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If you are running a WooCommerce store, you are already aware that it’s tough to maintain it. But with a proper plan, any journey can be possible even if it’s about riding the highest mountain. The same goes for online businesses where you must have a proper marketing strategy to gain expected profit.

Working hard and taking risks are values in business, but you’re already doing both when you’re starting out. On top of that, you’re dealing with a slew of unknowns or variables, as well as a finite quantity of cash.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound marketing (SMART) approach is the best when it comes to applying marketing strategy for WooCommerce website. At WooCommerce new store owners can gain access to numerous tools to conduct smart approaches and increase sales and marketing techniques.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy For a New Woocommerce Website

1. Focus on Specific Category

It’s fantastic to think large. However, taking great moves necessitates growth, which takes time. So, instead of being a jack of all crafts when you first start out, aspire to be an ace. Start by offering a few simple yet particular items to develop your marketing strategy for WooCommerce.

For instance, selling various designs of smartphone accessories, innovative stationery holders, trendy mousepads keyboards, and so on.

When developing a niche sales strategy, it’s important to be specific. However, several new internet WooCommerce stores make the mistake of retailing whatever they can get their hands on, and this marketing strategy does not perform for long.

Because it decreases the danger of losses, niche-based WooCommerce marketing strategy is a precise and reasonable marketing strategy.

The structure, staff, and marketing strategies used by huge retailers allow them to sell a wide range of items. But you don’t, and trying to push yourself throughout every aspect would wear you out.

Here is a perfect example of a niche-based WooCommerce store:

Focus on specific category

2. Integrate Product Feed Marketing

Product Feed marketing is at the peak of the mountain of eCommerce. Well, there is no shortcut to success when it comes to eCommerce. But there is a marketing strategy for WooCommerce that will bring you success gradually but shortly.

With Product feed marketing the expansion of your store’s brand and product spreads throughout the marketing channels. All you need to do is install a product feed plugin to create an accurate WooCommerce product feed and then transfer it to marketing channels. And by marketing channels, we mean Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

After transferring the product feed, your job is to create marketing campaigns, and ads. Therefore, your ads will appear in different marketplaces which requires a very low expense. So, start creating feed files according to marketing channels requirements and promote your products today.

Integrate product feed marketing

3. Implement SEO and Content Marketing

Firstly, your WoCommerce marketing strategy should be locating your target audience. Secondly, locate your target audience and find you. Search engine optimization and content marketing in combination can innovate something expandable.

The structure of your goods is dictated by SEO, and then it’s optimized for search engines. Then the customer is looking for content to feed knowledge about the product.

The advantages far exceed the time, labor, and expense you’ll put into optimizing your content. It is by far the most successful marketing strategy for bringing genuine visitors to your website.

SEO will increase the flow of traffic to your shop by making your brand and blog more accessible. These are the most important SEO advantages:

  1. Enhanced rankings on Search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.
  2. Improve the user experience (Customers)
  3. Increase your WooCommerces stores conversion rate
  4. Craft the credibility of your brand

So SEO is very much acceptable as the next marketing strategy for the WooCommerce store. We recommend you to use SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, MozBar, WooRank, etc. Using these tools your efforts are measurable and also minimized.

3. Make the Customers Your Brand Promoter

A brand ambassador is a consumer who promotes your brand and shares strong ‘Word of Mouth.’ It was generally passed down from one person to the next. However, with the advent of the internet, a single person’s remarks may now reach a wider audience, if not billions, of consumers.

In today’s world, a disgruntled consumer may ruin your brand’s reputation by leaving a negative review. A brand personality, on the other hand, can help you achieve higher revenue.

As a result, it’s critical to think about brand ambassadors when developing sales and marketing tactics. I’ve gone through the four ways you can employ influence marketing strategies to boost WooCommerce sales.

1. Collect & Showcase Reviews

While purchasing a product from your WooCommerce site, the majority of consumers will check reviews. As a result, ensure your product page includes verified ratings and reviews provided by the customers.

Customer reviews have the potential to persuade a hesitant buyer. It’s so successful that some businesses even utilize false product reviews as a WooCommerce marketing strategy.

Don’t just leave the review up to chance. Respond to both good and negative feedback. The fact is: Stains stick and stand out, particularly the unpleasant ones.

The most essential factor that prompted us to include customer reviews in my list of marketing tactics is that they highlight your product’s flaws.

Collect Reviews

Your customers will be able to tell the condition of your product more than anyone else. Therefore, use your customers’ feedback to enhance your sales and marketing methods. As a result, you will measure the performance and remove the flaws.

2. Apply Social Media Marketing

Create an account in the name of your WooCommerce store on different social media accounts. For example, Facebook Business Page, Pinterest Board, Instagram Business profile, etc.

