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Dipendra Pancholi is one of our most trusted employees at World Web Technology. He joined as a Jr. WordPress developer 10 years back and today he is a project manager and is playing a greater role in the company’s growth and success. His journey from being a Jr. engineer to a manager narrates an awe-inspiring tale. We have stolen this time and requested him to share this professional experience with all of us.

During our discussion with Dipendra, he revealed so many important tips for youngsters who are exploring potential in the IT field.

1. Tell us about your journey so far with World Web Technology?

I’m Dipendra Pancholi and I am the project manager at World Web Technology. I started my career as a junior WordPress developer here in 2011. Oh, those were tough times —full of struggle, but golden times —full of learning, and exploring.

Ahh!, it has been really a great experience working with my favorite company from the first day of my career till now.

I embarked on my career at World Web Technology and am still working there with an optimal contribution.

2. How will you describe your career with World Web Technology?

Being a part of the company for such a long period of time, I came across numerous opportunities with the organization’s growth. When I began to work with WWT there was a limited number of employees there but now it has changed entirely into a large pool of employees. The organization has suffered a long journey of venture and eventually has reached its destination by becoming an unparalleled one.

For all that to be possible, the ingenious tech-savvy engineers, developers, and other employees contributed with their optimal venture and made all these happen. All the individuals ensured giving their 100% to the organization’s growth and nursed it to be what it is right now. Besides that, the work culture of WWT has been amazing and I feel this is one of the biggest reasons for people like me to be there for such a long time.

3. What do you think World Web Technology is the best place for skilled developers like you?

The first thing I would say is, to be successful at World Web Technology you have to love variety. Then you have to be entrepreneurial and explore different approaches whatever is required. Furthermore, you have to modify and improve on the ways to tackle problems that come across. All these ventures eventually come with the territory where you are working innovatively with the clients.

For all that to happen the work culture here in the organization is very helpful and makes it convenient for the people like me to enhance their skill sets and grow rapidly. You never feel any kind of organizational hierarchy there. Each individual can share their ideas and if a particular idea is worth-implementing, they are implemented. The work environment has always been friendly and this is what has enabled not only me but also many others to grow more and more.

4. Which are the best employment benefits you find here?

I have had an amazing journey so far at World Web Technology as wordpress developer and the benefits that I have got benefited from are beyond description. Because they are large in numbers, or you can say uncountable but some of them that I would like to describe here are like taking part in numerous functions, going on picnic trips, appreciation, receiving awards, being a part in annual functions, birthday celebrations, and so on.

Achieving Self-Made Goal, Ownership, and Accountability: With a job comes responsibility and with responsibility comes accountability. World Web Technology has taught me something unforgettable experience, helping me enrich my leadership quality and take work as my responsibility. All these things have taught me to work with the company and align its best interest.

I remember when I joined the company, World web Technology, I was given a platform with a tool that I not just could use but also had complete freedom to utilize the way I want. Ultimately, the freedom was meant to explore hidden skills inside me. Their faith in me came with accountability to stay focused on goals, increase productivity and keep the team motivated and collaborated.

5. Where do you see yourself with World Web technology in the next 2/5 years?

I think World Web Technology is in the best position now and has a bright future ahead. The organization has the potential to flourish and get transformed into a bigger one in the upcoming future. When describing myself here, I am still here feeling as motivated as that very day I embarked on my professional journey of a wordpress developer at World Web Technology. As far as I am concerned, I believe that there is a bright future ahead waiting for World Web Technology along with its employees.

6. Can you share the most memorable moments with World Web Technology?

7. Is there anything else you want to talk about or any message for the novice or your colleague?

At World Web Technology, there are endless opportunities for freshers and Junior developers. All these freshers and junior developers can have multiple opportunities here, to explore their skills, implement them, and expand them too. I can say that because I have realized it as I joined World Web Technology as a wordpress developer and with these all, I am a project manager here. Finally, the work environment is incredible there with that both freshers, as well as junior developers, can get helped in nurturing and expanding their knowledge day in, and day out.

I personally recommend all those looking for a platform where they do not just earn money with their skills but also explore what their future has stored in them. World Web Technology provides all—tools, technologies, and infrastructures, along with the freedom to use and bring their creativity out in the practical world.

8. Dipendra’s advice for teammates on how to maintain accountability in the workplace.

As the saying goes, “The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do.” World Web Technology takes this forward by not just allowing people to explore their destiny, but a platform with tools (and freedom to use the tools).

But, to make this freedom into a productive outcome, not just for the company, but also for yourself, requires you to get away with the mindset of working for someone. You need to understand who you are working for —it’s not for the company, it’s for yourself. Get aligned, work with 100% dedication, and enjoy a successful work journey.

Do you believe you have something exceptional that no one has? Do you have something which perfectly defines you? Are you exploring a platform that helps you explore what the future has stored for you? World Web Technology is the place for you where every unique idea is celebrated and given a free space to enhance your skills and keep prospering. If you want to bring your dream into reality, you can apply here now