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The internet is a place that needs constant updating and web developers to need to improve their skills and have the latest web development tools list to enhance their productivity. Some hire developers to help ease the tension!

They should learn new programming languages, techniques, and ways to adapt, and most importantly take on and accept the best challenges! To become a better web developer you need to:

  • Adapt to new frameworks to complete the latest industry and business needs.
  • Optimize and scale a website for a faster finer web experience
  • Test the sites for performance

Here is an extensive list of web development tools that lets you create beautiful websites.

Many of the internet development tools below are the ones you might need daily. It is impossible to add everything in one post. However, I give you a few of my most sought-after ones. You can use these web development tools to help ease your web development workflow.

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Libraries

A Javascript happens to be a very popular programming language on the internet. Javascript library contains a library of Javascript that is already prepared and also helps easy access to web development.

Some Famous JS Libraries:

  • Underscore.js – Working programming helpers with no extending built-in objects.
  • Moment.js – Manipulate, display dates, validate, and parse in JavaScript.
  • Lodash – The latest utility library is offering modularity, extras, and performance.
  • jQuery – Tiny but simple and feature full JavaScript library.
  • BackBoneJS- You can add JS app a backbone using events, views, models and collections.
  • D3.js – JavaScript library helps manipulating documents related to data.
  • React – Facebook’s Javascript library build for creating user interfaces.
  • jQuery UI – Group of user interface widgets, effects, themes, and interactions that are collected.
  • jQuery Mobile – A user interface that is HTML5 related and used for building responsive sites.

Front-End Frameworks

Front End Frameworks

Front-end frameworks include a group which is built by other folders and files, like CSS, Javascript, and HTML You will also find various stand-alone frameworks there. Many love the Bootstrap where a robust framework could become the critical tool for web developers.

  • Bootstrap – CSS, JS, and HTML framework for building responsive, mobile projects on the internet.
  • Semantic UI – Helps create beautiful, responsive designs by simple HTML and is a development framework.
  • Uikit – A modular and lightweight front-end framework for creating powerful and fast elegant interfaces in the internet.
  • Foundation – Group of responsive front-end frameworks which make designing beautiful responsive apps, emails, and websites accessible, which look awesome on every device.

Frameworks for Web Application

Frameworks For Web Application

It is the software framework build to remove difficulties involved while developing web services and apps. Here they are:

  • Ruby- Framework which has everything required to build database-backed web apps, and the pattern for MVC.
  • Express –Node.js based Minimalist and fast web framework.
  • Meteor – JavaScript application platform which designs all the parts that you require to make modern mobile and web apps, using one codebase JavaScript and is full-stack.
  • Django – High-level Python Web framework which allows neat, working design and rapid development.
  • – Fully supported and free web app framework which allows you to build standards connected Web solutions.
  • CakePHP – a great PHP framework which allows building web applications faster.
  • Flask – Micro-framework related to Jinja 2 and Werkzeug from Python.
  • CodeIgniter – Lightweight and powerful PHP framework made for developers who want a straightforward and neat toolkit to build fully featured web apps.
  • AngularJS – Allows extend HTML vocabulary for web apps and is quite lightweight and also called as a library.
  • Ember.js – A framework for designing ambitious web applications.

Task Runners

Task Runners

It helps automate the workflow. You can build, automate and complete its minimization of JavaScript. Later make and integrate functions to speed up the creation.

Package managers maintain and check all the packages that are used and also update the particular version which is the requirement.

  • Gulp – Easy to use and helps manage complex tasks, while enhancing and automating the workflow.
  • Grunt – Task runner helps secure automation based on JavaScript.

Package Managers

Package Managers

  • Npm – JavaScript pack manager.
  • Bower – Package manager that helps control components, which have CSS, JavaScript, image files, fonts, and HTML.

Programming Languages

Programming Languages

It is a formally constructed language made for linking with the system and creates programs in which you check the mannerisms. The backbone of all web development tools is the language. Some are unique ones too!

  • PHP – Great scripting language which especially suits web development.
  • HTML5 – Mark-up language, and the latest kind among XHTML and HTML.
  • Python – Allows faster work and combine systems precisely.
  • Ruby – An open source and dynamic programming language focussing on productivity and simplicity.
  • Scala – Object-oriented language helps smooth migration towards the working style and is purebred.
  • CSS3 – Latest CSS sheets utilized by front-end developers for apps and sites.
  • SQL – For Relational database and is structured query language.
  • Golang – Programming language which makes building easier, efficient, reliable software and is an open source.
  • Rust – Faster, blocks segfaults, and allows the safety of thread and is a systems programming language.
  • Elixir – Functional and dynamic language built for creating scalable apps that and maintains well.
  • NodeJS – Event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8.
  • Javascript – Programming language of the web and HTML.



It is a collected group of information so that they can be updated, managed and retrieved.

  • MariaDB – Becoming quite popular like a database server that is open source and made by the true developers of MySQL.
  • MongoDB – Lets you build applications that were impossible and is considered future generation database.
  • Redis – In-memory data structure store, utilized as a message, cache and database broker and open source.
  • PostgreSQL – Database system and powerful object related.
  • MySQL – Leading open source database.

CSS Preprocessors

CSS Preprocessors

It is a scripting language that stores it into general CSS and extends CSS.

  • Less – Extension of CSS and is backward works fine with CSS. Easy to learn and allows you to fall back on vanilla CSS.
  • Sass – Reliable extension of professional CSS.
  • Stylus – Modern language, allows an expressive, dynamic and efficient way to build CSS. Supports regular CSS style and indented syntax.



Finally, something that we all forget, all web developers require icons for their project. Here are a few:

  • Font Awesome – Vector icons that are scalable which are customizable, change drop shadow, size, and colour, and do everything with the powerful CSS.
  • IconMonster – Superior quality, enormous and steadily growing source of easy icons.
  • Icons8 – A good list of easily customizable icons and is also made by one design team.

Final Words

You can use them to for your custom web development services efficiently! If you have more professional web development company tools, do share them in the comments below and we shall be glad to add them here. Hope you make blazing hot sites using our list of exciting web application development tools.