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Technology has transformed the global ecosystem into a small city where connecting with people is easy and effortless. In this digital era, information sharing is simpler than ever before.

With the evolving technology and changing behavior of consumers, new tools and mechanisms emerge and the digital marketing industry is also no exception.

The evolution in this landscape is unprecedented and consistent. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know these evolving technological evolution in the digital marketing genre.

We have rounded up the top 7 technology trends in digital marketing that is going to influence the entire landscape of digital marketing in this year and beyond.

1. More Private Messaging Apps will come into Play

More and more brands will shift their attention to use personalized and private messaging tools to connect with their consumer and stakeholders like Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Emails will become passé. It will be replaced by the use of private apps and private messaging groups.

These apps will also become a way to easily pay like WeChat Pay. You can even pay online using Paypal, Venmo, and WeChat.

2. Chatbots Will Rule the Roost

Chatbots will also continue to gain their mileage in this internet marketing era. These Chatbots interact with people visiting the website and can answer their queries in real-time.

The use of chatbots will not only cut down the hiring of an individual to monitor and interact with visitors but will also save time as it provides provide answers quickly being automated. This will also increase customer satisfaction as unlike humans, it will not need time to rest

3. Next-GEN SEO is here

In the SEO services landscape, a lot of different changes are reshaping which has immensely influenced the search results in this internet marketing era.

Most important is Google’s BERT concept that has influenced the overall functioning of the SEO world. Also known as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, it’s an in-depth learning algorithm that will be implied on both ranking and snippets in Search. It will help you find the necessary information. Search bots will now understand the meaning of additional words that you enter in your query.

4. Personalization will go Beyond the First Name

Tycoons companies like Amazon, Netflix, Nike, are experimenting with personalization. Many companies have data and analytical strength to create customized experiences. It gives their customers relevant notifications at the right time, which they love. Personalization is the future of digital marketing.

5. Voice-based search will Increase

With evolving technology, more people will start using handsets with voice assistants. It will be featured with Google, Siri, and Alexa in digital marketing. It will help search your lost things, read text loudly, and can also dictate text messages.

6. New Media will Create Real Relationships with People

Today everyone wants to spend his money after due consideration. They are more interested in investing in brands that value and respect their business. They love to connect with brands that understand their preferences and ready to connect with them for their feedback, and criticism. It means through different social media profiles brands will know their taste and customers will know how companies value their feedback.

7. Consumers focus on Transparency

Today companies are creating transparent and user-friendly information for customer retention. Companies will be more transparent on the type of information and the messaging system they use to promote their services and products. This will encourage people to offer feedback to help better their products.


These are the most popular technology based trends in digital marketing predictions that are going to take the entire digital marketing landscape into its stride in 2024 and beyond. If you plan to benefit from these marketing trends, hire an Online internet marketing company India offering online marketing services.