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December 5, 2018 7 Min

Magento Vs WooCommerce – What to Choose When Creating Online Store?

World Web Technology, A leading USA and India based web development company share information on Magento Vs WooCommerce – What to Choose When Creating Online Store?

Category : Magento, WooCommerce


Magento and WooCommerce are the two most popular and highly effective e-commerce development platforms in the market these days. Both of them, Magento Vs WooCommerce, have their own strengths and suitability for various needs. One of them is a plugin, whereas the other is a standalone product.

WooCommerce came into existence in 2011 and ever since has gained a lot of traction and has become the most popular plugins for WordPress, which is one of the most sought after CMS. When you opt for WooCommerce development, you do not have to migrate your site to any other platform if you are using WordPress. Still, if you plan to migrate from Magento to WooCommerce hiring a professional WooCommerce Development Company is always suggested.

On the other hand, the Magento marketplace is a standalone tool now owned by eBay. It too has some loyal and committed supporters, which includes the agencies which are managing e-commerce websites for their clients with larger businesses.

If you are thinking of setting up an online business, these two platforms will definitely appear in your shortlist. You can also opt for a WooCommerce Development Company India to make the best of it. Let’s have a better understanding of these two high-end platforms buzzing the e-commerce landscape by having Magento vs WooCommerce Comparison by analyzing the similarities and differences between these two giants!

The Similarities

1. Both are Easy to Set up

WooCommerce has been quite easy to set up and has been proved to be the best platform for newbies as it is easy to customize via WordPress which offers a range of plugins.

Same way, Magento’s flexibility in terms of customization is also well known and just remarkable. It just requires you to work with design, development and coding skills to make it work.

2. Both are User-friendly

For WordPress users, working with WooCommerce become much easier. It is programmed to work with WordPress. Similarly, Magento, once set up and running is easy to use. Being a standalone tool, using it may be little complex than WooCommerce. But it has its own benefits of being an independent platform too.

3. Both are Free to use Initially

Being a new business owner, you will find that working with both, WooCommerce and Magento, the initial version is free to use. You will get range of help also from the respective communities as and when you have any queries.

4. Both are Open Source

Both Magento and WooCommerce are open source platform which means that the original code is freely available to anyone and they can access it to create their own website by customizing it as per their requirements and can rework and scale it too.

5. Immense Community Support

There are so many reasons that Magento and WooCommerce have such large communities. The most important of them is because the open source software used by these creates an appreciation of sharing. Both the platforms have highly experienced e-commerce developers who are able to share their own versions of the open source software to keep contributing and sharing their work.

6. Highly Customizable

It is an open fact that being an open source, it allows you to customize the codes and other aspects of this platform given your specific e-commerce store needs. They not only allow you to develop your own store, but are also available to you in case you need any help from the professional community while setting up your e-commerce store.

7. Manage Endless Produces

The biggest surprise is that you can upload as many products as you want and organize them effectively with either of the two platforms. It offers you an opportunity to display a great assortment of products, which in turn is good for businesses with extensive product ranges.


There are some major differences also between these two giants along with many similarities:

1. Level of Complexity in Setting Up

While venturing into the world of business, you need to face certain hurdles also but you never want the e-commerce platform to be the one. If you are aware of WordPress then it’s just as simple to use WooCommerce. Even if you don’t have a WordPress site, you can still create a site using WooCommerce as it is meant for beginners. But this is not exactly the case with Magento as it is little complex, even with its free version. You should have some basic knowledge of coding and HTML to work with Magento to create your online store.

2. Difference in Costing

As we know, to start with, both e-commerce platforms are free. You can easily download them and start working as per your requirement without any prior hard core technical knowledge. Still, there are certain things like payment options or some complex things that are essential for the growth of your business. In this regard, WooCommerce has limited options for payments, whereas Magento has a full range of payment options in it. You can use any of it. Installation of Extensions in Magento commerce is little harder compared to WordPress.


In a comparison of Magento vs WooCommerce. Magento is a popular professional choice among larger businesses and agencies who manage e-commerce sites on behalf of their clients due to its scalability. Wherein, WooCommerce through WordPress is something which is ideal for younger and smaller businesses and those who have less or no experience in development as you do not have to hire a WooCommerce Development Services company unless you want to create a large and complex store.

So, you need to go through all the features and relevant details (even the minor ones) while zeroing into the right platform for your own e-commerce store. Both the options are amazing with their own pros and cons. It is you who have to decide what works well with your business.

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