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PHP, being one of the oldest and most trusted programming languages used by the majority of programmers out there, empower more than 20 million websites. This is the most suitable programming language that caters to the web-based business requirements of almost all types of businesses -small or big. Its huge community is always dedicated to resolving the issues and programming glitches in minimum time. Apart from these support systems, PHP also has a cluster of informative blogs, expert advice, and online forums for seamless coding.

Laravel is one of the popular and best PHP frameworks which is a feature-rich platform offering high performing websites and applications. Although, it is a new and young framework, but not when it comes to applying best practices that are mandatory for creating something effective and great performing.

This platform of PHP is equipped with a well-defined toolbox enabling the developers to write least codes leading to the fewer possibility of error.

Due to its excellent offerings and feature-packed entity, Laravel has gained a lot of traction and immense popularity among professional Laravel development service providers as they are free to create many engaging and great performing web apps with least repetitive coding activities.

Let’s discuss the great features of Laravel Framework that has given it the much talked about hike and immense popularity amongst developer community:

1. Authorization and Logical Technique for Coding

The authentication part is the most important aspect when anyone develops code to create an app. It also determines the amount of time any coder will take to create something new. Laravel has the logical technique that helps in streamlining authorization logic and controls access to resources. With the validation computer code that is incorporated in Laravel, coding time has reduced to a great extent. Application reasoning is a major feature that makes it more popular as it offers flexibility and liberty to the coders to build anything ranging from small website to huge software.

2. Innovative Template Engine

Laravel framework is also known for its inbuilt innovative and lightweight templates. This is what enables the developers to create something dynamic and enticing using highly impressive content seeding. The various available widgets also helps create solid structures for the application. This framework is conceptualized to create something unique with distinctive sections.

3. Effective ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

This framework is equipped with the most intelligent ORM with easy PHP Active Record implementation. It allows the developers to raise the database issues or queries using simple PHP syntax avoiding writing in SQL code. It offers an easy interaction for the developers with the said database table by offering a corresponding model to each of the tables. This makes this ORM much faster than all other PHP frameworks.

4. Libraries & Modular

The pre-installed object-oriented libraries and many other libraries also add value to this framework. The most popular one is an authentication library with loads of updated and useful feature like password reset, monitoring active users, Bcrypt hashing and CSRF protection and much more. In addition, this framework is segregated into different modules compatible with modern PHP principles and enabling the Laravel Framework developers to develop user-friendly, handy and responsive websites and apps.

5. Artisan

It is also coupled with a built-in device for command which is also termed as Artisan. This command enables the developers to perform several repetitive and tedious tasks that they often avoid to do manually. It also helps the developer to develop a skeleton code, database structure and their migration. It also becomes easy to manage the database of the system. It also becomes easy to generate the basic MVC files through the command-line and manage the assets and their configurations.

6. MVC Architecture Support

This MVC support helps in clear logical presentation of the codes. It improves the performance, documentation and several other functions.

7. Secure Migration System

The migration process of Laravel is also very secure that allows enlarging the database of the web app without allowing developers to make much effort every time they make changes. This process of migration becomes full-proof, secure and leak-proof. In this entire process PHP code is used instead of SQL. It also helps build database tables and incorporates columns and indices easily without much fuss.

8. Unique Unit-Testing

The excellent way of unit-testing also makes many developers to fall for Laravel. This framework runs several tests to make sure that the changes are not going to harm or make any unwanted break in the web app. It can be considered as a careful framework that is alert about its known glitches. Apart from this the developers can easily write the unit-tests in their own code.

9. Intact Security

Of course, security of the application is the major concern for every web app development. No doubt, every developer uses some effective process to keep the app secure. This framework is well equipped with the security system within its own framework. It is packed with hashed and salted password which means no password can ever be saved as normal text in the database. It generates an encrypted representation of the password using “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” which is a safe secure way to generate password. In addition, it also applies SQL statements thus warding off any injection attacks.

10. Awesome Tutorials (Laracasts)

With its own tutorial – Laracasts, it has already become a rich and genuine source of learning for both – novice developers and experienced ones. It has become a great learning tool for Laravel web development. Whether you are out for a free video input or a paid tutorial service you can easily learn how to use Laravel. The instructions offered are precise, clear and easy to understand which can produce high-end content and training material thus making this framework learning a real bliss and fun.


Hopefully, by now you would have gotten how the features that make PHP Laravel the best amongst the community of developers have already enticed them all. It is continuously making new fans amongst developers and businesses by its classic architecture which has become an open playground for the developers to create their own infrastructure.