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Given the growing functional complexity of businesses, having right and simple project management software in place is mandatory if you want to keep your agency run smoothly. There are number of software out there on the market, how to determine which one to choose?

Having a right and best project management tool is much more than a one trick pony, it can in fact cut down your slew of other tools you work on.

As a project manager you should analyze the project management software reviews available online before selecting the best fit. You need to inspire your team to complete their task without compromising the quality of their work. This has encouraged many large and small scale businesses to deploy the most suitable project management software into their business operations for achieving the running projects on time.

Considering the impeccable benefits and effectiveness, it is quite obvious that fully-featured project management tool can do wonders to meet the bottom line of any company. We have compiled a list of best tools for 2024 to make your life easier.

1. Freshdesk


It is the tool that can make your staff and clients both happy and satisfied by boosting the efficiency of your business functioning. It tracks and manages your business projects by integrating your team well to deliver excellent customer support.

It helps your employees and managers to work in collaboration taking the stress out of deadline out of their projects. Its key features include:

Core Features
  • Monitor time of every project
  • Keep log of expenses
  • Track problems
  • Manages Service Level Agreement
  • High-end automation
  • Access to reporting and analytics functionality
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

2. Ace Project


Ace project is said to be the perfect project management software that can keep track of your tasks, time management, documents and other related expenses. It is a great web-based app for organizing time and projects and it has the potential to achieve your business goals without much fuss.

It shares, tracks and arranges documents amongst your team members in just a few seconds. It can also help you complete the project in defined time thus helps you deliver the project on time. The ability to access the reports of the employees in real time is the specialty of this app making it one of the most desired and simple project management software.

Key Highlights
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Easy to manage projects and tasks
  • Aesthetic templates
  • Interactive grant charts
  • Keep log of the employees’ productive work hours
  • Document sharing and locking feature
  • Generate reports in a few clicks
  • Packed with a time clock and lot more

3. ProofHub


This tool brings a lot of harmony in the lives of managers, team members, and your clients. It is crafted to help you collaborate, plan to organize and deliver the projects on time and within the stipulated budget. It is equipped with awesome features to keep your project and your team on the right track.

Admired and used by thousands of businesses across the world, this tool takes the hassle and pain of managing the projects out of the lives of your managers and team members with its interactive and user-friendly user interface and features. It is also available in the form of a mobile app thus you can stay connected with your work and team on your go and when away from your office too.

Core Features
    • Free from any learning curve
    • Easy task management process
    • Coupled with Gantt charts for better planning
    • Online proofing to make feedback sharing easy
    • A dashboard to manage your projects, team, and clients from one place
    • Group chat feature
    • File organization and document sharing process
    • Time tracking feature for better time management
    • Reliable support
    • Strong reporting and analytics system

4. GenieBelt


This project management system has more than 15 million active users. This tool is widely popular amongst businesses as they can track their employees’ tasks and time in seconds.

GenieBelt is quite simple and smart software enabling you to plan and formulate your projects, communicate proficiently, assign multiple tasks, generate various reports to monitor the performance of your employees.

Core Features
      • Simple and easy time and expense tracking system
      • Adds to the work efficiency of employees
      • Monitor and fix issues immediately
      • Organize and share documents
      • Collaborate fast
      • Keep log of performance through interactive charts and reports

5. Confluence


This tool is known for its great performance. It catapults the productivity of your employee’s manifolds. It is known as one of the best project management tools available on the web world. It helps to improvise the overall performance of your team in this challenging environment.

Core Features

      • Two-step verification system
      • Easily tacks projects
      • Great collaborating tool
      • SAML single sign-on
      • Document sharing made easier, etc.

6. Teamwork


Teamwork, as the name suggests, improves the productivity of your everyday function of your team. This tool enables you to organize your projects, team and the productive hours of your team in a just a few clicks.

Core Features

      • Fully reliable
      • Completely accessible
      • Simple and User-friendly interface
      • Easy to plan projects, delegate tasks and streamline business operations in minutes

7. ProWorkflow


This is again very professional, accessible, easy to use and inexpensive web-based project management software allowing enterprises to organize and track their projects, tasks, and expenses.

Core Features

      • Great Project management features
      • Generate customized reports
      • Reliable document management
      • Simple project collaboration
      • Interactive timeline
      • Easy time-tracking features, etc.

8. Retain Resource Planning

Retain Resource Planning

This is a flawless and impeccable software allowing businesses to assemble their team, projects, and functions to deliver most desirable results to their potential clients. Using this, you can easily track the time of your staff members, delegate tasks and track their performance reports via interactive charts.

Core Features

      • Easy to drag and drop interface
      • Completely customizable
      • Create your own metrics
      • Fully-integrated
      • Multi-platform software

9. Basecamp


It is also reliable software that allows the project managers to monitor the performance of their employees and also ensures that the project will get finished on time. It can deliver the reports of your work efficiency, conversations, schedules and to-do lists in just a few seconds.

Core Features

      • Easy to use and highly intuitive
      • Completely customizable
      • Generate multiple reports in a breeze, etc.

10. Wrike


This is a widely known and used project management tool that enables enterprises to assign tasks to their respective team and employees anytime, anywhere. You can even track your employees’ performance and the projects in few seconds. Many businesses use this tool to enhance the productivity of their employees and overall functioning.

Core Features

      • Equipped with a great user-interactive dashboard
      • Easy to generate and share reports
      • Fast upload, review, edit and share the documents
      • Deliver real-time work reports etc.


These are the most popular, cost-effective and widely used 10 best project management software to gain more traction in 2024. It is your personal choice and requirements to pick the best fit given your requirements and the size of your team. Before selecting the best one do not forget to zero in to the right fit through project management software comparison. It will help you get the most suitable one for your business.