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With newer and versatile technical applications, the innovation brought by humans is shaping humanity for the long run. Like the innovation of conventional classroom practices into more digitized and smart sessions. Hence, enters e-Learning WordPress where students can test their potential while going through the study material online which can also help in their education.

WordPress has taken over as the vintage website into Learning Management tool. The general idea of converting WordPress from CMS to LCMS is to develop e-Learning website. Giving fierce competition to the marketing professionals, the WordPress LCMS is trying to evolve simultaneously and gradually despite being a complete newbie to the e-Learning platform. But for this, you need to follow a checklist for e-learning WordPress site.

Why Create e-learning portals on WordPress?

A perfect CMS is the core that you need to know about the WordPress website. Many features including easy customizable options are available to you when it comes to WordPress, which includes:

1. Simple Platform

An easy to use platform is required to the aspiring entrepreneur in this particular field. In comparison with Moodle, WordPress is known as a massive platform of easy access and most advanced user interface. It cuts down the complexities of what there is in Moodle. In two taps straight the user can post a course or even in the WP Courseware.

2. Great UI and UX

You need to build a good first impression for your audience that comes to visit your website. Most of the users would judge your site on the basis of its layout and UX. WordPress theme is planned to initially produce good looking portals and hence it has a sufficient room for it.

3. SEO Friendly

Decent traffic is what every business entrepreneur dreams of. The site being SEO friendly is better because of its guidelines and tips that would enable the traffic to learn a lot from your website. Of course, the work require behind it is immense. It’s also one of the reasons why WordPress is pre-installed with SEO features.

4. Marketing

It’s one of the key rules when it comes to e-Learning. You have to let people know about the existence of your website. WordPress is a platform or investment tool that allows you to have very high ROI. Plugins like the WooCommerce helps the user to easily download digital data instantly.

The security level in this plugin is remarkable as well. The site features nearly 500,000 subscribed users and 11000 applications follow up a month even though the limit is restricted to a mere 500.

Top WordPress LMS Plugins to use in 2020

There are many plugins that would be a lot helpful to the entrepreneurs aspiring to expand their business in the e-Learning area, including:

1. Lifter LMS

Providing the user with more specific integrations with MailChamp, WooCommerce, and AffiiateWP, Lifter LMS starts off with a price of $299 per year. Sample quizzes, sample courses, website and certificates are provided to the developer with complete configurations.

2. LearnPass

It is the easiest plugin to use and simple choices of WP LMS plugins. LearnPass is a plugin which is otherwise free. But requires some money to be debited if you are looking for a PSD to WordPress theme. As the students move ahead with the course, quizzes and lessons can be created by each LearnPress course.

3. Good LMS

Implementing quizzes, course certifications, construction and the sale of courses are some of the features that Good LMS provides at the price of $31 only. The user can manage to construct exams, courses, and certificates due to its design method which is very similar to that of a WordPress blog. These certificates can be created straight from the dashboard.

4. LearnDash

Providing the user with dripping content, sale of the courses, rewarding the learners, and activation of triggered based on actions, LearnDash is the major plugin that many WordPress Development India companies go with and is by far one of the most famous plugins of all time.

5. WP Courseware

WP Courseware features a lot of different options for the user which makes it the most promising WordPress LMS plugins. It begins with the drag and drop editor. The user has cutting edge security when it comes to their content being plagiarized. The user can also easily construct the courses.


If you are planning to introduce an e-learning WordPress site, better to approach a WordPress Development services company to have a fully functional and attractive WP e-learning site.