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Explore… Dream… Discover… As it is rightly said no matter whether you live a happy life with your family in some city, there is nothing that can be replaced by travelling. Travelling gives you exposure to learning about different cultures, meet different people, their lifestyles, and their traditions. Not only this but also travelling helps you to reduce the level of stress, gives you many opportunities to make new friends, aids you in confronting your fears and also you can try various new cuisines.

Travelling is the one activity that keeps you all time active and helps you reconnect with your family, colleagues, and friends in a much better way. Lastly, travelling is that one major tool, which helps you to learn new languages in a much better way. We at World Web Technology made an effort for something similar!

About the Destination

The final destination of the picnic was the most renowned as well as biggest resorts, Suramya Abode, which is located in Nalsarovar, Gujarat, India. It is the outcome of a vision of future development, which is coupled with many years of experience; thereby rendering that very canvas which gives the lifetime joy to the visitors.

As the Mother Nature was quite appealing, the team of visitors decided to make semi-open spaces amidst nature. The entire architectural design is designed in the most beautiful manner, starting right from the interior spaces to the semi-open spaces.

The houses in the amazing resort are designed in such a manner that the visitors were able to enjoy not only the vastness of the site but also the amazing cross ventilation process. The best part about the entire resort was that it is spread far away from the chaos of the city, and hence, providing us with the chance to fulfill our dreams.

Each room in the resort was different from the other and also varied in colors, sizes, and the interior design. Lastly, a cup of tea tasted entirely antithetic while we had it amidst the Mother Nature.

Arrival to the Incredible Destination – Suramya Abode

Arrival to the Incredible Destination – Suramya Abode
First of all, all the colleagues gathered at the office premises, and it was one great feeling as we had no work targets to be completed or submitted. After reaching the office premises, we had our breakfast and then were ready to leave for the amazing picnic tour destination – Suramya Abode. We headed on a bus that was pre-booked, and we landed at the destination by 10:00 am.

As we reached there, it was one of the most amazing feelings as we were able to breathe in the fresh air and the all the chaos of the city had been silenced at once. After having enjoyed the nature, we headed towards the semi-open spaces in the resort and enjoyed a cup of hot tea accompanied with lots of gossips and hot sizzling snacks. Also, we enjoyed playing several indoor games like Sudoku, chess and snakes and ladders. The destination could not have been better in any way.

All-Time Selfie Gang

All-Time Selfie Gang
We took our first selfie with the entire group of World Web Technology when we had just arrived at the destination. Within no span of time, we became all time selfie partner. We just waited for moments that were to be captured. All of us clicked many amazing photographs, and we had lots of memories with each and every click. Also, we clicked many beautiful photographs of nature, which showed the entire beauty of the incredible destination. Lastly, we had many candid shot photographs of many colleagues which were at their best shot.

Game and Fun Time

Once we were done with having a cup of tea and hot sizzling snacks and all the selfie time moments, we decided to play some outdoor games and enhance our skills. The outdoor games play a beneficial part in making us quite more active. We played lots of games and not we enjoyed playing them but also we learned a lot from those games, like leadership skills, the power of a whole team and much more such qualities. Some of the games that we played at the resort are as mentioned below:

  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Spin race
  • Pull the rope
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Musical chair
  • Lawn tennis

Game and Fun Time

We were quite tired after playing all these games. As we completed playing games, we decide to freshen up by having evening snacks, which included some drinks and some light snacks also.

World Web Technology – Prize Distribution and Golden Words by Visitors

World Web Technology – Prize Distribution and Golden Words by Visitors
All the winners of each and every game were awarded prizes by the head manager and the senior executive of the company. Also, the colleagues were asked to say a word about their entire picnic trip.

One of the colleagues mentioned that it was a great experience to travel amidst nature and also added, “We travelled not to escape from our daily lives but so that life cannot escape from us.

Also one of the managers added to it, “Travel while you are young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be,” which was followed by many cheers and applauses.

Additionally, the managers announced that such trips would be organized much often as it not only brings the office staffs closer to each other but also boosts a healthy environment in the office premises.


We not only had an amazing time but we also enjoyed the entire trip with all of our colleagues, especially with our managers. They overwhelmed the complete tour experience, making it an incredible lifetime memory for us. The destination – Suramya Abode added a feather to the glorious trip that we had organized by our managers. The most wonderful time for all of us ended real soon. It was one of the best refreshment that we all needed to boost the healthy and strong environment in our office.