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Do you know nearly 30 percent of eCommerce website rely on WooCommerce integration and have been using this platform for online stores for years? This platform has already created an ecosystem of its own away from its WordPress ancestry.

The fact is, even if you aren’t using an eCommerce site on WordPress, there are multiple ways it can help you integrate WooCommerce on it. Thanks to the WooCommerce’s dedication to having a flexible API.

What are WooCommerce Integration benefits for your eCommerce Store?

1. Using API WooCommerce can be Integrated Anywhere

API is an Application Program Interface that allows developers to add tools to their websites developed on the platform that makes it easy to integrate it into any other environments also away from WordPress. As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin or tool developed with an API to integrate with WordPress plugins which also works well to integrate with non-WordPress environments and accept other eCommerce entities into its province.

Any existing eCommerce site of any platform can be migrated to a WooCommerce and handle any number of glitches that come up smoothly and seamlessly. Thus eCommerce to WooCommerce integration becomes an easy affair.

2. Using WooCommerce API Developers can Make Useful Tools, Extensions and Plugins

Although WordPress offers a large assortment of plugins, developers can still create customized plugins and tools given the specific services and needs of businesses. Thus APIs act as a catalyst making the website a happier family. Enabling platforms and tools to interact and integrate with one another, it works as the most important tool as eCommerce has multiple functions and security concerns.

It is always recommended to use WooCommerce extensions instead of using WordPress plugins as it is not always what works well on WordPress will go well on WooCommerce also.

3. WooCommerce is highly Secure

WordPress has always been more tempting for the hackers. Considering this threat, WordPress has already taken several security measures of which one came a couple of years ago when WordPress offered a Password button generator on the user pages where the admin can generate strong passwords and also can also see in the meter that tells about the strength of the password. Earlier it was created by the admin and emailed to the users who can further create their own password.

Weak passwords are the major vulnerable route for the hacker to sneak into the website. In addition, to ensure your website is always up and running you need to use updated software, extensions, and plugins. A managed WooCommerce host also recommends for managed WordPress hosts. This includes automatic updates to WordPress software, WooCommerce plugin, advanced configurations to protect against hacking and automatic backups.

4. WooCommerce is Highly Versatile

There is no other eCommerce platform more versatile than WooCommerce. To start with, the basic WooCommerce plugin is free. You do not have to spend much to create a store. It offers hosting services at a reasonable cost. It is equally easy to scale up when you plan to add new features.

Being an open source platform, any WooCommerce Development Company in India is free to create new tools which you cannot do in many of the small businesses platforms like Shopify which is a closed platform. You also can control and manage your data seamlessly which is not possible with closed platforms. Surprisingly WooCommerce also outperforms Magento when it comes to supporting multiple languages. Do you know WooCommerce supports Japanese and Hindi also?

There are numerous WooCommerce extensions that complement and deliver remarkable online services. The fact is, WooCommerce has 300+ extensions that provide everything starting from handling pre-orders to email management.

Some WooCommerce Plugins to Consider

Here are some of the WooCommerce Plugins that are developed by World Web Technology and it works amazingly well when it comes to enhancing the functionalities and features of any eCommerce Store:

WooCommerce Points and Rewards: Using this plugin, businesses can set a number of reward points to offer for the specific amount of purchases. This helps the business to control the reward points also.

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers: This allows the eCommerce store to sell voucher codes that are further redeemed at a brick and mortar store. It is usually beneficial when the businesses want to offer redeemable vouchers to their customers.

WooCommerce Social Log in: Using this plugin online store would be able to allow their customers to log in to their social media profiles and access their stores seamlessly. The customers do not need to check out of their social profile to visit the store, they can directly access the store through their social accounts.

WooCommerce Collections: This extension allows the businesses to create an assortment of their products and collections to their customers, which the customers can gather and share those products they want to buy, like or recommend.

WooCommece Zombaio: This plugin helps the businesses to allow their customers to make payment using Zombaio payment gateway which is primarily meant for an online adult content niche. This plugin helps admins to integrate Zombaio payment gateway to their WooCommerce Store.


There are endless features and benefits of WooCommerce that makes it the most popular and widely admired eCommerce Platform for the online developers! It’s simplicity in upping the ante, flexibility, features, user-friendliness, mobile friendliness, easy availability and a host of other features provides it an edge over other popular eCommerce platforms. If you plan to launch your own online eCommerce store, it is recommended to hire a WooCommerce Development Services Providing Company to help you venture into this eCommerce segment.

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