bite. The recent year was full of business risks and facing market competition and evaluating future technologies for enterprises. Every business looking to thrive in the e-commerce landscape, following the Top eCommerce trends can enable them to evolve their business activities given the market demands.

Today eCommerce is zooming into an era where artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are ruling the roost. We trust machines today and are trying to utilize them in multiple scenarios. With new technologies and tools, the seller must adapt the present-day online shopping trends to empower their clients to have a better shopping experience, accelerate sales and also face with market challenges.

Here are the Top eCommerce trends 2024 that are going to help you plan your strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Animation is Influential

It is a prediction that motion is going to be huge in 2024 and that Top eCommerce trends may have a few lessons from game design. In the coming days, the motion would be a sign of delight, personality, and urgency. Businesses would use images with motion in emails to talk about their brand and share their ecstasy. Animated iconography will be prevalent to notify people when a product is sold out.

2. High-Quality Videos and Photography

Businesses would use 360-degree images to display their products or may also add an animated GIF showing off the features of the products. High-quality videos and images will take the front seat and display the products in a real context.

3. Social Shopping Will Increase

Instagram and Pinterest are the two highly visual social media platforms growing fast attracting people at large. Online merchants have already started using these two platforms to bring their products to their customers. More and more sellers will use social media in coming days as it the perfect landscape to create a buying scenario and marketplace by displaying their products on apps customers spends most of their time with.

On clicking an image like a piece of article, it would take you to a new window and allow you to purchase it there and then. This technology will allow the buyer to purchase the item without having to leave the story or switch between sites or apps.

4. Automation is Hot Cake

Automation is yet a most effective way for an online seller to grow their e-commerce business. Automated tool will be more prevalent than manual tasks that take a lot of time and efforts. With more and more online sellers relying on social media to drive traffic and generate sales, automation of process will also become the trend. The virtual assistant kit will handle automated email campaigns, formulate targeted social media ad campaigns for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and can also sync with third-party Shopify apps.

5. AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are easily accessible and getting cheaper. This reckons that retailers can experiment with the ‘disposable’ AR/VR marketing strategies. It will encourage users to ‘try before you buy’ viewing of products in-home. Using this technology people would be able to feel and experiment with the product directly in their home before purchasing.

6. Machine Learning is taking Leap

Machine learning is going to become huge in coming days and help merchants make better decisions and convert more customers. Merchants can learn from automation tools and abandoned cart email by making it more personal which will definitely increase the conversion. A Machines would keep track of the purchasing behavior of the buyers, thus reminding and encouraging them to buy right thing at the right time thus increase conversion.

7. Voice Search

Voice search is going to take off this year. It is going to acquire more relevance in 2024 as Alexa and Google Assistant is becoming a common tool these days. Walmart announced a partnership with Google to enable online shopping through Google’s voice assistant.

8. Mobile Commerce Will Increase

Mobile will continue to establish a better foothold in 2024. The primary focus will become mobile now shifting desktop to a secondary place. Offering immense and blissful mobile experience will become the priority due to its ubiquitousness. The e-commerce revenue in 2024 is predicted to be an estimated $600 million in mobile commerce which is 40 percent of all e-commerce revenue. Merchants will target customers directly through their mobile in 2024.

9. Easier Checkout

Courtesy to all payment options that are getting popular, because of these the conventional checkout form is going to become somewhat obsolete in 2024. One-click purchasing is the call of the day making online shopping faster and easier. In future there is no need to enter any details just click ‘buy’ and the rest will be automated based on your preferences.

10. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies will become more prevalent in online merchants. It can act as a game changer in 2024 offering advanced transactional security and zero risks of payment scams. Many e-commerce giants have clandestinely started experimenting with Blockchain. The Blockchain is an independent transaction process that works without the interference of any banking authorities like banks and has the capability to revolutionize the entire ecommerce industry and can be utilized for order fulfillment, security, and real-time order tracking in the coming days.

11. B2B Turns to E-commerce

It is quite unusual but frequent now that B2B i.e. wholesalers will embrace eCommerce. Now more trade vendors are looking to take their ordering process online. There is an increase in the number of B2B platforms that enables customers to shop from multiple trade vendors at once.

12. Community-led Brand Will be Popular

Community-led brand is a concept that sells some high-end products and allows their customers ways and platforms to discuss them on Instagram and Facebook, or at real time meetup platforms. Such brands are more curious to gain their customers’ honest answers and feedbacks. They start with a small number of customers and grow gradually catering to their needs. Such types of community-led brand will become more prevalent. They will convince new customers to join hand with them in buying the products and will ask them to answer questions reckoning them as their brand representatives.

13. More delivery options

With the growing of on-demand deliveries, more delivery options will be available in 2024. Same-day delivery is gaining more traction. Business associations with delivery agencies and reckoning physical stores as distribution channels will allow many retailers to offer delivery of their products in the nick of time.

14. Simplicity over complexity

We will witness more brands investing in quality content over flashy tech in 2024, as retailers will realize that they are there to serve customers not themselves. Flashy technologies can be fun they must be used with an objective.


These are the top eCommerce trends of 2024 that are going to take the e-commerce landscape in its stride. Whatever strategy you pursue in 2024, testing should be the major thing you should focus on for offering a great shopping experience at all times to your customers. If you are in the looking to implement top eCommerce trends from an ecommerce marketplace development services company, we can be the best fit. We, at World Web Technology, are one of the pioneers known to deliver world-class eCommerce web development services at affordable rates.