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Today the most crucial decision is to select a suitable framework when you plan to start a new web project. Without a good framework, it has become difficult to build a unique and fully functional web solution from scratch. Many people are confused between Symfony vs Laravel but there are a lot of several popular languages including ROR or Django as a default framework.

However, there are several other options to pick from, like PHP, and has no such default. Symfony earns 13.7k stars and Laravel boasts of 29k stars – both are the most popular frameworks according to Google Trends and GitHub.

This article will talk about how to implement features with both of these frameworks by selecting the best one. In this way, you can compare the real-life code examples side by side. Before this, let’s have a closer look at two popular frameworks between Symfony vs Laravel.


Speaking about Laravel, this is above version 4 and beyond. When Laravel was introduced in the year 2013, it represented a complete rewrite of the framework. The functions of the framework were sub-divided into different components, that were managed with Composer and not everything is in one single repository.

There is a clear and attractive syntax in Laravel for Rapid development that is easily readable, easy to maintain, and learn. In 2016, it was one of the widely used frameworks.


Introduced in 2011, you should not confuse Symfony 2 with Symfony 1 because both of them are completely different frameworks and distinct underlying mechanisms. 3.2 is an incremental version of Symfony 2. It was created by Fabien Potencier. Therefore, they are also known as Symfony2/3.

Symfony 2 is programmed as a designed as modules of separate components just like Laravel 4. It has two benefits: you can substitute any part in a Symfony assignment and make use of it in any other project not based on Symfony. Components of Symfony are used in many open-source assignments like phpBB, Drupal, and Codeception. Laravel itself has 14+ Symfony elements. You remain in benefit in other projects if you understand Symfony.

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About Symfony and Laravel

Symfony Vs Laravel

Symfony vs Laravel

1. Popular Programming Language

While using a tool, it is very important to know what language it is based on. There is a common concept that Laravel and Symfony both are PHP based and hence not much difference can be expected. Still, there is little difference in both of the programming languages. You can write Symfony only using the universal code and is open to modification only through syntax hence it uses the common PHP language.

There are some ways and attributes in every programming language that needs to be used in programming just like PHP. Due to its scripting in the universal PHP codes of PHP, Laravel leverage these attributes. Hence the code is easy to understand, with fresh lines, and easy to use by the programmers.

2. Database Access

While building the web app, both the languages follow a different methodology to use the data. Laravel uses Eloquent while Symfony goes for Doctrine. There are now two different segments to look out for, one is data access and the other one is migration.

3. Migration

In Symfony, you just have to streamline the model and the migration will happen instantly as is uses Doctrine way. In Eloquent, however, you have to migrate manually although the need of defining the segments in the model might not arise. Hence, it is a win-win for both parties here.

4. Data Access

You must develop the repositories whenever you have to access the data through the app. This may result in huge and complex repositories since Symfony uses the Doctrine. However, all you need to do in other frameworks is to have basic SQL knowledge since it uses the SQL features for the majority of its actions as it is easy and fluid to use.

In Eloquent, even the most prominent request can be parsed into some accessible SQL features to save you effort and time while in Doctrine, the function will show you an error most of the time and is more tiresome.

5. Codes

Symfony is considered the best in developing the codes if you opt for PHP tools since it comprises of many reusable codes and it has modularity. MVC architect is used on Symfony and Laravel both to create the code for web solutions. However, Symfony is highly recommended since it is great for complex projects as various components can be occupied in one individual project using a modular way by the developers.

Both these are template engines where Twig is linked with Symfony Laravel has Blade. In Twig you need to script a similar function two times which is not the case in Blade hence it is better.


It is quite clear that Laravel is a better option compared to Symfony in many ways. Though Symfony has its specific benefits, Laravel is great for huge projects if you have to complete in in a stipulated timeline with great results. You can also hire Laravel Development Services provider for your website. And Symfony is great for complicated and long-term web application projects.