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WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly CMS that allows you to design your website without any external professional help. It has a wide spectrum of features and plugins that work wonders for its popularity. With changing trends, WordPress also keeps changing its plugins, themes, and versions which make it mandatory to keep updating your skills in order to manage your website easily.

Earlier a little knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript was enough to enable you to wade through, today this is not enough. Today, if you want to handle your website like a professional, here are 9 necessary WordPress skills that you must develop.

Understanding of Version Control Mechanism

In WordPress, you will find two different version control systems – SVN and GIT. It is necessary to have a good understanding of these version control techniques if you wish to have good control over your website. This will help you keep a close eye on the product versions and make required changes during backing up the various versions of the websites. This process becomes essential when more people are working on your website. If you are not comfortable with these two version control systems, you can learn online from various portals.

Learn Command Lines

Coding could be a scary thing for you, but how about learning a few command lines that seem like cryptic messages? If you want to manage your WordPress website, better to learn some command lines. It will actually help in saving a lot of time. These command lines work as shortcuts to many mundane functions that you may be performing every day to keep your website up to date, day in and day out. Thus, it is always great to learn a few command lines to reduce the number of clicks that you might otherwise need to work around your website. Some popular commands include WP-CLI, and SIPS using these commands you can organize various WordPress installation processes and can also redefine your image sizes in a matter of seconds. Hope you understand the core of running your website smoothly by knowing some popular command lines.

Some Understanding of Object Oriented Programming

Programming could be difficult, but at least having some understanding of it would help you manage your website better. You will not require an expert intervention if you already have a good understanding of object-oriented programming, which is also known as OOP. This will enable you to understand the design and structure of your website. This knowledge will help you edit your WordPress templates given your specific needs. Moreover, there is always an open option before you hire wordpress developers india to help you out.

Well-Acquainted with Other Content Management Platforms

Of course, WordPress is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to develop your websites. However, knowing about similar platforms like Drupal, Joomla, etc. can also help. Actually, these platforms offer templates as good as WordPress templates. Better to have an idea and access to these platforms too. This will help you learn some new skills while using these platforms which will also help you to manage your WordPress website better and easily.

Develop Tools Skills

Building tools skills will cut down on the time and effort that is required to update and run your website. You will get some helping hands in checking your command lines and codes and refreshing your browsers. These build tools may include Prepros, Gulp, Grunt, and CodeKit. All these tools work in the background and monitor the day-to-day processes, getting them done without you knowing.

Participate in Open Source Project

It is a common myth that participating in open-source projects is only the developers’ cup of tea. You need to think again! You might already have the skills that would be more than sufficient to manage your project. But the benefit of joining an open source project would enable you to work in close association with other people and you would definitely learn some necessary WordPress tips.

Take Lessons in Web Design

Due to WordPress, you don’t need to learn web designing in order to develop and manage your website. But there is no harm in learning a few nuances of the designing process which will definitely help you in overcoming the issues that may arise sometimes in the design. The best way is to learn about fonts, color schemes, and user interfaces as these are most useful when handling your website single-handedly.

Build Relations

If in any case, your website runs through any problems, the responsibility lies upon you since you are managing the website. However, if you have a great relationship with all the people working with you, it would be easy for you to get help from them in overcoming the trouble. Productive and right time management also plays a great role in handling a website well as this would quickly resolve the problems with faster updates. These WordPress skills can help you go a long way in managing your website like a professional.

Using Right Plugins

Plugins are one of the most effective and necessary tools in order to have a seamless and powerful WordPress website. It is of the essence that you use the right set of plugins. If you are not well aware of the plugin required for your business, get in touch with a WordPress Web Development Company and it will help you with the issues and recommend you with the right plugin to address your issues.

These plugins enable business owners to streamline multiple processes on their websites and improve their results. There are various WordPress plugins available on the market. You need to choose the most reliable and relevant plugins for your business.


In addition to all the above-stated steps, there are other processes and tips you can follow to manage your WordPress Website. You can also hire WordPress Development services company to do something purely technical that you are not sure of doing on your own. Don’t forget to contact the most reliable and experienced Custom WordPress Development Company to know about their insights on maintaining a website based on WordPress. All the best for your WordPress ventures!