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Our web developers developed a new, customized Shopify website at World Web Technology. We built a seamless, functional, and aesthetically pleasing platform for GrowLight Heaven using a sophisticated technology stack, including SDK Middleware. Based in the United States, it is an ecommerce business specializing in Helpdesks and Data Mapping services. This project involved integrating the Gorgias customer service system, which was synced with to send real-time ticket data from Gorgias to We ensured immediate updates and efficient data management across platforms. The integration relied heavily on webhooks and APIs for real-time data synchronization.



PHP, Gorgias API,
Monday API, Webhooks


Retail & E-Commerce


United States


Webhooks, API

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

  • Technical Complexity: Our developers had to delve into the technical specifics of Gorgias webhooks, understanding their triggers and data transmission processes to ensure accurate integration.
  • Data Consistency: Maintaining data consistency was critical. We focused on ensuring data synchronization occurred in real-time without any loss or discrepancies.
  • Integration Robustness: Developing a secure and robust integration method was paramount. We needed to ensure the webhooks could seamlessly handle varying data volumes and types.
  • Compatibility Issues: Ensuring smooth communication and data flow between and other third-party apps required overcoming potential compatibility issues and limitations in customization.
Key Results

Key Results

  • Our integration ensured real-time data updates across platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • We built a system that maintained data integrity and consistency, ensuring accurate data handling.
  • Our team designed a solution to remain resilient under varying loads, ensuring consistent performance and uptime.
  • We successfully extended the functionality of through strategic integrations, improving overall efficiency.
  • We implemented secure mechanisms for data exchange, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.
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Ticket & Contact

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Real-time sync

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Thanked Us for What We Did

Working with World Web Technology has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise and dedication turned the tables around for me—wonderfully, though! The real-time integration between Gorgias and completely changed the way we operate. Our processes have become seamless and efficient. We couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to future collaborations. Thank you, World Web Technology!



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