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Every eCommerce look for offering an unforgettable and amazing shopping experience to their users. With this concept in mind, all online retailers are always on their toes to increase the convenience and online shopping experience for their customers.

Due to the undisputed compatibility and top-notch features it hosts, Magento remains the top most choice for thousands of online merchants and several Magento Development Companies to offer their services. Although Magento’s version 1 has been quite popular and flexible enough, its performance remains under scrutiny due to it poor page load speed and a few other major issues.

All these issues have made the Magento team to improve the tool and come up with more advanced and updated version that gave birth to Magento2 – the updated platform of eCommerce.

Let’s understand why you should, being an online merchant, opt for the advanced version of Magento. It has a bundle of benefits and features the makes it better and improved than its predecessor.

1. Responsive and SEO-friendly

Nowadays, more than 50% of the online shoppers rely on online transactions using mobile devices. This has made mandatory for every website to go responsive i.e. mobile friendly in terms of design. Magento 2 offers this feature to the online merchants to create responsive and SEO friendly online stores to offer intuitive shopping experiences to the shoppers across all types of hand held devices.

2. Varnish Caching System Expedites Loading Time

Cache files store the page content of the frequently accessed web pages to present before the visitors the content faster in less loading time. In this way caching mechanism expedites the performance of your website and enables you to offer better user experience. Considering this fact, Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is equipped with Varnish – a popularly used HTTP accelerator that is inbuilt and also comes with native support.

3. Advanced Admin Dashboard with Easy Navigation

Using dashboard of Magento 2 you can access sensitive business data relevant to your e-store in the single platform; courtesy to its delicate and intuitive interface. This user interface enables you to search the overall status of your business seamlessly by just accessing the financial data displayed by the dashboard. You can have an overview of every detail of all orders, frequently searched keywords, average order amount, new customers, most viewed products from different categories, all sales etc.

4. Ajax cart

In the earlier version of Magento, the system reloads the page every time a new product is added which adversely impacts the user experience by reducing the user experience as well. You cannot ignore this vital fact of late loading time when you run a profitable online store. Magento 2 resolves this issue by including an Ajax Cart which is based on JavaScript. It does not reload the pages every time items are added to the shopping cart, thus adding to the user experience. Hence Magento migration is worth considering.

5. Simple and Cost-effective Module Installation

Magento allows you to make a robust and profitable online presence with the flexibility to add to the overall performance of your website by installing several feature-rich Magento extensions. The installation of new module and extensions in Magento 2 is quite simple and also inexpensive compared to its predecessor. It is all due to the HTML5, CSS3, Less, and require.js which simplifies the front-end development making the functionalities easier.

6. Streamlined Checkout

Simple and hassle-free checkout process plays a great role in catapulting the conversion rate thus bringing in more revenue. Magento 2 ensures easier and faster checkout process for the customers. It enables the customers to register after placing order instead of making them do it earlier or during the checkout process. It displays the order details in every step of the checkout process. It offers a seamless and clear-cut online shopping experience without confusion and lot of formalities or multiple forms filling. PayPal synchronization has been improved where you do not have to add data like billing address as it’s managed by PayPal. Magento 2 offers the feature of adding product images in order summary thus warding off any confusion of getting the right product thus cutting down on returns and increasing better conversions.

7. Easy Integration

Easy integration of multiple software and tools like inventory software, CRM and enterprise resource planning software to your e-store is yet another special feature of Magento 2 that helps you run your store smoothly. Often integration of third-party system and tools is hectic and does not go well with the system. While the earlier version was not that perfect to manage such issues, it has been well addressed by Magento 2 Enterprise Edition due to the integration of a framework called RabbitMQ (Message Queue) which is liable to monitor communication between Magento and other enterprise software. It stores the unsent messages and sends it to the related system quickly.

8. Elasticsearch Mechanism

Elasticsearch is instrumental in improving the quality of searches and offering better user experience. This technology is integrated into Magento 2 Enterprise Edition which can easily manage huge catalogs and immense search capacity. It can also accept searches in 33 languages. In addition, misspellings are no more a problem as it offers right suggestions along with the synonyms as well.

9. Separate Master Databases

In Magento 1, issue of load and straining due to database overload is always witnessed. This is due to the use of the same database for customers, website administrators and developers. But Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is coupled with three separate databases i.e. order management, product data and checkout database. This scalability offers a better and improved shopping experience to the customers. In addition, developers also enjoy scaling different database tiers and assigning individual master databases to support different website functioning.

10. Improved Customization

In the latest version of Magento customization is made simpler and faster. Personalized payment methods, cross-sell and up-sell offers, discount and coupon management becomes easy for the merchants to manage while running their online store through Magento 2’s advanced promotion rule builder. This gives a liberty to you, being a merchant, what content you want your customers to view and what specific gift coupon and discounts you want to offer them by analyzing their on-site behavior.

11. Reduced Hardware Requirements

Magento 2 is much improved than its predecessor as it has cut down on hardware needs also to run an online store without compromising functioning. This leads to less cost for the merchants to run their online stores.

12. Easier Products Upload

Now creating a new product to your store using Magento 2 has become much easier using simplified step-by-step process. In addition, you can also add videos from Vimeo and YouTube apart from adding your product photos.

13. Improved Performance and Scalability

Improved performance of online store results in better user interaction with your e-store and lesser abandoned carts. Magento 2 loads pages twice as faster than Magento 1. It has been established that Magento 2 stores can manage 37% more orders per hour compared to Magento 1 site. It also means that Magento 2 store can manage millions of page view every hour and handle more traffic load without crashing down in peak hours.

14. Secure Data Encryption

Security is the major concern of every online shopper as well as the seller. Magento 2 is proficient enough to strengthen the security features due to its strong data encryption. It protects password and other crucial data like credit card details, shipping and payment module password by using the AES-256 algorithm. You can allow the encryption key tool that comes with Magento 2 platform to create a key during installation or may also opt to set your own key.

15. Inbuilt Testing Framework

With Magento 2 regression testing was not that simple but with Magento 2, especially when your store is flooded with lots of modules, features and extensions, and huge traffic, regression testing becomes even more important to reduce the risks. The built-in testing framework makes it easier and simpler. You have the liberty to automatically run the testing of any of your Magento sites without considering its size and complexity.


Considering all the above features and added functionalities, Magento 2 is clearly a much improved and highly functional e-commerce platform for your online store if you are looking to hop to a new and the better working platform. Better to migrate eCommerce to Magento 2, hiring a professionally run Magento Development Services provider. We, at world web technology, have been one of the fast growing Magento Web Development Company in India offering Magento 1 to 2 Migration services seamlessly to enterprises seeking better functioning online stores.