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April 12, 2023 15 Min

What Skills Are Required For WordPress Developer In 2024?

Know the technical and soft skills a WordPress developer must possess. A comprehensive guide to hire WordPress developer.

Category : WordPress


Do you want to develop a new website for your business? The first thing that you will need to do is to finalize the right web development framework for your website. 

Whether you want to start a simple business website or want to develop a feature-rich, functional, and robust ecommerce website, WordPress is a name to remember for website development. 

Why WordPress? Because WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems to develop highly user-friendly, competitive, and dynamic websites. 

All you need to do is to hire WordPress developer for your project and share your project requirements with him to get started. 

If you are not sure whether to go for WordPress or not, here is a list of statistics to help you make the right decision. 

  • Of all websites available across the globe, WordPress powers more than 65.1%. 
  • Also, the total number of WordPress websites is over 455 million
  • A study by CodeinWP, the CMS market share of WordPress is 64.3% globally. 
  • There are more than 59,208 WordPress plugins available as of now. 
  • The number of free themes available with WordPress is 8,874+ as of now. 
  • 28.19% of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce. 

These statistics rightly reveal that WordPress is the most suitable website development platform for any enterprise or business. Let’s check some more reasons why hire WordPress developer India. 

Benefits of Using WordPress for Website Development

Benefits of Using WordPress for Website DevelopmentBefore we start discussing the benefits of WordPress, let’s check out what WordPress is.

WordPress is a comprehensive content management system with thousands of free and paid themes and plugins to develop a full-fledged website or web app. 

Earlier, it was used to simply create online blogs, but WordPress has evolved since then. Today, it has become one of the most preferred CMSs to develop highly functional and dynamic websites. 

WordPress helps businesses to display information in a unique and impressive way. With the use of world-class themes and plugins, you can create a website that instantly impresses your target audience. 

Furthermore, adding, editing, and managing content on WordPress websites is super easy and quick. Also, WordPress development is simple like the blogs you used to create on it. 

All the commands are the same including adding photos, videos, texts, and other things. When you click on Publish, you will see a webpage and not a blog. 

Here are the benefits of WordPress:

  • It is a free, open-source CMS and can be used by anyone who wants to develop a website. You can download the software by simply clicking on If you want to develop a static page, you will not even need a professional. However, it is recommended to hire WordPress developers India to develop a more complex and feature-rich website. 
  • Also, hosting your website is also like smooth sailing. The minimum fee for hosting a website starts at $5 on almost all hosting sites including Godaddy if the number of visitors is less than 25,000 per month. 
  • The main benefit of using WordPress for your website development project is the availability of themes. There are thousands of impressive and attractive themes available for any business vertical or industry. There are free themes and paid themes available for you. You can choose at your convenience. 
  • The next benefit is all about adding content to your WordPress website. Yes, it is quick, simple, and can be done with a few clicks. This is the part where it gets tricky when it comes to website development. However, with WordPress, you don’t need to worry at all. You can easily add new pages to your website without anyone’s help. 
  • Also, with WordPress, updating and maintaining your website is super cool and easy. Unlike other web development platforms where you have to call a designer before updating a simple text, WordPress allows businesses to update content, pages, and other features effortlessly. You can update your theme, plugins, and other components with ease and without any functional headaches.
  • There are thousands of plugins available for you that make your website robust, secure, and feature-rich. Think of any functionality and WordPress has a plugin for that. For payment processes, SEO, ecommerce, content forms, page building, security, and other features, you will get multiple plugins to choose from. 

Now that you know of all the benefits of WordPress, it is time to hire WordPress developer for your project. This post is all about discussing the skills you need to look for in a WordPress developer. So, without any further ado, we will discuss the skills a WordPress developer must possess. 

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise 2024First of all, we will discuss the technical expertise of a WordPress developer. In this section, we will discuss all the technical skills a WordPress developer must possess. 

A WordPress developer must have the technical expertise and should be familiar with WordPress, its themes, plugins, difficulties that arise during the development, and how to address them quickly and efficiently. 


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the popular and standard markup language for web page development. It has a series of elements and it is all about the structure of the web page you are creating. 

HTML is a markup language and not a programming language. It determines how the content will show up on a web page. Before hiring a developer, it is crucial that you check whether he is well-versed in HTML. 

Even if you are hiring a WordPress development company India, ensure that the company has a team of developers who are good at using HTML. having superlative HTML expertise is a must for any WordPress developer. 


