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Exclusive for businesses seeking an online presence, WordPress has always been the best in the industry. There is a lot more to this CMS than great support for content and online media like the WordPress Builder Plugins offering a hand for advanced simple design customizations.

It also gives users the advantage to upgrade their online business future-ready.

There has been a rise in the development of the WordPress mobile app so that high-end users can experience the same facility on a smaller screen.

What is Native Mobile App?

Convenient to use, a miniature screen experience of WordPress is something the company has been trying to achieve for a long time. It comes along with additional features such as optimization of function that would render the user with a unique experience.

Other services and features of the mobile app can enhance the efficiency and productivity of the app using barcodes and QR codes, particularly for online payment service vendors.

Top 4 WordPress App Builder Plugins 2019

With the option of conversion of your present WordPress into iOS apps due to pre-installed Plugins, WordPress becomes easy to use with such sophistication. Business owners can now have an easy time with the brand-new WordPress features.

While standing on the advantageous side, WordPress offers a much lesser price than a normal native iOS Application developer may charge. It is also less time and resource-consuming just convert your website to a better and proficiently functioning app with the help of plugins.

Here, we have rounded up the top 4 WordPress App Builder Plugins to convert your current WordPress site into a mobile app:

1. Androapp

Androapp generalizes your website according to your mobile screen for content-based websites such as newspapers and blogs. Although it may look similar to the normal layout of your website, the plugin adds some additional functionality to it that makes it responsive for apps such as:

  • In-line banners
  • Push notifications
  • Store content offline
  • Inter-linking facility
  • Image customizing

A rain check on this plugin. Nonetheless, you might be inclined to make use of this app, it is, however, functioning just in the beta version. So use it with your caution and try to stick to Android for now as much as you can.

2. AppPresser

No matter how casual that name sounds, this app is not for the level of amateurs/non-developers. It requires a lot of customization to craft your app. AppPresser is one of the best apps that integrates with WordPress with some amazing features:

  • Navigation design
  • Social media integration like FB login, camera, and Google maps
  • Creation of custom pages
  • Push notification feature

3. MobiLoud

MobiLoud is not a paid mobile app builder. It is there with a team to help you to build a mobile app for your website. They offer two options – one that is highly specific about focusing on converting blogs and news sites and the other that helps transform the most high-traffic websites into the app.

Features that MobiLoud provides include:

  • Enable push notifications
  • Customize design, favicon, and logo
  • Offer app maintenance and updates

You can seek their help setting up monetization, analytics, etc. for upgraded plans.

4. Web2App

This app is highly efficient when it comes to converting your existing website into a native app. It might not have the best of the app-working shenanigans, it is still useful to have a variety of customization capabilities. Below are some features that come with this plugin:

  • App for getting users’ reviews for Google Play
  • Startup screen
  • Social sharing feature
  • Several ways to create a mobile app’s display and navigation


If you are looking to convert your existing site into a mobile app, it is recommended to look for a professional WordPress Development Company in India. Just ensure their WordPress Development Services are well-rounded with ample client reviews.