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Globally the market for mobile apps has reached 70% for smartphone users. Thus, application development is becoming a major need for businesses and individuals to stay afloat in the global markets. Mobile technology has transformed everything and the tremendous growth in smartphone users has made everyone take advantage of the technology that comes with these devices.

At World Web Technology, our team builds an all-in-one mobile app builder platform that helps our clients with fully customized mobile apps with minimal time and investment. We are the best cross platform app builder in the market. Our team of developers builds high-quality, robust, interactive, and scalable apps which run impeccably over different platforms. Think of WWT when you need to build a cross-platform application. Our team has years of cumulative experience in customized services with the best quality guaranteed.


  • Avail services of the best cross platform app developers in the industry with years of hands-on experience. Our team of developers and designers are your best bet. We guarantee cost-efficiency in terms of time and money with no compromise on quality. We have the technical ability and infrastructure to cater to almost all types of mobile apps. Our solutions help upgrade apps with the changing platforms to gain maximum features and functionality. This experience has made us the most promising Cross Platform App Development Company in India.
  • The team at WWT has an experience in building top-notch cross mobile app development in a cost-efficient manner and for a diverse domain. We have experience in building for various platforms. Our highly motivated and technically strong team of designers, developers and testers have deep knowledge of cross platform app development environment. We develop user friendly and engaging apps with Frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Xamarin and Angular.
  • Our experienced developers make use of the most popular software development trend. We create fully functional apps as per client needs. Cross-platform app are used by one-thirds of app developers. The cross-platform technologies or frameworks allow businesses to save money, time and effort.


Building a cross-platform application development has many benefits that includes:

  • Launch a single software on multiple platforms – You can launch a software swiftly on multiple platforms without requiring a distinct software development team for various platforms.
  • Less development time – Cross platform apps need deployment of just one script instead of separate scripts for multiple platforms. This speeds up the development time and reduces time to market.
  • Reach wider audience - Cross-platform app development services give businesses an opportunity to connect with a wider audience. As the apps are compatible with various platforms and operating systems, these apps are used by multiple users thus increases the exposure and reduces time and effort.
  • Easier and faster updates - Cross-platform apps are based on Internet and its updates are easier and faster. The app updates automatically and the users always get the current version of an app, which impacts the app’s performance positively.
  • Save on cost & enjoy lesser time to profitability – The major advantage of cross platform apps is cost savings. As the development speed is higher for cross-platform development, the time-to-market is shorter for each of the platforms. Thus, you can get your software to profitability quickly. There is no need for maintaining a separate software development team for each of the platform on which the app is launched. This significantly brings savings over time.


Our assortment of cross-platform app solutions includes:

  • On-Demand Apps
  • Classified Apps
  • E-commerce Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Cross-platform Desktop Apps
  • Social Network Apps
  • Calendar Apps


When you hire cross-platform mobile application developers from World Web Technology you get:

  • Engaging, enticing and real-world Apps
  • Excellent performance with great response time
  • Improved communication and quick turnaround time
  • A well-tested app that includes unit testing, testing on multiple platforms and devices and also testing on the diverse screen-sized before the app goes online on stores
  • Implementation of well-defined methodologies like scrum and extreme programming
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and maintenance of your apps



We adopt an efficient process of cross-platform application development. The development process is a merger of experience with widespread technical knowledge. This helps us to create a unique product. Our process of Cross-platform App development is as below :

  • Consulting - Our team of developers start by discussing your idea followed by a feasibility check, drafting of the project plan, deciding the type of app to be developed, and creating a project plan.
  • Design - In the designing phase, we decide the wireframe, define the UX and UI of the app, finalise the design of the app and create a prototype for the client.
  • Development - This is the phase when the core development of the app is undertaken. Our team finalises the Native development, Hybrid development, and Agile development. We also undertake cloud development and 3 rd Party API Integration.
  • QA & Support - This is the final stage in which we define use-cases, undertake functional cases, automated script testing, and performance testing. We provide all the support and maintenance activities for our customers in case of any problems.


