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Jake, the visionary founder of this project, presented us with an exciting requirement: the SGC project. We were thrilled to collaborate with him on this journey. The project encompassed two primary objectives: performing ongoing Drupal maintenance task and Create the new site with Drupal 10 versions from the XD, guided by designs provided in Adobe XD. We aimed to ensure a modern, robust, and user-friendly online presence for the SGC, a leading Canadian pharmaceutical industry organization.





Medical & Healthcare





Key Challenges

Key Challenges

  • Drupal Maintenance Tasks: Regular updates and optimizations were vital for site stability, security, and performance. These involved troubleshooting issues, applying security patches, and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Website Creation with Drupal 10 from Adobe XD: Transitioning from design to a functional website demanded meticulous attention to preserve the visual and user experience from XD files.
  • Data Migration: Transferring massive amounts of critical data from the old system to the new Drupal 10 platform was challenging without loss or corruption. Simultaneously, ensuring data integrity and seamless transition was paramount.
  • Responsive Design Implementation: We promised to deliver consistent performance, and ensuring the new website was fully responsive across various devices and browsers required extensive testing and adjustments.
Key Results

Key Results

  • Regular maintenance and updates enabled the SGC website to boast improved performance, enhanced security, excellent stability, and a reliable browsing experience.
  • The new website, developed from Adobe XD designs, was launched successfully, meeting all client specifications.
  • We successfully featured a modern design, intuitive navigation, improved functionality, accessibility, and user engagement.
  • Our team successfully migrated all existing data to the new platform. Our web admins ensured business operations’ continuity and prevented critical information loss.
  • The new site is fully responsive, offering an optimal user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


API Integration for publication

API Integration for publication



Press Release

Press Release

Thanked Us for What We Did

World Web Technology's expert web design and development services transformed our vision into reality. They understood exactly what we wanted for our Canadian users. Their team is dedicated and precise, resulting in a stellar website that perfectly meets our needs. We are thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend their services.



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