What is a JavaScript Framework?

JavaScript framework helps to develop and leverage advanced web applications. As front-end applications are becoming complex, software frameworks like JavaScript are becoming advanced to match their complexity. That is the reason Javascript for business is increasing day by day. A software framework is a concept in which the generic functionality of the software can be changed using user-written code. An application framework that is in JavaScript is known as a JavaScript framework.

These frameworks are adaptable in the case of website designing. This is the reason why most website developers prefer these frameworks. With JavaScript frameworks, it becomes easier to work with JavaScript. These frameworks enable the programmers to code a device-responsive application. They are popular as they have higher responsiveness. Such frameworks are the top choice for developers who are using high-level machine languages.

Why use a JavaScript Framework?

About 97.2% of the major websites around the world use JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular and utilized programming language. Many popular and huge companies used JavaScript for software development. About 97.2% of the major websites around the world use JavaScript. It is a popular programming language that is used for client-side solutions. This is a lightweight, high-level, and construed programming language.

JavaScript frameworks are recommended by developers for creating complex or dynamic web and mobile applications. They are employed to create a huge range of products including modest websites to complicated games. As per the survey results by Stack Overflow’s 2018 Annual Developer, 71.5% of expert developers use JavaScript as a favored language. The primary reason is its framework and libraries that are saving time, effort, and money.

Main Frameworks in JavaScript

A framework or a structure refers to a combination of the out-of-box code that is written in JavaScript. They have an advanced development process that saves effort, money, and time.

Below are the most influential JavaScript Frameworks used by developers:

JavaScript Frameworks


This is an efficient and powerful open-source JavaScript for business. This framework is used by Google and it is used for developing Single Page Applications. Angular extends HTML into the application which interprets attributes for performing data binding.


In 2015 Ember.JS was introduced to the technology market. After that, it has become popular with its extensive application area. Ember.js has many unique features, it supports two-way data and it helps to establish reliable platforms to handle dynamic User Interfaces. Widely known names like Netflix, LinkedIn, Nordstrom, also use the Ember.JS system for their sites.


This JavaScript framework is popular as they offer many features. Vue.JS has a dual integration mode which is an attractive feature. This helps in creating a top-of-the-line Single Page Application. The platform is reliable when it comes to creating cross-platforms.


Meteor has a varied application area and it covers a major part when it comes to using JavaScript for software development. The major benefits of the Meteor framework include areas like database management, business logic, back-end development, and front-end rendering.


This is an open-source, server-side environment with JavaScript run-time. It works on cross platforms and has an event-driven architecture. It can drive I/O that is asynchronous. Node.JS works in the JavaScript Runtime environment.

The significant Javascript libraries include:


React-JavaScript library

This JavaScript library was created by Facebook. React has become a popular framework and it is now adopted by many companies. This is a framework that is employed by many companies to develop and operate dynamic User Interfaces. The web pages that are developed in this way get high traffic due to advanced UX. The virtual DOM helps in integration with straightforward applications.

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It is a JavaScript library that simplifies the traversal and manipulation of the HTML DOM tree. It assists in CSS animation together with event handling and Ajax. jQuery is open source, free software that uses MIT License. About 73% of popular websites have used jQuery by May 2019.

What can we build with JavaScript?

JavaScript is a framework that is employed for task automation and it also helps to create dynamic and receptive software applications. JavaScript Development Services are used by businesses as it helps in delivering interactive user interfaces. Some uses of JavaScript are as below:

Website development

JavaScript is used by developers for developing robust, interactive, and dynamic websites with rich user interfaces.

Creating Web Applications

JavaScript frameworks help to create complex web applications and it doesn’t need much effort. Google Maps is one web application that was developed in JavaScript.

Mobile App

JS is a dynamic and influential language that helps to build mobile apps. JavaScript frameworks help to build mobile apps for both Apple and Android-based app stores. Some popular companies that use JavaScript Frameworks are Facebook, Bloomberg, and Instagram.

Building Game Apps

JavaScript also helps to develop game development frameworks for great game apps.

IoT Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) also uses JavaScript as it is event-driven, open-source with end-user scripting. JavaScript also uses enhanced security which makes it acceptable for IoT applications. Samsung, IBM, and Microsoft use JavaScript Framework for all the IoT devices.

Developing Presentations

JavaScript helps to create animated and beautiful presentations. JavaScript uses CSS or HTML. It helps to create captivating images. Thus, it helps to create beautiful websites by employing JS frameworks.

Creating Virtual reality

JavaScript helps users to create great virtual reality experiences. The powerful and top JavaScript APIs are used to merge various virtual reality devices to the internet.

JavaScript has gained popularity because of its ability to customize the user’s browsing experiences. It also helps in faster navigation with multi-browser compatibility. The developers can create unique user interfaces and functionalities.


These are the most promising causes and attributes that JavaScript is packed with due to which it is the most desired framework for many businesses for application development. If you plan to create a new app, it is suggested to use JavaScript for business to make the most out of it. Do not forget to hire developers for the success of your application.

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1. Why JavaScript is so used?

JavaScript gained popularity because it is scalable and blends with HTML and CSS easily. Browsers have engines that load JavaScript quickly and decrease website loading speed. Today JavaScript is one of the most powerful language because of performance and ubiquitous.

2. What are the advantages of using JavaScript?

Speed, Simplicity, Popularity, Interoperability, Reduce Server Load, and Rich Interface are the advantages of JavaScript. JavaScript works with other languages and is used in a huge variety of applications. JavaScript runs immediately on the client-side browser and reduces server load.

3. What is JavaScript mainly used for?

JavaScript is mainly used for web-based applications and web browsers. Here are some basic things JavaScript is used for:

1. Adding interactive behavior to web pages
2. Creating web and mobile apps
3. Building web servers and developing server applications
4. Game development

4. Is JavaScript used for the Front end or Back end?

JavaScript is used in both Front end and Back end development.

5. How many types of JavaScript frameworks and libraries are there?

There are 24 types of JavaScript frameworks are available. Let’s take a look at the top 10 JS frameworks.

1. Node JS
2. Vue JS
3. Angular JS
4. Ember JS
5. React
6. Meteor
7. Mithril
8. Polymer
9. Aurelia
10. Backbone JS

According to Wikipedia, there are around 83 JavaScript Libraries. JavaScript Libraries are reusable pieces of code that are used often.