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September 7, 2017 10 Min

6 Best CakePHP CMS That Are The Most Useful Framework For 2024

World Web Technology is an Experienced CakePHP Development Company shares the 6 Best CakePHP CMS That Are The Most Useful Framework For 2017.

Category : CMS Development, PHP Framework


In this speedily emerging technological world, we have discovered the myriad of the technologies introduced over the robust platforms. PHP as we already know is one of the most convenient and popular scripting languages.

PHP has made the development process easier. It also helps reduce the development time and costs. And this is the reason why everyone is turning towards using this. Since the establishment of PHP, the complexity of web projects (scripted in PHP) came to a point when a coding from scratch has become the senseless solution.

So, somehow to structure the development progress, the PHP framework was established. PHP is one of those technologies that gave birth to various successful frameworks which are being used widely for a protective web development.

PHP framework boosts the programming procedure. It helps to structure and write the code and makes it easier to scale the projects and comply of MVC. Some of the best PHP frameworks are CakePHP, Laravel, Yii, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Zend, and Phalcon.

CakePHP has been the most availed development solution to mark a web difference! It doesn’t end just here; there is much more! The developers can now develop incredible solutions equipped with the CMS (Content Management System) on CakePHP.

CakePHP, the PHP framework – offers comprehensive architectural programming for maintenance, deployment, and development of the PHP applications. CakePHP includes design patterns which reduce the time and cost of writing the codes without getting the flexibility compromised. It includes MVC and ORM.

Are you a keen CakePHP user? If yes, then here is the list of 6 Best CakePHP CMS which helps you create the rich experience on the framework:

1. Croogo

Croogo is a CMS powered by the CakePHP which is developed by using CakePHP MVC frameworks, and it’s free. Essentially this open source is a multilingual CMS (content management system). This CakePHP based cms was established under the license of MIT. It allows its users to create the personalized contents such as pages, blogs, nodes and many others. Being a Croogo developer, you have an option of categorizing your content using the Taxonomy. You can even use its editor – WYSIWYG, to edit the content from your browser conveniently.


Wildflower is again CakePHP based CMS. It is user-friendly and standard base CMS. This open source is developed using jQuery JavaScript libraries. Wildflower was also released under MIT license.


OvenCMS is the open source content management system, developed by the jQuery JavaScript libraries and the CakePHP Frameworks. OvenCMS is completely modularized CMS. It has different plugins which offers solutions for the corporate applications, small sites and even to the large online communities.

CupCake CMS

This open source CMS is developed using the CakePHP frameworks; which is created to give web designers an advantage of using the effective and simple tool for managing the content of the medium and small scale sites. The CupCake CMS removes the need for programming. The WYSIWYG editor and user interface permit you to update and create the content even when you don’t have the working knowledge of HTML.

Another advantage of CupCake CMS is its lightweight and the quick deployments that it allows. However, this CMS isn’t designed for the management of community-based sites.


Simpleflan which is an open sourced CMS is very flexible and highly efficient for the designers. It allows convenient management for the portfolios. Despite the boasting of so many features, this is a clean UI. Simpleflan has been designed for the developers to manage clients, projects, categories, automatic image saving and resizing, images and many others.

It is compatible with the CakePHP 1.2 and that allows it to be compatible with both PHP5 and PHP4.


Capuchn is the open sourced CMS, developed on Dojo JavaScript Toolkit and the CakePHP frameworks. It was primarily designed so that it’s as easy to use as the WordPress, yet offers the developers extensive frameworks with which they can create rich websites. Popular features of Capuchn are elegant themes, TinyMCE editor integration, image gallery which is full featured, single page, client email integration, development of MVC framework, admin page, and much more.

Apart from these 6 CakePHP based CMS, there are other CakePHP based CMS available you should take a note of:

  • BEdita
  • Coverity
  • QuickApps

The demand of this PHP based framework has increased with time, and the reason is CakePHP offers rich functionalities. There are so many companies out there in the market that you can take help of for your business. The Experienced CakePHP Framework Development Company will deliver the advanced quality solutions. These companies will handle your projects whether they are complex or simple without any hassle.

The comprehensive features of this framework will make it easier for the businesses in managing their websites effortlessly. The services offered by these companies are awesome and will help grow your business. Some of them are mentioned below:

PHP Web Development Services

  • Customized development of PHP application
  • Customized PHP scripting and programming
  • Customized development of PHP product
  • Migration and porting of existing applications
  • Flex/Flash and PHP Integration
  • Active directory and PHP Integration Services
  • Django/Python and PHP Integration Services
  • ASP .NET and Python Integration Services
  • Approachable website development with JavaScript, HTML5, and PHP
  • Approachable website development using the PHP frameworks
  • Maintenance and support for the existing applications
  • PHP consultant services

If you wish to develop your business, you can hire a CakePHP development company and avail the above-mentioned services.


The majority of the webmasters are inclined towards the use of PHP frameworks to build their applications or site based upon MVC pattern. Though, these kinds of frameworks aren’t useful in accomplishing need of adding the dynamic functionality into a website. Thanks to the savior – PHP based CMSs with which you can achieve such need with efficiency.

And if you are the CakePHP user and wish to use the CMS built upon these PHP frameworks, then this article will prove to be the worthy resource.

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