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With the advent and evolution of eCommerce and its growing demand and developing landscape, management of all aspects of your online store might be a daunting task for you. If you are getting confused while selecting your Inventory Management Tools for WooCommerce, which is the most necessary aspect of your online store, we have compiled some of the most effective and popular options in this piece of information for you!

If you are planning to venture into this landscape of eCommerce with WooCommerce store, WooCommerce Inventory Management will actually make your store management much simpler and better.

The fact is, you would be pretty amazed to realize how WooCommerce Inventory Management Tool can be so easy, simple, and efficient. In addition, having a well-established inventory management system can help you handle your online business’s inventory and stocks, keeping track of the right assets count and what they’re worth.

Strong WooCommerce Inventory Management Tools

1. WooCommerce Stock Manager

To your surprise, this WooCommerce Stock Manager is a popular, exclusive and free inventory management plugin! You can manage your stock for products and their variables on a single screen without visiting every product screen individually. Using this tool, you would be able to manage your stock, stock status, sale price, back order, regular price, weight and much more for all of your products and their variations. You can also filter your search by Product ID, Default, and Product Names.

You can even export all stock data from your online store into a CSV file. In addition, you can also make changes in the CSV file, given your specific business needs and import it back into your online store.

It also offers you stock report, product filtering, import/export report, multi-store operation, and quick and easy retail POS.

2. WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

As the name suggests, WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager helps you update your stock inventory and their variants sizes and volume quickly displaying everything on single screen. This tool is available on the CodeCanyon platform, which can help you filter products based on type, stock status, stock manage or category.

In addition, Rapid Stock Manager also allows you to keep the stock of your store updated automatically adjusting with the levels. This will ward off any confusion of the purchasing customers. You may also export the stock report to an excel file and save it in your PC or other safe places. It also indicates you who edited the stock last and to what level. You can also manage and integrate stock around multiple warehouses and also print transfer receipt. This tool is known for its multiple features that include batch update, user-friendly interface, and multiple warehouse management for $46 from CodeCanyon platform.

3. Smart Manager

Known as one of the best WordPress plugins, Smart Manager provides the ease, speed, and strength of an Excel-like spreadsheet. This is a popular WooCommerce inventory management tool from store apps. This tool will help you manage your e-commerce store most efficiently. It works well even with large stores also. It is powered by 263+ features which include batch update, easy and fast reports, inline edit, and snappy navigation, fast spreadsheets like browsing and automatic calculations. This inventory management tool can be yours for $149 per year as one-time site license fees. You can also try out the free version in the WordPress repository.

4. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is one of the most sought after, multichannel inventory management, and order management tool. It can easily be integrated with WooCommerce and other third-party platforms. This tool helps you balance your passion and innovation with business and operations, offering you the best of both the worlds.

Using this tool, you can automate stock adjustments, update your stocks, and purchase orders for your store. It can easily sync your sales with multiple segments of your store like the delivery, invoice, and stock level etc. It also comes as a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch allowing you to manage your business from anywhere and the good news is it’s free to all TradeGecko users. You get to have this tool for a 14-day free trial as well before paying $79/month for actual use.

5. StorePep Mobile App

This is a handy system when you are seriously looking for constant store monitoring and management on the go. This native Android app is a great tool for WooCommerce online store owners to keep an eye on their store performance. In addition, this tool also enables you to identify the point where you can improve your site, and implement solutions instantly.

Through this app, you can monitor your product details and updates, stock, description, and price as well. Apart from this, the real-time push notifications of this app will keep you on the top of your business.

You can get Dashboard reports, real-time alerts on your phone, Monitor your WooCommerce store from anywhere anytime.

Why should you Use Inventory Management Tools

WooCommerce offers amazing flexibility to include features that are not available out of the box. The major benefits that come handy using a well-organized Inventory Management Tool include:

  • Enticing themes
  • Highly professional yet user-friendly
  • Highly flexible
  • Maintain the Right Balance of Supply Chain
  • Track your Business Growth
  • Handle multiple Sales Funnels
  • Coordinates everything from a single terminal
  • Seamless Integration with WooCommerce


Inventory management is a herculean task if you have a silo of products to organize and sell. This is where inventory management tools come to your rescue and make your iterative task simple and also streamline your inventory for improved performance.

If you already run an online store with a range of products to sell, better to hire a WooCommerce Development Company in India to have your customized inventory management tool in place using their WooCommerce Development Services to boost your online business.