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Are you considering building a web application using the CodeIgniter web development framework? You need to wait as we have something important to suggest —a list of IDEs that can help you create an awesome web application with minimal effort. All you need to do is to read this article and select the best CodeIgniter IDEs for your web development project.  

During the whole web development lifecycle, developers use different tools like IDEs or code editors, among others, to meet their development needs. Today several code editors and IDEs for CodeIgniter are available in the market. But the thing is – what to use for your next CodeIgniter development project in 2022?

Here in this post, we will see some of the top IDEs for CodeIgniter to use for your development needs, reasons to choose IDEs, and the difference between IDEs and Code Editors. 

Best CodeIgniter IDEs

Best CodeIgniter IDEs

Before you jump on to explore the list of IDE, let us give you a brief of what differentiates IDEs from Code Editors. 

While IDE is a set of software development tools, offering an easy way to perform coding, the Code Editors aka text editors come equipped with powerful features with special functionalities, streamlining the code editing process. So, we can say, that Code Editors support the code editing process, and IDEs offer a set of tools to enhance and simplify the coding. 

The IDEs for CodeIgniter we have suggested here are selected after testing as we as a software development firm, keep using these web development tools. So, the list includes all the top IDEs that give the best performance. Let’s explore;


NetBeans is one of the popular IDEs in the website development market. With NetBeans, you will be able to reduce the time spent on developing web applications. This IDE has access to many coding languages and is compatible with CodeIgniter. NetBeans is an open-source IDE for JavaScript and is quite popular among developers. 


Another IDE you can use for CodeIgniter development is Eclipse. It offers several customized extensions that can be combined with different coding languages. With Eclipse, website development gets simplified while writing codes becomes more manageable. In addition, many programmers love working with Eclipse as it offers support both for graphical and non-graphical UIs.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is an open-source IDE used for PHP frameworks, including CodeIgniter. It simplifies the app development process by offering support for debuggers and a command line interface. In addition, the IDE has been used to integrate different client-side and server-side web technologies.


Scriptcase is considered to be the best option when you have to develop a web application. The IDE comes with several development tools that support the CodeIgniter framework. You get to turn your website blueprint into productive solutions using Scriptcase. However, small-scale developers don’t go for it due to its high pricing.


PhpStorm is compatible with most of the PHP frameworks out there, and that includes CodeIgniter. It also offers support for many coding languages. Apart from that, the IDE is known to provide support for code refactoring and eliminating errors.  

Reasons to choose the CodeIgniter framework

Reasons to choose the CodeIgniter framework

Apart from the SEO-friendliness feature and the support of a strong development community, there are some other reasons too to go ahead with CodeIgniter development services, and they are:

Error handling

With CodeIgniter, developing and delivering websites with exceptional functionalities will become possible. Furthermore, you will be able to ensure smooth functioning of the site as here, finding errors becomes more accessible with the presence of a simple user interface. This helps the website to deliver a better user experience to its end users.


CodeIgniter is reliable, and its enhanced security features are enough to speak for themselves. To support the claim, it comes with many encryption and decryption features. Moreover, developers prefer to choose CodeIgniter when it comes to securely integrating a payment gateway into the eCommerce stores. It simplifies the whole process when you follow all security standards. 

Seamless migration

CodeIgniter offers enough migration support services, making it easy for users to migrate from one server to another. In addition, it lets you easily migrate your old data to this platform without any issues. 

User-friendly interface

CodeIgniter offers you the most delicate interface that you can use to build the best websites. Whether you need to deliver a responsive web experience or have a website with dynamic functionality, CodeIgniter will make that happen for you.


With CodeIgniter, it becomes possible to work on custom PHP web development services as the framework lets you customize the website per business requirements as quickly as possible. Furthermore, CodeIgniter enables you to configure files rapidly and fix errors instantly, making it a better choice than other available options.

MVC architecture

CodeIgniter comes with MVC architecture that simplifies development and makes it easier for developers to develop and test modules on the go. Moreover, it becomes easy to integrate different JavaScript frameworks with the website as CodeIgniter makes use of MVC. 

Difference between IDE and Code Editors

Difference between IDE and Code Editors

As in many places, the features of IDE and Code Editors get mixed up or concur. As a result, finding a fine line of difference between the two terms may seem tricky.

To keep it simple, IDE or Integrated Development Environment is actually a self-contained package. It allows you to write, compile, execute and debug codes, that too all at the same place.

On the other end, Code Editor is a text editor that offers you a range of features that can be used to write codes. Here codes can be written either using the optional plugins or by leveraging its native capabilities. However, unlike IDEs, code editors are limited to only writing codes. 

IDEs come with an interpreter/compiler and debugger specific to the single language it focuses on. While you can work with many languages when using code editors. 


Here we have listed out some of the best IDEs for CodeIgniter developers that are currently popular among the developer community. Choosing the right IDE is one part of effective CodeIgniter development. However, the other part is hiring a dedicated CodeIgniter developer who is good enough to deliver the right solution. We hope this article brings all your favorite list of IDEs for CodeIgniter and gets you the best results after using them. Still, if you are perplexed with anything, you can connect with us and let us help with the best possible solution. Whether you want to build a website, web application, or anything related to that for startups or enterprises, we have got you covered for everything. Let’s connect.

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