Facebook as a social media giant platform can assist you in promoting your products in multiple ways. With a business page, you can showcase products and ads. Besides Facebook Group, stories on business pages are booming the eCommerce market. How? By simply spreading your product information to a vast marketplace of their own.

As we mentioned earlier, product feed marketing with a combination of Facebook Business accounts can make a huge difference.

The same goes for Instagram where you can tag and promote products via story. Well, Instagram is image-centric but as you know a large user base is searching for trendy products on the platform. So, you will get a rapid increase in your sales by promoting product Images via Instagram.

Pinterest Boards are yet another ideal way to represent your product images; Though Instagram is mainly based on images for business and social connectivity. Whereas, Pinterest is a more business-centric image showcasing platform. People can click the images and land directly at your store.

When it comes to TikTok, it boasts a monthly user of 80 million people. Additionally, many brands are using TkTok to sell their products through short videos. So, this is another next-gen marketing strategy for WooCommerce

3. Let your Customers Create a Wishlist and Share it

Users’ wishlists are a collection of products they want to buy. Allows users to share their Wishlist with peers, family, and followers, and ask them to purchase products they’ve collected and fulfill their demand.

Create a wishlist

People frequently miss the things they desire to purchase, which is a behavioral condition. Customers can store their favorite products in personal wishlists and buy them afterward.

Ultimate wish for Wishlist for WooCOmmerce is an ideal wishlist plugin that enables customers to –

  1. Craft their wishlist
  2. Add products to it
  3. Update and Remove Products
  4. Share with others
  5. Also, let them buy from saved wishlist

4. Approach Customers via Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective marketing strategy for WooCommerce where you will be utilizing email to target customers. With this strategy, you can increase your conversion massively. Also, you will gain income by providing essential information to subscribers and customers to reach their objectives.

To begin utilizing email marketing, you’ll need to collect the email address of your clients to create a contact list. Email addresses can be collected through pop-up forms, questionnaires, and during the checkout process.

You may categorize your consumers based on their buying process and send them targeted emails like relevant newsletters, product offers, cart abandonment emails, and other marketing materials. However, before emailing, please get the buyer’s permission.

Categorize your consumers based on where they are in the buying process and send them targeted emails like relevant newsletters, product offers, cart abandonment emails, and other marketing materials. However, before emailing, always get the buyer’s permission.

5. Provide Rewards to Your Customers

Remember when you were a youngster and your parents complimented you for penning a few basic letters, and you started doing it again?

Positive reinforcement has this kind of power. Sales and marketing techniques make use of this fundamental psychological idea.

Buyers may accumulate points and incentives by doing actions such as signing up, purchasing items, sharing posts on social media, etc. Customers then repeat these behaviors in order to earn more prizes. It’s also referred to as a loyalty program.

It improves the relationship between the vendor and the buyer. In fact, 64% of businesses claim that their loyalty program is the most effective method to engage with clients.

There are several advantages to enrolling in a customer loyalty program for your new WooCommerce business, including:

  1. Building Customer Loyalty
  2. Collecting Free Social proofs
  3. Increasing the number of repeat customers
  4. improve brand recognition
  5. Increasing the Conversion of your store

6. Cross-Selling and Upselling

1. Cross-Selling

The process of selling supplementary items or services to a consumer is known as cross-selling. This marketing strategy is used in eCommerce businesses to propose different goods during the checkout process.

Cross-selling works because the recommended items are easy to use. If a consumer buys a set of boxing gloves, he or she may also try to purchase hand wraps, mouth protection, a jumping rope, and other items.

According to Amazon, cross-selling and upselling account for up to 35% of earnings. As a result, cross-selling and upselling are effective ways to boost WooCommerce sales.

In the following example a gaming mouse, mouse pad, as well as a gaming keyboard, are recommended. The goods recommended are those that are easy to use.

Cross selling

2. Upselling

Upselling is when a salesperson proposes a higher-value product or an upgrade to boost the value of a customer’s shopping basket. It’s generally a larger and better version of the thing that the consumer wanted to buy in the first place.

Both of these marketing techniques prove effective and are an important component among most marketing strategies for WooCommerce. It is up to you to choose the type of product you wish to recommend to your consumers.

Look at the following example where Amazon implemented upselling on a product page.


When you are purchasing a monitor, the page is suggesting you more costly monitors at the bottom. And these products will surely grab your attention and customers will prefer spending more.

With WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel PRO, users can deploy upselling on your newly launched WooCommerce store and boost the marketing strategy.

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Final Thoughts

Marketing strategy for WooCommerce will assist you in effectively organizing and utilizing your marketing resources in order to grow your business.

Our mentioned WooCommerce marketing tactics and suggested plugins will help you grow your eCommerce business rapidly. As a result your marketing tactics, advertising strategy will beat your competitors and you will thrive in the marketplace.

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