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World Web Technology is one of the best software quality assurances testing company. The company has a great team of software testers who are highly experienced. The company provides various services such as mobile quality assurance testing, web QA testing, software QA testing services, etc.

World Web Technology uses various software testing services, and our aim is to be the best QA Company in India. Software analysis can be done manually and through automation tools. They have their significance in various phases of design and development.

Undertakings of Software QA Testing Services

Quality management is a very important phase of any product development cycle. If the product is delivered without testing, then it may not be as usable as a client or customer wants it to be. The product may have many defects, which the user will come across during real-time usage of the product.

Similarly, if we talk about software as a product, then in this case also ST is very important before delivering it to the client. Software analysis is as important as software development. We highly emphasize on Software Testing (ST) to maintain a good quality of deliverables. This is really important to plan and design the ST phase in SaaS Company like ours.

Our Services

Our services for quality assurance include:

Manual Testing (black box, functional, and non-functional)

Bug Reporting and Management

Test Planning

Release Notes

We Use Several Techniques And Tools For ST To Make Sure That Quality Is Not At All Compromised. Software Testing Is A Process To Verify And Validate That The Software Meets The Client’s Requirements. There Are Various Methods And Types Of IT Analysis That We Use In Our Company To Ensure Best Quality Assurance Practices Are Being Followed.

Benefits of Manual Testing and QA Process

Manual testing is a very important and cannot be compromised if software quality is the prime concern. We have all the experienced and highly competent QA analysts in our team. These testers are very well aware of all phases of software and IT analysis life cycle. We work on Black Box testing.

Black Box Testing – A Highly Efficient Approach

Black box refers to testing the application or software from a user perspective and analyzing its functionality. It is very important for any software. We use various techniques for manual analysis such as Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value analysis.

We pay equal attention to software testing, as we want to be the top software quality assurance services provider.

Bug Tracking and Management

Bug tracking and bug management is an important part of bug life cycle. At World Web Technology, we use very efficient tools for tracking bugs or defects. These tools are helpful in maintaining the record of defects and make it simple to track the progress of each bug. Tools used for defect tracking and management are:


A mantis is a great tool for bug reporting as it has few very important features:

  • Users can use this tool to detect the bugs
  • It enhances the work process to a higher level
  • It sends email notification to all the assignees
  • It makes possible to give project wise access to resources
  • It also provides the facility to customize the issue fields


Redmine is a web application that helps in overall project management. It is designed using Ruby and Rails framework. Also, it is an open source application. Below are few more features of it:

  • It supports Multiple projects
  • It allows providing the role-based access to users
  • Customizable defect tracking system
  • It also includes Calendar and Gantt chart
  • User self-registration support
  • It provides Multilanguage support
  • It supports Multiple databases

Test Case Design and Development

Creation and design of test cases play a vital role in testing. If test cases are not properly created, we will never be confident about the quality of software. It is very important to create test cases very efficiently and accurately. We need to ensure that we cover each aspect of the software’s functionality while creating test cases.

There are parameters such as Branch coverage and decision coverage, which are used to measure the accuracy and effectiveness of test cases. The test case is a combination of inputs to test a scenario and its expected output. All the QA depends on the quality of test cases that we create.

We have an expert team of a tester who have developed a standard format of writing test cases. This ensures that all the required information is captured in a test case. The format is very much similar to the global standard format of test cases with a bit of customization as per our needs.

We are highly concerned about the QA part. We do a thorough analysis of requirements and create highly efficient and accurate test scenarios.

Test Case Management

Test case management is very important. Each test case has a lot of information in it. Therefore, it is very important to document it properly. At World Web Technology, we use a dedicated tool for test case management. We use it to store all the test cases and related documents.

This tool is also helpful in maintaining the record of the outputs and application version information. It is very easy to track all the developments of a test case using this test case management tool. It highly improves the traceability.

Test Management & Control

Just as Test case management, Test management is also important. These both terms seem to be similar but are entirely different. Test management involves Test Estimation and Test Planning. We have a precisely defined process for each phase of ST life cycle.

Test management involves test estimation, resource planning, deciding exit and entry criteria, priority decision, task assignment and release notes format, etc.

Design Testing Technique

We use various techniques for black box testing. These techniques are useful in various scenarios with high accuracy. We have highly experienced testers who know which technique should be used to test the given scenarios. Few of the most commonly used black box techniques at World Web Technology are:

  • Boundary Value Analysis (BVA)
  • Decision Table Testing
  • State Transition Diagrams
  • Use Case Testing
  • Equivalence Partitioning (EP)

PSD to HTML Testing

It is a very widely used approach to making a web page. However, this is a bit primitive, but in few scenarios, it could be a nice approach to developing a web page. In PSD to HTML approach, we convert a Photoshop Document (PSD) to a webpage using HTML, CSS, etc.
Apart from development efforts, this approach requires a good testing as well. In this approach, the developer creates a web page based on the mock-up (created by Photoshop). This leads to a great scope for discrepancies. However, we have a great team working on such converted webpages. We provide:

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Extremely fast service
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • W3C validation
  • Ensure to test the responsiveness of web page
Hire QA Professional

Hire QA Professional from the Best Quality Assurance Testing Company in India

World Web Technology has top-notch quality assurance analyst & technicians and their attention to detail is remarkable. They are very well updated and aware about latest technology and tools introduced for quality assurance. They are efficient and deliver high-quality product in given time.

How Do We Do It?

We manage every phase of quality assurance life cycle using various tools. We prepare required documentations such as test cases, release notes, test plans, etc. We work on entry and exit criteria and make sure that each thing is properly tested before delivering it to the client.

Why Choose Us ?

You can have various reasons to choose us, which includes the following:


We offer quality services and cost effective solutions


We are available 24 x 7 for support and services


We have experienced and qualified team of software testers


We use modern tools and techniques to make your product as per your needs and expectations


We always believe in 100% client satisfaction.


We are target to complete projects on deadline.

We are experts when it comes to website quality assurance testing process. Give us a call or simply send us an email. We are here you help you in any manner possible. We offer customer service facility round-the-clock to all our clients.


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