Our team at World Web Technology is an all-in-one Hybrid App Development company in India that helps you build fully customized applications with minimum time and cost investments. Below are the reasons to choose us:

  • Hire an App developer to personally assist you with visually appealing, simple to use apps that help your business in a huge way.
  • Our experienced team comes with deep insight into the App development industry. We offer smart and simple user interfaces for easy operation.
  • We provide cost-effectively and custom app development services.
  • Our UI and UX is simple but attractive and engage users quickly.
  • Our Cross Platform App Development services are transparent and innovative with the best solutions as per the client’s needs.
  • We help build the robust User Interface and creative designs for users to make your app go viral.
  • We offer all our clients complete 24x7 maintenance and support services.


Basically, native mobile applications are developed separately for each platform, Including Android or iOS. These applications are built using different native development stacks, software development kits, programming languages, and development environments each OS (Operating system) provider provides. In contrast, hybrid mobile apps are developed using standard web technologies and tools, such as HTML 5, Java, and then packaged into a native app shell. Are you thinking of Cross-Platform App Development Services? We are your exact destination.

Building a cross-platform mobile application enables you to create mobile solutions simultaneously for various platforms. Building a hybrid application can be a better alternative for native app development if you have limited time. Developers having experience in Javascript, NET, or C# are competently able to develop your hybrid apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Hire Cross-Platform app Developers to get the best result.

When it comes to native applications, you need to build separate apps for each operating system using platform-specific tools. On the other hand, cross-platform applications are created using a single code base and run across various platforms. Native apps are better in performance, speed, and user experience; simultaneously, hybrid applications require less development time and cost. Besides that, hybrid apps can be easily updated. Find us as your Cross-Platform App Development Company to get an exceptional result.

Usually, the price of Cross-platform App Development Services can be anywhere between $15,000 to $25,000 and may go beyond sometimes. Some apps can take lower prices, and others can take higher expenses. Sometimes, if you have complex app development projects, it might go up to $500,000. The cost of building a cross-platform application can be vary depending on the various factors such as:

  • 1. The complexity of your project
  • 2. Variety of factors
  • 3. Types and the number of integration
  • 4. How many platforms you are developing your app for, and so on

Generally, building an app takes somewhere between 4 to 6 months. If your app has no or less complexity, it may be made in weeks, but in conditions the application has complexity, it may take a long time to be developed. The development of cross-platform apps is often faster than native apps, and building apps for each platform separately. However, the timeline of your project will depend on factors, including;

  • 1. The complexities
  • 2. How many platforms do you wish to appear on

Hire Cross-platform App Developers today to leverage the technology.

Rest assured! We are the best-in-class Cross-platform App Development Company that gives you all the reasonable reasons to rely on us entirely. There is no chance of security concerns as most platforms have their built-in security, and the same goes for Android and iOS. Android apps are stored on separate virtual machines, so their code and functions do not interact with one another, protecting them from security concerns. Moreover, we leave no stone untouched to offer you optimal security and ensure your data is secure from start to end of the development life cycle.

This is where you need to research well for the same. Dig deep, find out the most applicable requirements, and then choose a company that satisfies those requirements. Additionally, you should look for a company with references you can talk to. Usually, a company must have-

  • 1. More than 5 years of experience in developing cross-platform apps
  • 2. A team with expertise and experience in the very field
  • 3. Agile methodology throughout the app development process
  • 4. Post-development assistance on all the delivered projects, and so on.

To get world-class Cross-Platform App Development Services, you need to explore these qualities to have your projects delivered with no hassle.

When it comes to the Cross-platform App Development Services, we are the name of the game. Our vetted developers possess a broad and deep understanding of cross-platform app frameworks and develop scalable, robust, and well-functioning applications that can meet your designated goals. Besides that, we work on your projects dedicatedly and ensure you get the projects delivered within the deadline. Isn’t it amazing? Choose us to get the best from the best!

Being a client-first Cross-platform App development Company, we try our best to offer innovative solutions to our clients across the globe with no obstacle. Our assistance doesn’t end up with the end of the project but continues further. We’ll be right there to help you round the clock whenever you come across any issue. Our post-development assistance has got you covered entirely, and the most important facet of it is that it’s free from additional expenses.

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