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WordPress is one of the most astonishing CMS platforms that has already gotten a lot of traction and popularity in the past few years. There are thousands of businesses turning to WordPress due to its user-friendliness and pocket-friendliness. It is considered as the best CMS for enterprise, commercial, and individual websites. If you are looking for registering your web presence or just want to update or redesign your current website, Here are the Tips for selecting Right WordPress Agency.

Nonetheless, there are endless agencies and freelancers offering WordPress development and support, not all are equipped with the right talent, expertise, and experience.

So how to select the right WordPress Development Services Provider and what skills should you look for in an agency? Practically, the skills would be different for every project type. Most of the time, the right agency for you may not be the best fit for any other business with different project needs.

Here, we have compiled 5 top tips to select the Right WordPress agency that are the best for your business!

1. Location of the Agency

Location of any WordPress agency plays its role in performing its duties in time! With the availability of high-speed internet around the world, various high-end agencies offering WordPress excellent services may not be located close to you.

In case your chosen agency is in an altogether different time zone or is otherwise not able to meet during your business hours, any cost-cutting from offshoring may turn out to be expensive.

Make sure that the agency can offer complete support for almost 24/7 hours. Technical issues have the tendency to appear at any time and may turn things nasty at the most inopportune moments. You must have a technology partner to resolve such issues no matter what time of day or night.

Considering these aspects of selecting the right agency, agencies in Asia appear to be quite competitive, so far as pricing is concerned, but a half-day shift in time zones can pose serious communication and collaboration challenges.

Now, the question arises – what is the right location for your agency of choice? In many cases, your decision might get influenced by your timeline, your budget, and communication preferences. Do not forget to consider the way your agency partner works.

2. Review Past Client’s Testimonials

The best way to assess the potential agency is to go through the testimonials of past clients. An agency offering stellar services will be delighted to share its success stories. Reviewing the past work from a partner will offer you an insight into how they handle and manage projects and clients.

These days there are endless WordPress agencies, you can partner with a verifiable track record. Reviewing their portfolio will enable you to evaluate the real-life reference of their completed works. It will not only help you know whether they have some experience in your industry but also helps you avoid hiring an incompetent agency or individual that have just started off to make their way into the web development segment.

You should also ask questions about projects to get an idea of how efficiently the agency can deliver unique results for the assigned tasks. Although, not having any reference isn’t necessarily disqualify an agency from consideration but it can be alarming!

3. Strong Team

A real partnership is driven by open communication and clear collaboration from both sides. Transparency in communication and decision-making is the core of such a strong team. From the minutest metric to the leak-proof security of your data and customer records, your WordPress partner should work with you to ensure this collaboration across the board.

In case your newly hired technology agency takes many days to respond to your requests you must take it as a red flag.

Although there is no set thumb rule to hiring such an agency, evaluating the attention to detail and communication process in the website management of the agency will tell a lot about their teamwork.

4. Look for a Partner, not a Vendor

Yes, this is true. You must ensure that the WordPress development agency is going to partner with you and act as a support agency in building the progress in a way that can enable you to help yourself to grow as a business.

You should ask your potential WordPress agency whether or not they offer the scalability and access needed to sustain and grow for the dynamic future. They should be your partner in your success instead of locking you in for their own benefit. WordPress is an open-source platform that anyone should make development on it and for it. Just beware that your potential WordPress partner is not trying to lock you in an unwanted situation.

5. Look for Consultative Agency

It is not only technical support that you would look forward to from your technology partner. Make sure they can offer consultative support also in terms of fresh ideas to help you reach your business goals.

Your hired development partner should offer you tips and insights useful to you and your target audience. Try to interact with a manager or team leader and request to introduce to other members of the team who would be working on your project or digital initiative. This will help you know the real person behind the keyboard and ensure they know your goals making things run smoothly and creatively.


Still, confused about how to choose the right design and development partner? Of course, it is a big decision, which requires a lot of brainstorming. It is a thumb rule that all big decisions in business seek thoughtfulness, intellect, diligence, and a lot of research. The best thing is, there are many WordPress agencies who are eager to educate you about their capabilities and how they can fit into your unique needs.

If you’re still not sure about selecting the right partner with a WordPress agency or simply have some more questions, better to contact World Web Technology. We would be delighted to help and guide you through the entire process helping you offer the best solution given your specific needs.