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March 29, 2018 8 Min

4 Development Tips to Follow While Developing WooCommerce Stores

World Web Technology, A Qualified WooCommerce Development Company Shares 4 Development Tips to Follow While Developing WooCommerce Stores.

Category : WooCommerce


Do you know today nearly 42 percent of online eCommerce businesses use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a widely known and simple to use WordPress eCommerce platform which has already influenced many big businesses with its features and performance. You can now add it into your services offerings and improve your WooCommerce development skills to win yet another project to work with i.e. WooCommerce development.

For many, it may appear to be a herculean task to learn and work on yet another platform, but in reality, it is quite simple and easy to understand. There are several online standards and guidelines that can help you create that awesome code and make you find your way toward steps to improve your WooCommerce development skills.

Let’s look at those standards and practices using which you can develop your WooCommerce skills and can create an eCommerce store.

Consider it Similar to WordPress

Since WooCommerce is developed and owned by Automattic, there are many similarities between WordPress and WooCommerce and its code also follow general WordPress guidelines. This makes your work simpler and faster if you already have worked with WordPress. There are many information sources available about how to work on WordPress and create codes, which you can easily apply to WooCommerce also.

To start learning, you can start with reviewing the WordPress microsites. You will find a good repository of resources that will help you develop a good and rich WordPress platform, as most of these practices and guidelines are also applicable to WooCommerce. You will find a great chunk of resources pertaining to accessibility, design, plugins etc. giving you a rich source of WordPress development.

You can also find out how other developers create codes for WordPress and for WooCommerce. This will give you a real-world experience helping you to envision how best you can code for WooCommerce. In addition, like all other platforms and WordPress, WooCommerce is also having its own Codex (manual of coding), which is the most valuable source to learn how to write code for WooCommerce development.

Use WooCommerce Hooks and Filters for Added Features

Hooks and filters are WordPress functions that many WooCommerce Development Company in India use and you can also include to add more functionality to your developed website. If you have already used these functions, you would be aware of its features. If you are new to this, using these you can get connected with ‘WordPress’ core code, which will help you to customize PHP without much hassle and changes.

WooCommerce too has its own repository of hooks and filters. As it has been branched from a high-standard pedigree, it is of the essence to use to its fullest to incorporate more features to your website.

To understand and use the Hooks and filters of WooCommerce grab Action and Filter Hook Reference and you will get to know every filter and hook available for the platform.

Stay Tuned to the Official WooCommerce Development Platforms

Just for your understanding, there is no dearth of tools, channels, and tabs to keep track of the progress of your favorite WooCommerce updates and developments. Although it is great news but not astonishing given the prominence of the platform.

Keeping a watch on these channels will keep you updated about the latest happenings and information straight from the right and immediate sources before it breaks for the general public. This means you will remain updated and start coding instantly for the next update, so keeping your project live before the launch day.

When it comes to fixing your bugs there are two WooCommerce-specific processes which will give you a great experience. The very initial process is – reading the official developers’ blog for getting better insight into any updated in the platform and incorporating them into your upcoming project. Another process that you can rely upon is – keeping track of the official Slack Channel, as it is the most happening place where most of the key WooCommerce developers are available. These channels are the real-time assistance, especially when you’re stuck and looking for a quick help from an expert.

Know the Ins and Outs of Multiple WooCommerce APIs

WooCommerce itself is associated with the WordPress REST API – and it also has its own APIs. WooCommerce has a wide range of APIs that can be of good help if you plan to customize and enhance components of your portal. Being completely integrated with the WordPress REST API, WooCommerce is also introducing new functionalities to various other solutions, platform, and coding languages.

Similar to filter and hooks, this piece of the element, i.e. APIs, will also allow you to explore the well scripted and excellent work carried out by the official and expert team of WooCommerce developers. You can also have a sneak peek into the inherent WooCommerce components.

All these features, channels and tools can charge you well for your development process and allow you to add value for your clients.

It is always suggested to check out the three major WooCommerce APIs before starting out your own eCommerce portal. These three APIs are Settings API, Payment Gateway API, and Shipping Method API. You must also take into account the effect of the WordPress REST API on your website development and review the WooCommerce REST API also.


Nowadays WooCommerce is the most popular and widely dominating eCommerce platform used relied upon by thousands of businesses that hire WooCommerce Developer in India to get the best of it. Above listed are some of the most basic and popular WooCommerce Skill sets and best practices that you can use and implement to make the best of this platform giving your online business a new enticing and feature loaded layout. Even if you are not able to create your power-packed store, better to hire an agency offering WooCommerce Development Service.

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