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When the voyages of trade instigate, the commercial transaction took many formulae. It possessed altercation of things while trade, later exchange of gold coins, then finally came to the currency transaction. This is what genuine commerce that took place during the initial days. Science and technology are developed, and many progressive elucidations were invented for the transaction. Businesses hiked more every day. In this blog, we discuss Detailed Tutorials for Beginners on WooCommerce Plugin Development.

This paved the way for the enlargement of the innovative method for transferring funds. Just a few years ago, money was transmitted using the electronic services of the bank and the payment was settled. This is termed e-commerce.

In this contemporary world, everything is conveyed online. The clients are paying for the website itself. Moreover, the plugin that permits you to settle the payment is called WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Plugin Development Tutorial

This illustration will deliver you the indispensable tutorial on WooCommerce plugin development. Here in this tutorial, you can grasp the procedures to:

  • How to attach e-commerce to your website?
  • How to sequence and vend your goodies on your website?
  • Set up a Shopping Cart Page Menu.
  • The payment concerns
  • Control orders and consumers
  • Ensure your online shop works correctly
  • The electronic transaction for commercial determination through the internet is said to be e-commerce.

Here in this tutorial, you can acquire how to transform your WordPress website into an online shop with fully loaded paraphernalia.

1. How to Attach Ecommerce to Your Website?

WooCommerce custom plugin development matures the WordPress website.

The foremost duty is to blueprint the WooCommerce plugin. Inside the plugin menu, hit Add a new button so that you can enhance the WooCommerce plugin. The moment you hit it, you can catch a search box. Then type WooCommerce in the search dialogue box. You can find the plugin to advance your installation.

Install the plugin and activate the plugin on your WordPress website. Here are the steps toward installing the plugin:

  • Go to Plugins Menu
  • Click Add New
  • Type “WooCommerce” in the search field
  • Click Install Now and then click on Activate to Activate the plugin


The next step is to install a WooCommerce page on your website. A WooCommerce page requires a few functions, which include Shop, Cart, My Account, and Checkout.

The shop is to show your complete goodies and products. The cart is for the customers to add products of their wish. My account is for the registration of the customers and their details to ship off. Checkout will finalize the purchase of the customers.

WordPress WooCommerce plugin development makes the customization appear on our WordPress website. To progress this process, you have to press the “Install WooCommerce” button to create these pages for your website. The moment you installed the plugin, you can see a new dialogue in your dashboard.

In the WooCommerce settings, you can find some features to customize your online shop. Then confirm your country and the currency in the general settings of WooCommerce. To precede your change in that setting hit the save button to confirm it.

2. How to Confirm Your Location and Base Currency Setting?

Follow the steps below to configure and confirm your location and base currency:

  • Go to WooCommerce
  • Select Settings
  • Go to General
  • Select your preferred country and preferred currency
  • Click on “Save ”


You are all set to go ahead. When your customers finally check out, the shipping and payment specification must be included such as:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

Structure your setting to systemize payment methods. Cheques or cash on delivery and will allow trailing your system concerning the online payment. Finally, hit the Save menu to save the changes. Then update the website with the changes done.

Get into the appearance menu to select all four pages for a shopping cart, to appear on your website including My Account, Checkout, Cart, and Shop. You can also change the order if you wish. Then select the Add menu button to add these to your website. Once your setting is done, hit the save button to save the changes.

3. How to Set up a Shopping Cart Page Menu?

To set up a shopping cart menu, the following steps must be followed. However, before that, your testing process on the online store is recorded after updating the menu to take account of the fresh shopping cart pages.

Steps to update the menu:

  • Scroll on the “Appearance” tab to select the “Menus” section
  • Select the newly added shopping cart pages and click “Add to ”
  • Rearrange the menu (For less usage of space)
  • Hit “Save Menu“


This process will view all your new shopping cart pages. But, this practice occurs before testing your online store, which is updating your menu with the newly added shopping cart pages.

Initially, go to the appearance and press the menu box. Then you can see a box to confirm the addition of your new shopping cart pages. Mark the four new shopping cart pages, and then hit the “add to menu” button. If you want to customize your page by rearranging the menu to avoid more space usage, then rearrange and hit “save menu” to rearrange it.

4. How to Catalog and Sell Your Goodies?

In this detachment, the perception of WooCommerce plugin customization is erudite.

Adding Product

To add your product to your WordPress website, all you have to do is, get inside the product menu, then click the add product board. To specify your product, give a title to the product and describe the product in short aside and in long beneath.

Below the text editor, the configuration of your product will appear. In this, you can advance your product and the shipping features. The product type is also important. Your cost for the product is also specified.

To show the product to the customers, the image of the product must be shown in the gallery. By selecting the add product gallery images, you can attach the image of your product. Finally hit the publish button to launch your new product visible on the website.

The below steps can guide you as per the above description:

  • Go to >>> Products >>> Add New
  • Add Title, Long & Short Descriptions, and Categories
  • Select “Simple”/”Variable”/”Virtual” Product
  • Fill in the sections in the “General” settings Tab such as SKU, regular price, sales price, dates, etc.
  • Add the add-ons such as “linked products,” “attributes – size, color,” “shipping fees,” and “
  • Upload images >>> Add Product Gallery Images >>> Upload Images >>> Save >>> Set Product Image
  • Click Publish


Another way to activate WooCommerce in your WP website is to hire WooCommerce developer.

5. The Payment Issues

While setting up the dashboard, we have already made the payment setup in our website settings.

To confirm your payment, you can test the online shop. Hit the shop box and search for the product and then place it in your cart by selecting add to cart button. Then hit the cart button, and the specification of the price and the product will appear. Later hit proceed to checkout.

Finally, your payment criteria appear and to complete your transaction hit to place the order.

6. Control Orders and Consumers

From the order screen of WooCommerce, you can manage the order and make it updated to the customers. When you finish your order status, you also mail it to the customer. This will create the best hope in the midst of customers. The regular update and well wishes to the consumers will invite more viewers and customers to your online shopping website.

7. Ensuring Your Website

By acting like a normal customer, you can order the product and test it by yourself. If you come with queries, contact the WooCommerce plugin developer to clarify the queries. Of course, a regular check of your website will make you sure that how it works and in case of any technical issues, immediately you can sort it out.

This process will make your website a free error site for online shopping.

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Summarizing the Tutorial

The above describes guide will provide you with all the detail for beginners to add the WooCommerce plugin to the WordPress website. Make your best product to attract customers and serve the best customer service so that your business will hike.

Use it well and try to persuade the prospectus. Update the necessary thing to your website and serve the best service using the WooCommerce plugin.

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