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The market is growing at a very progressive rate, with so many options available for each type of product and services every business needs an extra edge to compete. Today marketing has entered a new phase where social media marketing is in the spotlight. All business needs to put their product and services out there to attract consumers.

Small businesses are the ones struggling to most due to their lack of resources for marketing. For this reason, we have compiled the top 10 tips for small business which will make them a marketing expert in no time.

1. Blogging

This is regarded as the top marketing strategy to present your business prospects in a very innovative and informative way. People are tired of sales content and advertisements, so this is where blogging comes to your rescue. You can tell the details about your products and services in an informative way to make people aware of them. You can make your content SEO optimized which can drive traffic to your website and generate more sales.

2. Social media marketing

With the rising social media users, it is the best platform to advertise your product and reach a larger audience. This marketing strategy is very effective, especially for small businesses. It has been observed that social media marketing can cause double sales as compared to trade shows, telemarketing and direct emails at the same time. You can start by choosing one platform which can connect you to your customers and then you can engage in discussions. This is also a great platform to connect with the industries leaders and get expert advice from them to expand your business prospects.

3. Resort to email marketing

Today everybody works through their emails which mean they check them regularly and sending emails and reminders for your upcoming events will create a large impact. It is a great way to put your name on the map but only sending information about the product will reduce the interest of the customers, and they will automatically move it to spam. To reach the customers without disturbing them, the best option would be to start a contest. You can start this contest on any social media platform preferably Facebook where people can subscribe to it.

This way you can connect only to those people who are interested in your product. You can contact your subscribers via emails and make them aware of the special offers, discounts and time limited deals.

4. Create a Facebook page

To create a large impact and attract larger audiences it is best to resort to online digital marketing services. Facebook is the largest and the best platform to do that. You can start by creating a Facebook page where you can post regular updates on your product and services. People can like your page where they will receive notifications about your post in their news feed. This page will help you engage with customers and also participate in discussions.

5. Try PPC (Pay per Click/ Google AdWords)

PPC ads can be cost effective as the returns are very high. If your business is in a specific location, then it is best to attract the local people for maximum footfall in your retail store or traffic on your website. This is one of the top Digital Advertising Trends 2017 as they help you target a specific audience and connect with people who are regarding your business. Some companies prefer the automated bidding system to target the customers with minimal efforts.

6. Conduct Webinars

Webinars are the best way to interact with the customers as by this way you can know the demands of the consumers and modify your products and services accordingly. It has been observed that webcasts have a 70% rebound rate which means that many people respond and are regular subscribers of webcasts. It will help to gather the attention of the industry leaders and also many potential clients.

To get maximum results make sure that you have a very high-quality content and is related to your product. Make your content in a friendly as well as a professional tone for your customers to relate to the product and feel comfortable. You can also consult an Experienced Online internet marketing company india to get better results.

7. Make your Content SEO Optimized

This is one of the top Online Marketing Tips 2017 as this way you can drive traffic to your website by using some keywords which are SEO optimized. Consumers most frequently use These keywords in a search engine. This way your website will be among the top search results, which will increase visitors on your website. This is the most cost efficient trick for small businesses for marketing.

8. Post to Instagram

These platforms are trending at a very progressive speed for advertising. Like Facebook, you can create a page on Instagram and provide information about your products and services. You can also interact with your customers and take orders. There is also an option to advertise on Instagram by which many users will be made aware of your products and services.

9. Press releases

Exposure is a must to succeed. Press releases are the perfect way for small and mid-sized businesses to gain exposure. It is the best way to connect with your consumers, journalists, and bloggers directly. By interacting with them, you can get exposure as equivalent to global brands.

10. Try Social Media Advertising

We have mentioned before about creating separate pages which are highly effective but to reach more consumers paid advertising or shout outs are the way to go.

The internet mentioned above Marketing Tips and Tricks will help you to turn your small business into a global brand in a cost efficient manner. Following these tips will make you a marketing expert in no time and also help you to build up your product and services and expand your brand image.