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It is needless to say of all the available platforms, WordPress is certainly the fastest and easiest way to develop a website and manage your content efficiently. You can hire WordPress Developers that develop a functional and interactive website. Thus, undoubtedly, WordPress is a prominent choice for building websites nowadays.

As far as hiring WordPress Developers from World Web Technology is concerned, whether you need to build a website, or manage content, expert support is needed in both cases. And, we think you may have various resources to get help from. But, we are different, some unique things set us apart from others. We shall explore in this article what set us apart, but let’s begin with the basics first.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content management systems) today with more than 60% of the total CMS market share, and 40% of the total website. WordPress is for content marketing. It has been around in the web arena for more than 15 years and supports all SMEs including startups and large enterprises. Using WordPress CMS is so easy that even a person with sound technical knowledge can easily handle it. It makes building websites easier even for people who aren’t developers. However, you need experts to manage or build websites.

Popularity of WordPress

WordPress usage for building websites continues to rise every year. In 2021, 455 million websites out of a total of 1.3 billion websites use WordPress. The market share of WordPress websites was 17% in 2017, which spike to 65.2% of all the websites using content management systems in 2021. And why not? The flexibility of WordPress with more than 58000 plugins and 8000 themes can cater to the needs of all kinds of users. So, the popularity of WordPress is not out of the blue.

WordPress market position graph 2021

Some Interesting Facts and Figures about WordPress

WordPress is unequivocally popular and holds;

  1. 60.8% total CMS market share
  2. 42.4% of all websites
  3. 14.7% of total world’s top website is powered by the CMS
  4. 500+ websites are built using WordPress daily
  5. 58,000l plugins
  6. 8000 attractive themes

With great popularity comes a great demand for dedicated WordPress developers! However, hire a skilled WordPress developers from top development companies like World Web Technology is inevitable.

Who Uses WordPress?

As we have mentioned that WordPress is used by 14.7 percent of top websites in the world, it has a very reputed name in the tech arena. Some of the top websites using WordPress include;

  1. Katy Perry
  2. The official Star Wars Blog
  3. TechCrunch
  4. Sony Music
  5. BBC America
  6. MTV News
  7. 10Web
  8. The New York Times

Why use WordPress?

There are numerous facets of WordPress that make it worth using. Around 40% of the websites on the internet are using WordPress. It is used by many reputed organizations to power their websites like, Microsoft, and many more. Let’s know why you should use it.

  1. Easy to Install
  2. A free and open-source
  3. WordPress is extensive
  4. WordPress is flexible
  5. Anyone can install it on a personal computer

Now you might have known all the necessary facts about why you should use WordPress, what are the benefits, and who can use it. Let’s know why to hire WordPress developers from World Web Technology.

Why Partner with World Web Technology

When it comes to web development, World Web Technology is the name of the game. We are a WordPress website development company offering our clients a wide range of IT solutions and web-based services. Having full-fledged expertise enables us to provide customer-friendly solutions to clients from all across the globe. Let’s measure why to choose World Web technology:

Why choose world web technology

1. Have Experienced Expertise

We are the one-stop destination that offers unique services to clients. You can choose a team or an individual WordPress web developer based on your requirements for your projects. We have a team of experienced experts that owns a great experience in their field from 4 to 8 years. The provided team will dedicatedly work on your project until getting launched.

2. Have Modern Infrastructure

We have a highly productive and secure infrastructure lashed with all the modern technologies and talented expertise. We put all our effort to provide an extremely productive and creative atmosphere to our team to keep them productive and motivated. Having a high-speed uninterrupted data network enables us to work constantly. Top-notch technology and enthusiastic team support enable us to meet the customers’ requirements conveniently.

3. Deliver Quality Project

Simply put, we don’t compromise quality, no matter what. The experienced WordPress team with core area expertise and world-class & well-functioning infrastructure bestow us the ability to fulfill the rising demand and deliver a quality project. We make sure to deliver quality projects to our clients at any cost. This is why we are the first choice of hundreds and thousands of clients.

4. Guaranteed Cost-Effective

As with most of our services, we always make it a priority to deliver the services at cost-effective prices. It’s proud to say that in facilitating cost-effective services we are incomparable and have been serving our clients for years.

None can beat us in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality service. We provide WordPress Development Services, meeting international standards in quality. Whereas, we have 17 times cheaper development charges per hour ($15/hr onwards). It’s unbeatable.

