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June 8, 2018 10 Min

Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads: What to Opt for?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, An in-depth evaluation of differences between both which can help you to decide best.

Category : Internet Marketing, SEO


Google and Facebook are two giants that are ruling the online world these days. These two entities also are rivals when we talk of advertisements. Most of the advertisers consider Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads as a great platform to reach out the world market easily. As the two entities are competitors, it is mandatory for enterprises to take the right decision which platform to opt for that can match with their business needs.

To simplify this competitive rivalry, we have analyzed in this piece of blog what sets apart Google AdWords and Facebook Ads and why to select both the platforms for your online marketing strategy.

Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads – What is the Difference

Let’s find understand the major difference between these two platforms before analyzing the plus points and attributes of Facebook Advertisements and Google AdWords.

Facebook Ads (Paid Social)

It is one of the most popular examples of “paid Social” advertisement in today’s social networking platforms. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms having the largest number of monthly active users across the globe which has made it most competitive and extremely lucrative platform for businesses’ digital advertising campaigns.

Although both the platforms can be considered and used for the similar purpose and are being used equally more often by the businesses to promote their products and services there are many differences that set them apart. In paid search businesses get new customers using specific keywords whereas in paid social users search businesses as per their preferences and behavior online.

Google AdWords

As we all know Google AdWords is one of the largest and widely used PPC advertising system, which is also termed as the best option of paid search. This search is driven by the targeted phrases and the display of content-based ads. Advertisers use specific keywords which are mostly used on Google by the users so that the advertisements can be displayed in the search results. The advertiser has to pay a specific sum of money every time an audience hits on the ad which is known as “PPC advertising.” The bidding and optimization process is a technical and complex topic. Using this platform advertisers find new potential customers using the phrases and keywords used in the Google.

The most basic difference between Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads remains the fact that in Facebook customers find the brands and in AdWords businesses find the customers.

It’s time now to discover the strong points of each platform and how a business can explore its benefits after knowing the most fundamental difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Features and Benefits of Facebook Ads

Although Facebook ads are quite a newbie compared to internet giant Google AdWords, still the former has been redefining and enhancing its advertising services over the years. These days Facebook Ads has become the cheapest and most sought-after platform of paid social and has found a central stage in many advertisers’ digital marketing campaigns.

Immense Audience Crowd

Facebook enjoys a great world-wide audience base that counts for more than 1 billion active users every month. It is quite evident that more than one-fifth of the whole world’s population uses Facebook and the count is growing every day which does not include inactive users. It is unrivaled in terms of audience base. This is the biggest reason of popularity of Facebook which is also the key to the success of any advertisement campaign.

People share every small happening of their personal and professional lives on Facebook. It includes family, meal, marriage, the birth of children or the enjoying the festivals. People share the joys and achievements of their lives on Facebook with their friends and networks every single moment.

Immensely Visual Platform

Facebook is quite a visual and vibrant platform, unlike content-based PPC counterpart. The Ads of Facebook is a combination of images, videos, and visual texts that are available in News Feeds.

Although Google is trying new designs of its PPC ads also, Facebook keeps analyzing how to offer improved marketing lanscape and a satisfying and rewarding experience for its users.

Amazing Return on Investment

Due to its granularity of segmented targeting options, Facebook Ad attracts more advertisers to experiment with this platform and also the tools that they offer to their advertisers. All these elements have offered Facebook advertisers a greater ROI irrespective of the nature of the budget.

Although the Ad budget differs depending on varying options like scope, target market, messages, and the entire campaign goals, Facebook Advertisements are immensely cost-effective with the right impact that the advertisers target to have on their potential audiences. This makes this platform a great proposition for small businesses with shoestring budgets.

Google AdWords Features and Benefits

Google is the most popular search engine and it remains the world leader in the online marketplace. Generating almost 4 billion searches every day, it provides marketers the opportunity to target their potential users searching their products and services.

The advertising solutions of Google are segmented into two types – the Search and Display segment. In this platform the businesses can bid hundreds and thousands of keywords to target the prospects. It also offers a great range of visual ads like banners etc. offering advertisers a great option to achieve their marketing objectives that may not be compulsory as conversion-based.

Spectacular Audience Base

The reach of Google makes it the most popular Ad platform. It manages nearly more than 40K searches every second that count for more than 2,000 billion searches every day. With the use of AI and artificial learning mechanism, Rank Brain this platform is going to attract more advertisers to find new audiences.

In a nutshell, no other platform can deliver the expected audience than Google. This great source of customers itself makes Google a great addition to the online marketing strategy of businesses, making AdWords the most sought-after PPC option in the worldwide internet landscape.

Relevance Driven Playing Field

It has always been a great concern for many advertisers that Google can only be well explored by businesses having a large advertising budget. But this is not the truth. The fact is AdWords focuses mainly on the relevance and the quality of advertisements, not the financial capacity of the advertiser. This makes Google a platform with intelligent advertisers with well-optimized, relevant, and high-end ads.

A Pool of Ads Templates

Initially, with a total of only 350 advertisers, Google launched only text-driven ads but now it has a great range of formats of ads to select from for the advertisers. Although primarily it remains text-based advertising platform, it still offers a wide range of ad format with more enticing ads for the prospective customers of the advertisers. With loads of features like Ad extensions, website links, shopping ads, reviews, location based targeting, etc. Google also offers an option to tailor the ads formats to the specific needs of particular domain business.

Facebook Ads or Google AdWords – What to Opt for?

Undoubtedly both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are strong advertising platforms catering to the marketing needs of every enterprise. But when analyzing the strengths and given applications, it’s also clear that both of these options need to be considered in a complementary approach rather than rivalry. Both the platforms have some similarities and some differences. Considering these, you should select both of it for achieving your advertisement campaigns. It should be considered and used as a complementary way not in opposition.

Get in touch and Check out how we can help you with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaign design, creation, and management.

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