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E-commerce business has already started buzzing all over the online market and has evolved all these years immensely. Having an annual compounded growth rate of 25% + across the global ecosystem, it appears that it is now going to sustain for a long howl.

Still, in the year 2024, there are so many things that are going to happen to the e-commerce vertical, particularly the way in which inbound marketing is designed so that it should act as a key differentiator. Let’s have an in insight into these top eight inbound marketing guidelines that shall allow the e-commerce business owners to leverage digitization to take the next big leap once having hopped the threshold level of growth in sales and business value. You may also take help of an E-commerce Web Development Company India to implement the below-listed integrations to boost your online business.

1. Offer Premium Short Lead Times at Extra Charge

Same day delivery is gaining a lot of traction and it’s becoming the next big move for e-commerce enterprises. While reeling under the 2024 and looking forward to 2025, there is sufficient proof that the consumer is more willing to pay a premium price for same day delivery of products at his doorstep. In this process, two things matter most. First, the development of a fully digitized supply chain network to allow fast supply to market, time to order and order to cash. Next is the utilization of smooth logistics infrastructure and supplies to ensure last mile delivery of products should reach the end user to pay more.

2. Incentivise Customer Reviews

Reviews are the most amazing thing that every customer looks for before buying online. This is how great customer loyalty is earned. Under these circumstances, you can leverage the customer review market which can drive traffic by lending credibility to your brand value. Instead of lavishing praise on itself in advertisements, it is always better to look for honest customers’ reviews with the usual and believable negative reviews that are going to come from a small fraction of customers. This honest effort of collecting customer reviews are bound to gain more popularity than the sponsored ones that can easily be made out to be fake. You may also incentivize your customers for leaving great reviews with personalized discounts and offers to motivate review sharing and marketing.

3. Use Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies to offer Better Customer Experience

Small things often leave a big impact. In this era of hi-tech ecosystem augmented and virtual reality technologies can be used to reinforce and strengthen customer experience. It can be one of the greatest triggers of change and growth in the eCommerce industry in the coming year. It can redefine the way people try products especially wearable articles like clothes, smart watches, spectacles, wrist gear and others. To have experienced the look and feel of such wearable products at home without leaving home can be a big brand differentiator for e-commerce enterprises.

4. Triggered Emails More Effective than Traditional Email Marketing

These days every day you receive a flurry of emails that have no context, purpose, and significance. To top it all, receiving such emails at odd hours is even more frustrating and may drive your wrath and not the loyalty of the user which is it aimed. Instead triggered emails are precise, controlled by offers, discounts, and well-timed and are capable of driving sales. It is, therefore, suggested to use triggered email rather than a conventional one but keep the intervals between two consecutive emails sent to the customer. You can use automated mailing software to trigger these emails at the right intervals and it shall create more value compare to legacy email marketing practices. Hire an experienced e-commerce web development company to integrate email campaign.

5. Market User-Generated Content on Social Media Platforms

This is yet another way to market your business on social media. You can use user-generated content and it has the potential to pull e-commerce enterprises in a great way on social media platforms from 2024 onwards. This strategy is most effective inbound marketing strategies to motivate user engagement, have insights on trends and market demands, design product development, and delivery and communicate with customers to make them feel empowered. It is expected that brands will focus more on social media optimization and user-generated content which is 20% more effective in gaining popularity in the online market than any other marketing practice.

6. Leverage Digital Wallet Payments

Digital wallet payments are about to transform the revenue model to less cash revenue in the e-commerce industry in the year 2024. As per a study, 23% of payments are made on smartphones, 19% through tabs and another 16% using desktop devices. This trend displays digital payments can empower e-commerce enterprises to save big time on dealing in cash, cash logistics, and cash security management. To keep pace with the changing trend of the digital wallet payment mechanism, consult a custom e-commerce development company.

7. Utilize Influencer Marketing for better Drive

You can run an influencer marketing campaign engaging a celebrity that is displayed opening a surprise gift box sent to him on his birthday or any other occasion. You can make the box personalized and the influencer opens it to explore the inside stuff. You can create such video of the influencer sharing the happiness of being gifted by your e-commerce brand. This will go viral and can catch traction in the market. In coming years influencer marketing on social media channels is going to be one of the big inbound marketing initiatives.

8. Chat Bots – Next Generation Customer Care Management

Chatbots are also going to make a big mark on the face of social media innovation. Often it happens that a customer gets a wrong or bad product which requires replacement but the store is closed and the customer services team is not present to help him. On this, the customer has no option but to share his anger on social media. This scenario will completely change with the use of Chatbots which can be used to send automated replies to customers when they send their grievances. This can help to retain the customer with credible evidence of utmost care and assurance that the necessary action shall be taken sooner than later.


All the above-listed tips and trigger are the trending ones to follow and do not forget to take the help of an e-commerce web design and development company to help you upgrade your business outreach and backend.