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World Web Technology is one of the largest companies as far as web designing, and web development is considered. As the name describes, we render high-level information related to Information Technology to the customers worldwide. Also, we have user-friendly websites that help the customers in expanding their online business at a faster rate. Some of our famous services comprise of web designing, PHP web development, codeigniter development, open source development and WordPress development. Lastly, we are one of the leading providers of WordPress and WooCommerce.

We have completed six years recently in the field of delivering world-class web development services to our valuable customers. To celebrate this occasion of six years anniversary, we would like to thank all our incredible clients that were there always and who trusted in us. Also, we would like to thank all of our current as well as past workers who gave their full-time support and invested their time and hard work for the well-being of the company. Without the constant support of every worker, it would not have been possible for or company to achieve all the great work.

Our Journey of Six Wonderful Years as a Web Design & Development Company


We at World Web Technology not only focus on business development but also we aim at having long-term relationships with our clients and providers. The team of experts at the company aims at rendering their 100% time to help all the customers worldwide.We have user-friendly websites and solutions that help the customers connect with us and various social media tools.

It is never easy to reach the path of glory. There have been many hurdles in the past six years that the company had to face to achieve some of the biggest milestones. A glance of what we have achieved in these six years:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • Development of user-friendly plug-in and extension
  • Guarantee of 100% satisfaction with the proved methodology
  • Plug-in specialty using new forms of technology
  • Best team of skilled and well-experienced developers
  • Quite innovative ideas of customization
  • User-friendly support after development
  • Perfect strategies for coding for scalable plug-ins
  • Strong long term relations with clients that plays a vital role in the sales of various products
  • Excellent reviews across the world
  • Amazing IT infrastructure and fun environment
  • High support from clients

Decoration at Its Best!


We strongly believe in “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” For the celebration of completing the marvelous six years of World Web Technology in the market, the company premises was decorated to make it look more glorious and beautiful. We as a part of the company enjoy each and every occasion with lots of fun and frolic. Apart from decorating the company premises, there are many memorable moments captured that depicted the happiness of every employee on being a part of the company. It was quite mesmerizing to see the great atmosphere where almost everyone rejoiced and danced happily.

Celebrating Differently!


We not only decorated the premises to make it look glamorous but we also enjoyed the entire day by playing many fun games inside the campus. The whole day was spent playing games and chit chatting with all fellow colleagues. Starting right from the employees to the founders of the company, everyone took part in the celebration quite happily. It was one of the most memorable days for the entire staff. Also, there was interaction among the staff members and the highly prestigious founder, director and chairman of the company.

There were discussions upon what the best part of the company was and what they liked the most about the company. Also, the director discussed on where the company should focus more to work more deliberately and efficiently. The suggestions of every employee were noted down, and the director also promised to work upon these suggestions as soon as possible.

There were various games organized by the directors of the company with the help of the staff members. Some of the fun games that were played were:

  • Antakshari
  • Chess
  • Fish in the pond
  • If..then
  • Quiz
  • Cardboard games
  • Passing the parcel
  • Dumb charades
  • Dog and the Bone

Not only the staff members enjoyed a lot playing these games but also there were many happy and memorable moments that were captured during the entire celebration. Also, the winner of each game was given a small present and a token of love by the directors, Jigar Shah and Sanjay Patel.

Ending It in Style!

The directors of the company decided not to end the celebration in the company premises itself, and they invited every employee on the late night dinner party. The dinner was organized at one of the most renowned hotels. The dinner party started with cheers for the company and a speech by the director of the company. Further, there were talks on various topics followed by some photo session and lastly by the delicious dinner. It was indeed one of the most memorable nights to be remembered by each employee.

Summing it Up…

The sixth-anniversary celebration was one of the biggest days in the history of World Web Technology. The founders and the directors of the company made sure that not only all the employees took part in the grand celebration party but also that all the employees enjoyed a lot and took home lots of memories and token of love with them. All the staff members and the directors had worked hard to make this a memorable day for all the people who are associated with the company in some way or the other. It was indeed one of the greatest achievements of the company!

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