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To run a successful online business, mobile app has become a mandatory tool to expand and talk about your business to wider segment of market. Ignoring its significance is just like neglecting the very corner stone of your business. Having an eye-catchy and feature-rich enterprise mobile app often becomes the most important branding tool.

How to create an effective and interactive iOS App design yet another aspect to pay attention to when you think of creating a mobile app for your business. The UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are the most critical aspects of any mobile app that defines its success. Better to put your analytical intellect to understand the behavior and preferences of your target market before taking a dive into iOS app development for your business. It’s not the time that you spend on designing your app matter much but inability to focus on the iOS user interface design matters a lot and it impacts your app’s credibility also. Your bad user interface may lead to “bad user experience”. So always be hire highly professional iOS app development service provider which following the right mobile application development methodology to create and offer an improved experience for your users. Let’s understand the tips for iPhone app user interface design that you must keep in mind when crafting the design of your mobile app.

1. Create a Responsive Mobile App Design

Today, when there are myriads of mobile devices and tools available for designing a mobile app that can easily run on all types of devices, is of the essence. Make sure your app design should be responsive so that anyone can download and use it on any device anytime anywhere. It should be compatible with a range of devices and mobile operating systems.

2. Comply with Section 508 and other Security Measures

Complying with section 508 that says the app should be accessible to the disables also should also be taken into account. You may have to deal with a prolonged mobile development time but it must be considered. You should hire an iPhone App Development Company or consult with your IT experts and backend UI designing leaders while designing your app’s User Interface to make sure that you have created the UI with the best possible set of data without any flaws. A great and user-friendly UI design ensures and reduces the learning time of your users thus making your app easy to learn and use.

3. Use Iterating Approach to User Interface Designs

Being an app developer, it is a great idea to follow an iterating approach while creating your UI design. As there is no right way to create the best or perfect UI, but you must always try to switch from a linear approach to more iterative approach. This approach will keep encouraging you to create something unique developing unique ideas. You would be able to create an app that is completely engaging and interactive. With every successive iteration you will get to learn many valuable lessons that will become helpful to create something awesome in your next design project.

4. Keep your UI Simple to Win over the End User

Today, many businesses misinterpret the term “simple UI” with designing the UI with least feature or styles. But this isn’t the real meaning of Simple UI. It means you should create such a UI wherein even the first time user of your app can use it without actually referring to the detailed instructions and manuals. The interface should allow the user to perform multiple tasks without actually following many steps. Keep the design and color of your UI attractive to encourage your users to download the app and keep coming back regularly.

5. Testing with Real Users for Successful iOS App Design

This is of the essence when you are out to create the most effective and powerful UI design. Better to engage real users to analyze multiple UI design concepts and the suggested opinions. If you could do this testing at an early stage of development, of course, it will cut down the possibilities of confusion over what and which features should be taken in or let go. This exercise will also eliminate the need to re-work on the UI design thus saving your precious time, effort and money.

6. Keep it graphically Rich

Undoubtedly, graphics are better communicator than any other mode. Any mobile app with attractive looks and feel is always successful and preferred then the apps loaded with texts. Try to engage your users with loads of graphics and good looking UI, it will actually work wonders. Do not forget to incorporate rich visuals to instruct your user about the way they need to use and interact with the application.

7. Follow the OS guidelines to create a great iOS User Interface Design

It is equally necessary to follow the guidelines of the operating system you are working on. You must adhere to various user guidelines defined in the targeted operating system. Try out innovations with interactive instructions, navigation systems and touch gestures. It will help you pick the critical features leaving the unnecessary ones, thus making your iOS App Design better with greater simplicity. Don’t forget your app will be scrutinized rigorously prior to being available on major app stores. It is, therefore, suggested to put all efforts to do some intense research on the types of apps that are successfully approved and made way to the app stores. For this, you should follow the guidelines defined for creating the user interface of your app for specific operating system.


You need to do some in-depth research work to understand the market you are going to target through your app as the user interface is widely dependent on it. Never overlook the guidelines led out by the OS to create an UI that is simple and user-friendly. With the growing landscape of app development, creating intuitive and unique user interface is the best way to stay out of the pack.