5. Committed to the Deadline

We are committed to providing the given projects on time. You may wonder how we make it possible! We have an experienced WordPress team of experts, as well as a productive infrastructure and both equally, contribute to delivering our promise and meeting deadlines. This is what makes it possible to deliver entire projects on committed deadlines.

6. Quick Response

We are available for live chat and support during working hours. And, even if you send an inquiry beyond working hours, your query will be answered, and resolved or we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

If we are working on your project, you remain in a loop to track all project development with a dedicated SPOC (Direct Point Of Contact). That means you can connect with the project manager (PM) or team leader (TL) at your convenient time.

7. Experienced Experts

We have WordPress experts with 9+ years of experience in building websites for all industry vertices. Before you hire our WordPress developers or partner with us for project development, we allow you to take technical tests and interviews of developers and designers. Even you get the freedom to build a team to work on the project.

WordPress Development Services We Provide

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art WordPress web development solutions to our clients. We make sure to offer trending solutions that are most popular in the industry. Our potential developers put their optimal effort to offer groundbreaking results and this keeps us at the top among numerous web development service providers. Let’s have brief attention to our services!

WordPress Development services world web technology provides

1. WordPress Custom Plugin Development

Whether you are looking to integrate their party plugin or want to build a custom plugin, World Web Technology has got you covered for all your needs. We have more than 11 years of experience in WordPress plugin development, hence we understand every nitty-gritty of the website as well as plugin integrations.

2. WordPress Custom Theme Development

We, at World Web Technology, help you with our great experienced experts to create an eye-catchy website, through WordPress custom theme development. A customized theme plays a prominent role in making a website engaging. An attractive theme accelerates customer attention as well as retention to a website. This is what makes your website unique and attractive. And we are here to assist you now and then with world-class services.

3. WordPress Theme Design

The preliminary goal of our vetted web developers is to develop an attractive website for your business needs, and the same process requires an unparalleled and customized theme design. We facilitate you with a wide array of WordPress theme designs and you can select whatever you want to implement to your website as per the website requirements.

4. WordPress Plugin Customization

With an excellent team of experts, we always believe in serving our clients in the best way possible. We provide new features of plugins for the enhancement of functionalities and user experience of your website. We always provide services to customize your website as per your business requirements.

Things That Set Us Apart from Others

At World Web Technology, we have enthusiastic and experienced developers serving our clients with world-class services relating to WordPress web development and customization. We, with a team of experts, love the work that gives us the ability to deliver projects on time, and with perfection. Let’s know why we chose World Web Technology.

1. Reliable Services

We keep our clients’ satisfaction and progress in our mind and always make sure to provide reliable services. We offer reliable services on time by focussing on the requirements of customers. With a wide array of satisfied customers, we are the first among numerous web development companies.

2. Accuracy in Works

Being a reliable WordPress web developer we acknowledge our responsibility and never compromise the accuracy of the projects. Keeping our client’s goals in our minds enables us to put our entire venture into the project. And we go with the same and make your way easier.

3. Quick response

Quick response and services on time differentiate us from others. We consider it a primary duty to respond to our clients whenever they need it. Whether it is about web development, customization, or any query related to our services, never hesitate to contact us. We’ll respond 24/7.

4. Experienced Experts

With experienced engineers and designers, we are the best web development services. Our clients can completely rely on our services and we never compromise to support them. Our expertise assists you with their skills and experience to develop a website that is catchy and meets your business goals.

5. Post Development and Support

As a reputed web development company, we facilitate our clients with post-development services. Whenever we require any update of optimization in a website, we resolve the entire hassles quickly and responsively. Our post-development services are incomparable.

Want to Hire WordPress Developers?

Want to build WordPress sites or applications? Let us be your cavalry.

Want to hire a WordPress developer? World Web Technology is at your service round the clock. With a wide array of web development services, we can cater to you with world-class solutions. Whether it’s a new website development or an old-developed website that requires upgrading, we’ll customize it conveniently.

In need of a quick web development requirement, we can be your first and one-stop destination. Our well-functioning workplace as well as a productive atmosphere and a skilled team of engineers and developers will meet your business goal. Once you hire a team or an individual developer from World Web Technology, they cater to you by accomplishing the project and never quit until you get your project finished.

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