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Everyone has an online presence is aware of WordPress, which is one of the most popular CMS across the globe. It is used by nearly 25% of the world’s websites that making it one of the most admired and sought-after CMS platforms to publish content. Why is WordPress getting popular as a CMS?

When it comes to sharing the market of CMS, WordPress has almost 60% of the CMS market share. Here are some of the most relevant and prominent reasons that make WordPress this big and continue to grow in near future also.

Being Open-Source Makes it the Biggest Player

WordPress, being an open-source and the best CMS system, it is free to be used and accessed by developers and WordPress Development Companies. You are not unlikely to lose your content when you use WordPress to publish it. It is not only a viable option to use but it also offers users complete ownership and the right to edit and publish the desired content.

Get it in your Own Language

Due to the active participation and enthusiasm of WordPress Communities, it is now available in many languages which are more than 60 different languages. Although most of the WordPress websites, nearly 70%, are in English, the translation option has made it a democratized publishing platform allowing developers and publisher to publish their content and blogs in many different languages.

Easily Customizable

Although WordPress has mostly been used to create blogs, it has the potential to develop all types of websites from e-commerce to travel portals. This platform was developed to work as a fully tailor-made and because of an Open Source CMS, it also offers many plugins and themes that made it more adaptable and easy to be used for almost all-purpose websites.

Themes and Plugins!

Themes and plugins are the most powerful tools of WordPress that help improve the functionalities and design of WordPress sites. WordPress offers multiple templates and plugins to personalize the design and add more features. In addition, it is also coupled with widgets that are most helpful in giving a new look to the footer and sidebars of any website.

There is a great pool of Plugin repositories in WordPress which is almost 47, 211 and it has already been downloaded 1,432,006,605 times. When it comes to the themes of WordPress thousand of free themes are available that can be used for different domains, industries, and the nature of the business.

The interest in WordPress development and the increasing repository of plugins and themes has also aspired several WordPress Development Companies and developers to develop high-end themes, plugins, and services.

Social Media Embedded in WordPress

The power of social media is not a myth! When you look at the stats of users on social media platforms it becomes even more prominent in today’s world; especially for big businesses in search of a platform to engage their target audience. The stats reach billions on Facebook alone. There are several more like Twitter, Linkedin, and many more.

WP has most of the social media platforms integrated including Twitter, Slideshare, Vimeo, Flickr, Youtube, Google Maps, and much more.

WordPress Is the Future of Online Business

When more people use a platform, the possibilities are its popularity will increase as their interest increases. There must be some unique benefit and use-value of WordPress if it is used by many. More and more people are attracted to WP and it is going to become the most popular and cost-effective platform for businesses. This growth of WP is due to the immense contribution of its community and the people who are engaged and working day and night to improve its functioning and add new value to it. These people could be Freelancers, Professional Experts, and Amateurs. All these contribute to this great CMS platform which is adding value to it and making it richer every day.

Strengths and Weaknesses of WordPress

Due to the vast popularity and use of WordPress, it definitely attracts more hackers too as they know when a platform is big enough to host more than a quarter of all the websites, the payoffs will also be huge.

How safe, secure, and reliable WordPress is? It is already a major concern for many! But the answer is more than half a billion top brand websites listed on Alexa run on WordPress warding off any possibility of hacking and any other security lapse. It is a target-rich environment with thousands of players at every level coming on board to abort any attempt of a security breach. The themes and plugins of WordPress are being developed by amateurs and all these make WP the most attractive option for hackers also.

This is equally true – the more popular the CMS is, the more secure it is. WordPress Core is very secure and safe. WordPress has become more and more secure with consolidating and hardening security. Its popularity and success have converted WP and its most desired tools– plugins and themes into double-edged swords. It has already dealt with its vulnerabilities which have already been exploited in the last few years and is now able to deal with plugins and templates or site maintenance issues.

When you plan to opt for WordPress CMS you should take some basic steps to follow best practices for your website so that any hacking attempt can be aborted. Hire the most professionally run WordPress Development Company in India and suggest they use WordPress security tools like anti-virus tools, firewall, deploy automatic hack cleaners to get the best of it. You must not forget to take backups of your website at equal intervals.


It is quite evident that WordPress is going to stay here for a long time. It is going to become bigger in the coming years. So be informed, stay alert about the tools and tricks to use this platform to the best of its potential for the benefit of your business, and do not forget to follow some set rules to get the best of it.