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Quick Summary: Are you exploring CodeIgniter development services? But, don’t know what this PHP framework has in store for your portal? Stay tuned to this article as we are going to talk about the top reasons and benefits of CodeIgniter PHP framework for web development in detail.

The web development sector has witnessed a dramatic change in the last decade and the transformation continues like never before. It has opened up various avenues for business expansion and revenue generation. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, every organization strives hard to improve its services, satisfy existing clients and bring in more business.

How do you achieve the goals mentioned above? To begin with, your website should do the talking. Only if you have an impressive website will people take you seriously. When it comes to reliability, scalability, and versatility, PHP frameworks top the list. So, our today’s article is all about one of the top PHP frameworks. CodeIgniter development service is on the boom and the reason and it assures quality website and scalability.

So, if you are up for building a website, you must be thing the why choose CodeIgniter? Among PHP-driven frameworks, CodeIgniter is one of the simplest and most powerful to build websites and web applications. It occupies 5.1% of the market share in web frameworks. More than 1,4,55,869 websites are built on CodeIgniter. Most of these websites are from Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and 39 other countries.

CodeIgniter Usage Statistics 2021

In this blog, we will discuss 10 reasons why CodeIgniter development service is the best for web development.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a PHP-based framework with a tiny footprint. It is ideal for developers who require a simple and functional toolkit to develop web applications with a broad array of features.

As a developer, if you were to develop websites or applications from scratch, it would take you endless days. With the help of CodeIgniter, you can complete projects quicker due to a vast collection of libraries that assist with essential tasks, plus a simple interface & logical structure to access the aforementioned libraries.

How does CodeIgniter help developers save time? For every task, the amount of code to be written is significantly reduced.

Why CodeIgniter

10 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter Development Services for Web Applications

1. Fixing errors/bugs

When it comes to building effective web applications, CodeIgniter development is unanimously popular. If you are a developer or an IT company that aspires to develop functional websites with impeccable design & compatibility, you should definitely consider CodeIgniter.

The biggest USP of CodeIgniter is that it is quick to find bugs or errors that hinder your website from functioning optimally. No visitors want to see a slow-loading website that freezes or unexpectedly crashes the browser. A smooth user experience is a bare minimum for any website. Any developer who wants to develop a website devoid of bugs or errors will pick CodeIgniter. It enables them to build websites with the least errors along with supreme quality.

2. Customization

Developers need to create websites as per the client’s requirements. To meet client’s expectations, developers need to make minor tweaks without consuming too much time. CodeIgniter framework is simple, based on linear progression plus using the folder structure is quite convenient.

The CodeIgniter platform also provides developers with simple code, enabling fast configuration. Quick error fixing and file configuration in an uncomplicated manner, what more could you ask from a platform?

3. Security

One of the top reasons to choose CodeIgniter development, it is equipped with XSS filtering security that thwarts any malicious Javascript code or other code from hijacking cookies or performing similar harmful actions. Compared to other platforms, the encryption and decryption features of CodeIgniter surpass others. Ecommerce companies prefer to build websites with CodeIgniter integrated payment gateways. Deploying a payment gateway is a hard task but CodeIgniter eases the process and it also simplifies the addition of plugins while providing limitless options for customization.

4. User-friendly interface

What do clients want on their websites? They want powerful functionality, along with optimal responsiveness. CodeIgniter provides a wide range of functions, enabling you to handle front-end and back-end tasks effortlessly. Another interesting point is that you can use the module method to carry out all the functions. In the future, if you want to implement any changes, you can do it without any hassles. All you need to do is use CodeIgniter’s tools and controllers.

5. Quick migration

The toolkit not just helps developers build a feature-rich application but also effectively work as CodeIgniter performance optimations, irrespective of the type of website you build. Updating, server migration, and data migration become a piece of cake with CodeIgniter. During the entire server migration process, you can be assured that your data will remain intact. It doesn’t matter where your data was stored earlier. You can always move it to the CodeIgniter platform without any worries. If you face any difficulty, you can get help from the vast CodeIgniter community.

6. MVC design

The CodeIgniter framework runs on an MVC design (Model view controller) which further boosts the reliability of the platform. The framework is widely known as CodeIgniter speed optimization. Developers can work using a Test-driven development approach. What does this mean? This means that the developers can develop and test the modules as per the client’s requirements. CodeIgniter enhances the development process and enables excellent integration with JavaScript frameworks.

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7. Fast development

CodeIgniter gives other frameworks a run for their money mainly because it delivers fast results. When developers work on client projects, time is often not a luxury. Developers can finish their projects quickly and with fantastic accuracy, thanks to CodeIgniter. We often talk about smart work and CodeIgniter is the embodiment of smart work. This allows developers to complete the project with minimal coding.

8. Better SEO

Everyone wants a high-ranking website attracting massive traffic. CodeIgniter can help you jump a few spots in Google rankings with its innovative features that promote overall modifications. Moreover, you don’t even need to make drastic changes to your website layout or other elements.

9. Accurate documentation

What use is the code when you don’t get them when you need them the most? With CodeIgniter’s impressive documentation features, developers can refer to valuable code in times of need. Having a vast resource of documents means developers can accomplish their tasks quickly and make adjustments as per client requirements without any complications.

10. Superior testing mechanism

The latest CodeIgniter version comes with a handy testing mechanism. With this inventive mechanism, developers can test the website at various stages without fully developing it. No matter how small the glitch is, CodeIgniter points it out and facilitates flawless performance. The same guidelines can be used to accomplish future projects.


So, are you looking for CodeIgniter development services, you have made the right decision. Slowly but surely, CodeIgniter is gaining immense popularity and becoming the foremost choice for developers for creating websites and applications. Developers can detect bugs instantly, leading to quick corrections and adjustments. As a developer or an IT firm, if you value time and resources, you should not hesitate to use the CodeIgniter framework for web development.

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