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Knowing CSS properties is a mandatory skill for any WordPress developer. CSS controls the way elements look on a web page. In short, we can say that CSS is responsible for the visual appearance of a web page. If you are looking for a front-end WordPress developer, he/she must possess CSS skills. 

Basic Photoshop 

While developing a WordPress website, a developer might need to convert PSD files into HTML. To do it, he might need to know some basic Photoshop skills such as how to move a particular file, layering up a file, and autoselect properties. 

Hence, it is important that a WordPress developer you hire know basic Photoshop tricks. 


For WordPress developers, learning JavaScript is inevitable. JavaScript is a server-side programming language and is also known as a scripting language as well. It is rendered by the browser and makes WordPress themes and plugins more interactive and expressive. 

Not just programming language, an ideal WordPress developer is one who is well-versed in JavaScript libraries such as Angolia Places, Anime.JS, Chart.JS, and JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, VUE.JS, and Next,JS. 

WordPress Theme Development 

Either you can choose a ready-made theme from WordPress or you can develop a custom theme for your website. You need to hire WordPress theme developer in such a case. Developing a good and highly responsive theme can turn things in your favor. 

WordPress Plugin Development 

Also, you can hire WordPress plugin developer India to develop customized plugins for your website. Plugins help add more features and functionalities to your website and scale your website. 


Bootstrap is your savior when you don’t want to code from scratch. If you start coding from scratch, you will not be able to complete your project on time. It takes too much of your time. Hence, you have the Bootstrap framework that has HTML components such as a Navigation bar, Carousel, Breadcrumbs, Progress Bar, Forms, and many others. 

All these components are written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. All you need to do is to copy and paste the code from the documentation and customize them as per project requirements. 


PHP is the official language of WordPress’s backend and a developer must be well aware of this language. This is a server-side programming language and one of the most preferred languages for website development.


MySQL is a database that every WordPress developer should know of. You don’t have to become a master at it, but you should know all the basic functionalities of the database to work in a better manner while developing your website’s backend. 

GitHub and BitBucket 

GitHub and BitBucket are cloud-based Git repositories where developers can store, manage, track, and control changes they have made in a project. You need to hire WordPress developer who has worked with GitHub and BitBucket in the past so that they can manage projects in a better manner. 

These are all the technical skills a WordPress developer should have. Now, we will discuss some soft skills as well. 

Soft Skills a WordPress Developer Must Have

Soft Skills a WordPress Developer Must Have An Inquisitive Mindset

Having a good understanding of theories is one thing, and working in the field is an altogether different thing. An ideal WordPress developer must have the right mindset to learn new things while developing websites. He should be open to innovativeness and should have a student mind to explore new horizons. 

Communication Skills 

Mostly, if you hire WordPress developer India, you need to check his communication skills first. Thankfully, most Indian developers possess sound communication skills. However, you need to take a personal interview to ensure that he is good at communicating in English, one of the primary languages for international partnerships. 

Business Logic Abilities 

A WordPress developer is the one who should understand how a business functions. He should be able to apply business logic while developing websites. For example, he should be able to identify suitable color patterns for industry verticals. Funky color patterns might not work on a healthcare company’s website. Such logical things play a vital role in website development. 

Willingness to Learn

As we have discussed earlier point, a WordPress developer must have a student mind. He should be open to new trends, technologies, and updates. Also, he should be able to incorporate such trends in the practice. 

Team Work 

An ideal WordPress developer must possess strong teamwork skills. He should be able to work in teams and should be a good team player. Also, able to work independently and at the same time, with a team. He should be able to give his best while working for a team. 


Furthermore, he should be able to work under tight deadlines. Mostly, website development projects have limited timelines as it is really important to get there first. Hence, a developer must understand the importance of time and should be able to complete the project on time. 

Openness to Feedback 

It is a very crucial trait to have in a developer. No one is perfect and when you are working for clients, you should be able to take feedback in a positive manner and incorporate changes as suggested by clients. Hire WordPress developer who is open to feedback and suggestions from clients and other team players.


WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS platforms for website development. You need to ensure that you hire WordPress developer who has a proven track record and a promising portfolio. 

Hire someone who possesses strong technical skills and soft skills and can help you develop a business-centric, scalable, and highly functional website that perfectly serves your business purposes. Take your time and choose the best one. 

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